March 6, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Briefing Report

Because of Jesus the sin we cannot forget God does not remember. —Tullian Tchividjian

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Mar. 6, 2015


President Obama is being urged by a bipartisan group of House members led by Speaker John Boehner to provide “lethal, defensive weapons” to the Ukraine military.

Employers added more jobs than forecast in February and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.5 percent, the lowest in almost seven years, showing the labor market is sustaining progress after the best performance since 1999.

Apple was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ending a banishment that kept the world’s largest company out for years before a stock split made its shares palatable to the price-weighted measure. The changes will push the number of technology-related companies in the 30-member gauge to six and boost their influence even more as the world’s largest company by market capitalization joins Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp., International Business Machines Corp., Cisco Systems Inc. and Visa Inc. AT&T is being kicked out after falling 4.5 percent in 2014. The changes will take effect with the start of trading on March 19.

Islamic State militants bulldozed the remains of the ancient city of Nimrud, the latest attack on ancient heritage in territory the group controls in Iraq and Syria. Heavy military vehicles were used to damage the site, according to Iraq’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

AP Top Stories

Boko Haram militants have been amassing in the northeast Nigeria town of Gwoza, believed to be the group’s headquarters, killing residents who were unable to flee, a senator and witnesses said Thursday.

Excluding Russia from the SWIFT banking system would be a measure of last resort if the crisis in Ukraine escalates, the British and Polish foreign ministers said Friday.

Saudi Arabia has beheaded dozens of convicts, including foreign drug traffickers, since the start of the year in what Amnesty International calls an unprecedented pace of executions.

Bangladesh’s customs officers caught a North Korean diplomat trying to smuggle an estimated $1.4 million worth of gold into the country, a senior official said on Friday. “We recovered the gold both in the form of bar and ornaments from Son Young Nam, the First Secretary of the North Korean Embassy in Dhaka.”

Twelve-year-old Coreco Ja’Quan Pearson of Georgia, more commonly known as C.J., created quite a buzz last month when he posted a video of himself questioning President Obama’s patriotism. Now he may have to wait until his next birthday to continue to grow his online presence. Pearson’s video went viral and has amassed nearly one million views on YouTube. But it did not come without one unintended consequence to his Facebook page. Pearson, under Facebook’s minimum age requirement of 13, was upset to find out that he was locked out of his account.

GOP leaders in Congress have spent the last two months trying-and failing-to roll back protections for millions of undocumented immigrants, children included. The chances for major legislation in the next two years are pretty much nil.

A Canadian charged for refusing to give border agents his smartphone passcode was expected to become the first to test whether border inspections can include information stored on devices.

Reports that Islamic State’s most notorious executioner was born on their soil have stirred deep unease among Kuwaitis about the vulnerability of their country to wars in nearby Iraq and Syria in which some of their Arab allies have become combatants.

Britain said on Friday it planned to supply Ukraine’s army with a package of non-lethal military equipment to help it defend itself against what Defense Secretary Michael Fallon called “Russia’s aggression.” The package includes first aid kits, night vision goggles, laptops, helmets and GPS units.

Nestled among hundreds of identical white and brown two-story homes crammed in this neighborhood for factory workers is a house with a trick. Hidden under the house and its wraparound porch are steel pontoons filled with Styrofoam. These can lift the structure three meters off the ground if this area, two hours north of Bangkok, floods as it did in 2011 when two-thirds of the country was inundated, affecting a fifth of its 67 million people.


NASA confirmed that its Dawn probe has gone into orbit around Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

A Palestinian man drove into a group of pedestrians in Jerusalem, injuring six Israeli policewomen in what police say was a “terrorist attack”

Independent tests show that Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was deliberately killed, his family said, ruling out accident or suicide.

Brazil’s central bank lifted interest rates to a six-year high of 12.75% in an attempt to restrain inflation.

Bolivia’s former drug car Gen Oscar Nina was arrested on suspicion of having links to drug trafficking, Bolivian officials announced.

Suspected Boko Haram militants killed at least 45 people in a raid on a remote village in Borno state, north-east Nigeria, witnesses said.

Pakistani authorities renamed 107 schools in honor of the victims of last year’s massacre of children and teachers at a school in Peshawar.


Churches in Lake Worth, Fla., are being told they need to acquire permits in order to stay in business – and those that don’t are being subjected to what critics describe as Soviet-style code enforcement hounding.

CNN has learned that the manufacturer of the endoscope involved in two superbug deaths at UCLA never obtained permission to sell the device, according to an FDA official.

India – The Karnataka government has made it mandatory to video all parties where foreigners are invited. The organizers also need to provide the full list of foreigners attending any party.

Arab nations do not support Iran Nuclear Deal

In a strange twist, not only is Israel concerned about Obama’s negotiations leading to a nuclear Iran, but there may also be several Arab nations cheering Netanyahu on as he speaks to congress. The Wall Street Journal reported that several major Sunni states would prefer a failure of negotiations to a treaty that leaves Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in place

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What Obama Can Learn about Radical Islam from New Saudi King :: Al-Alawi and Schwartz in Weekly Standard

by Irfan Al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz
The Weekly Standard
March 5, 2015

ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’ generates controversy over TV’s first-ever kiss between teen boys

by Marsha West

Once again Hollywood is pushing the envelope. Christian News Network reports that “The Fosters” is generating controversy after two male teens kissed each other on screen. This was the first time same-sex teens kissed on American television. That this would happen is not surprising as the show’s creators are homosexuals and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez is the producer.

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Daily Digest

March 6, 2015


“If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.” –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 33, 1788


Unemployment Headlines Still Rosy, but a Closer Look…

In February, the U.S. labor market did not lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. Sure, the banner numbers — the U-3 measure of unemployment and the number of jobs added — continued to indicate that the American economy is expanding. Here’s what the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported: “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 295,000 in February, and the unemployment rate edged down to 5.5 percent … Job gains occurred in food services and drinking places, professional and business services, construction, health care, and in transportation and warehousing.” The better measure of unemployment, the U-6, edged down to 11% and the civilian labor force participation rate changed little at 62.8%. But troubling is where most of the job gains occurred. Jobs in the food service and drinking industries don’t contribute to long-term growth — they are as permanent as a burger with a side of fries. More…

Police Organization Undermines Ammo Ban Rhetoric

The executive director for the Washington office of the Fraternal Order of Police, James Pasco, undermined the Obama administration’s rhetoric in its proposed ban on M855 “green tip” ammunition. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says it wants to ban the popular AR-15 ammo because it can penetrate the bulletproof vests popular with law enforcement. But Pasco blew the cover off the ATF’s insincere concern for police officers. He told The Washington Examiner, “Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem.” He continued, “While this round will penetrate soft body armor, it has not historically posed a threat to law enforcement.” Instead, the Obama administration is using law enforcement as a political excuse — even as Obama continues slandering racist policing strategies. Like most of Obama’s executive “tweaks,” this proposal will rewrite laws. The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb told Fox News, “Almost any hunting rifle bullet will go through body armor, so you could prohibit almost any rifle bullet with this. This is the administration redefining the law on its own.”

Obama Takes Another Shot at Racist Police

Two days after the Justice Department released a report on supposedly racist law enforcement in Ferguson, and just before the 50th anniversary march in Selma this weekend, Barack Obama took the opportunity to repeat his “cops are racist” mantra. A “big chunk” of the remaining civil rights problems, he said, are “dealing with civil rights and civil liberties in respect to law enforcement.” Of Ferguson, Obama asserted, “I don’t think that is typical of what happens across the country but it’s not an isolated incident.” Are police perfect? No. Was there abuse in Ferguson. Probably. But Obama and his race-baiting pals love to talk about “disparate impact” — the idea that blacks face disproportionate enforcement for law-breaking — and they use that false measure to smear cops in general. Yet as Mark Alexander wrote in December, “[W]hen 90% of murders in urban centers are ‘people of color’ and 90% of perpetrators are ‘people of color,’ cops of any color are going to be more cautious with ‘people of color.’ This is not ‘racism,’ this is reality, driven by a desire to make it home safely at the end of one’s shift.” More…

State Department Ousted Ambassador for Using Gmail

Look at the hypocrisy. Turns out, the State Department forced a U.S. ambassador from his position in 2012 for using — wait for it — a private email account. That’s right: While the head of the department, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ran an illicit email server from her New York home, the State Department berated Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration for using Gmail. “The inspector general’s report specifically noted that Gration violated State Department policy by using a private, unsanctioned e-mail service for official business,” Sean Davis writes. “In its executive summary listing its key judgments against the U.S. ambassador to Kenya who served under Hillary Clinton, the inspector general stated that Gration’s decision to willfully violate departmental information security policies highlighted Gration’s ‘reluctance to accept clear-cut U.S. Government decisions.’ The report claimed that this reluctance to obey governmental security policies was the former ambassador’s ‘greatest weakness.'” While Gmail has decent security, Clinton’s email account left her information vulnerable to hackers. But she’s Hillary Clinton. Because she’s a master of political spin, she might get away with it scot free to the presidency. More…

Cummings Praises Hillary Clinton’s ‘Transparency’

Hillary Clinton finally addressed — through a tweet — the ever-growing scandal further tarnishing her tenure at the State Department. “I want the public to see my email,” she said. “I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.” That was enough to elicit high praise from Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), a member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Cummings exclaimed, “As far as I am aware, no other Cabinet secretary in history has ever called for the release of his or her emails — in their entirety and throughout his or her tenure. I commend Secretary Clinton’s decision.” Of course, we’re wondering how many emails there actually are — much less damning correspondences that haven’t been thoroughly vetted and discarded — and Cummings didn’t mention anything about Clinton’s deplorable practice that prompted an investigation by Congress. Would he lavish such praise on the Bush administration’s Condoleezza Rice if she was being accused of malpractice? Clinton is in damage control, so her only option is to claim she has nothing to hide. And her fellow Democrats will help her every step of the way. More…



Lee-Rubio Tax Reform: Pro-Growth, Pro-Family


Republican Senators Mike Lee and Marco Rubio have put forward version 2.0 of their tax reform proposal first released last September. The two men offer a bit more detail to their sweeping plan this time around, and it’s still a strong, pro-growth proposal.

The broad strokes of the Lee-Rubio plan focus on making significant changes to the tax code to right the wrongs that have grown and multiplied over the last several decades. One of the most attractive elements of the plan is that it addresses both the business and the individual side of the tax structure from top to bottom. As National Review’s Yuval Levin points out, “Successful conservative tax reforms have always provided both broad-based relief and better incentives at the margins — not one or the other.”

The current tax code, as Lee and Rubio point out in their latest Wall Street Journal op-ed, has manifold failures — “impeding growth, discouraging investment, and restricting freedom on the business and the individual side — [and) they are all rooted in the same fundamental unfairness and inequity of a government that picks winners and losers.”

It’s one of the reasons recovery from the Great Recession has been more of a long, slow crawl toward a new mediocrity.

The Lee-Rubio plan attempts to balance these wrongs by making some fundamental changes to the tax code. One of the biggest changes is wiping away the seven current individual/family tax brackets and replacing them with two: 15% and 35%. The marriage penalty — so called because it taxes married couples higher than individuals — would be eliminated, along with the Alternative Minimum Tax and a number of deductions that also skew the tax system against working families. A new $2,500-per-child tax credit would be introduced to help offset overtaxed parents.

On the business side, the Lee-Rubio plan reduces the corporate tax rate to a maximum of 25%. It also eliminates double taxation of capital gains and dividends. Firms operating overseas would no longer have to pay tax abroad and at home, but only in the country where the income is generated. Businesses that invest in their own growth through expansion or infrastructure improvements will be able to deduct 100% of those expenses.

Like all ideas that come out of Washington, the senators’ proposal is going to be attacked for either going too far or not far enough. Democrats will reject pro-growth tax reform, arguing it will ultimately mean lower revenue. That’s unacceptable to leftists who seek to grow the massive welfare state. Never mind that lower tax rates frequently lead to greater tax revenue because of economic growth.

Democrats from the White House on down like the tax system the way it is — unless they could squeeze even more from taxpayers. Since the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, the government has used the tax system to cajole individuals, families and businesses into certain behaviors bureaucratic elites believe to be conducive to a more progressive nation. The Lee-Rubio plan deliberately rejects that thinking, so the senators are sure to face steep opposition.

On the other side, some believe the proposed rates are not low enough. The top 35% individual bracket under Lee-Rubio is only four-and-a-half points lower than the current top rate under Obama. Additionally, it would be applied to a wider swath of taxpayers, meaning many people would actually face a tax rate increase under the new plan. And there are those who wonder if the corporate tax reforms, generous though they may comparatively be, go far enough.

No plan ever comes out of Washington without being rightfully scrutinized and criticized. But Lee and Rubio make the strongest case thus far for sweeping reform of America’s crippling tax code. Whether there are any other courageous souls on Capitol Hill willing to join the fight is another story.

Media Undercuts Ben Carson’s 2016 Bid Out of the Gate


It didn’t take long for Ben Carson’s nascent 2016 presidential campaign to suffer a self-inflicted wound. Just after launching his “exploratory committee,” Carson spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. When the conversation turned to homosexuality, Carson made the tenuous analogy regarding whether it is genetic or a choice by stating, “A lot of people … go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay.” As the great statesman Admiral Gial Ackbar once said, “It’s a trap!”

After conservative heads thumped desks around the country — incredulous at how Carson’s analogy would help to further “Akinize” the Republican Party — Carson tried to walk back the remarks the next day by stating what he said “does not fully reflect my heart on gay issues.” He added, “I do not pretend to know how every individual came to their sexual orientation. I regret that my words to express that concept were hurtful and divisive. For that I apologize unreservedly to all that were offended.”

But Carson fell into the trap deftly laid for him by a media searching for that “gotcha” moment they can use to paint all conservatives with the same brush. Just as most of the GOP hopefuls had to answer questions last month about Rudy Giuliani’s remarks regarding Barack Obama’s lack of love for America, now each will likely have to endure questions about sexual orientation thanks to Carson’s remarks. Never mind that the lackluster economy and foreign policy are far more pressing issues; if the media can shift the focus to social issues, they can trot out the tired old message about the “war on women” and Republicans being bigots and homophobes.

We know the Leftmedia give Republicans tougher questions — for example, you wouldn’t see Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden face a question on why their policies have consigned minority students to woefully underperforming schools or whether life begins at conception. But Carson then effectively egged on the media horde by declaring he won’t talk about the “gay rights” issue anymore. That insures his campaign will have to deal with this topic front and center for many months to come because the Leftmedia won’t take “no” for an answer — unless it involves information making a liberal look bad.

In Ben Carson, we have a very successful member of a minority group with a compelling story who happens to be conservative. That’s bad news for Democrats that count on the black population to give them 90% or more of their vote, and it’s a reason some observers would rather see Carson run for the suddenly open Senate seat in Maryland, based on his long history there and Maryland’s high minority population.

But the best part of Carson’s appeal is also the biggest problem he faces — the lack of political experience. You have to look back to Dwight Eisenhower to find a president who hadn’t held some sort of political office prior to winning election — and all Ike did was play a major role in winning a world war. Carson was a gifted neurosurgeon and certainly has appealing positions on a number of issues, but running for president presents a very steep learning curve where one won’t get a break because he’s “not a politician.”

All this is somewhat reminiscent of the Herman Cain campaign that caught fire in the fall of 2011 only to crash and burn amidst infidelity allegations a few months later. With an extremely deep and talented GOP field this time around, Carson supporters have to ask whether a neophyte can win. The conservative side won’t get the benefit of the media’s lack of curiosity we saw about Obama and his background, so the 2016 presidential race may be better run by an experienced hand. Otherwise, Ben Carson has to be much more prepared than he showed during his first few days on the trail.



British journalist Walter Bagehot (1826-1877): “A democratic despotism is like a theocracy: it assumes its own correctness.”

Columnist Charles Krauthammer: “Israel has never once asked America to fight for it. Not in 1948 when 650,000 Jews faced 40 million Arabs. Not in 1967 when Israel was being encircled and strangled by three Arab armies. Not in 1973 when Israel was on the brink of destruction. Not in the three Gaza wars or the two Lebanon wars. Compare that to a very partial list of nations for which America has fought and for which so many Americans have fallen: Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Vietnam, Korea, and every West European country beginning with France (twice). Change the [Iran] deal, strengthen the sanctions, give Israel a free hand. Netanyahu offered a different path in his clear, bold and often moving address, Churchillian in its appeal to resist appeasement. This was not Churchill of the 1940s, but Churchill of the 1930s, the wilderness prophet. Which is why for all its sonorous strength, Netanyahu’s speech had a terrible poignancy. After all, Churchill was ignored.”

Columnist Jonah Goldberg: “I could release 99.99 percent of all my emails, and you’d see little more than boring work product, press releases, spam and appeals from Nigerian oil ministers. My incriminating stuff could remain invisible — valuable snowflakes held back from a blizzard of chaff. If you don’t think the Clintons are capable of such legerdemain, I refer you to the Clinton-inspired debate over billing records and the meaning of ‘is.’ This points to another reason why I think Clinton will survive this mess. If there’s a damning email out there, it’s been deleted, and the relevant hard drive would be harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa’s body. So critics are probably left with the task of proving a negative. The real significance of this moment — and a partial explanation of the media firestorm over it — is that time is running out to stop the Clinton freight train. … At some point down the tracks, when yet another fetid cloud of Clintonism erupts into plain view, many smart liberals will look back at this moment as the time when they should have pulled the emergency brake and gotten off the Hillary train. The unease they feel now will be nothing compared to the buyer’s remorse to come.”

Comedian Argus Hamilton: “Hillary Clinton reportedly used private e-mail to run U.S. foreign policy while taking money from foreign nations for the Clinton Foundation. It’s dire. For those of you new to comedy and magic, this is the point where Bill has a sex scandal that lasts just long enough for Hillary to escape unharmed.”

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families.

“The Patriot Post ( )”

March 5, 2015
FREEDOM WATCH — Larry Klayman, Esq., the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice, announced today that he is filing motions for orders to show cause why Hillary Clinton and the Obama State Department should not be held in criminal contempt for lying to various courts… (more)

March 5, 2015
CLIFF KINCAID — When Rudolph Giuliani mentioned that President Barack Obama, as a young man, was under the influence of Communist Party member and suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis, Giuliani struck a nerve. In contrast to his claim that Obama didn’t love America, his remarks about the Davis-Obama relationship were not opinion, but fact. That is why a Washington Post fact-checker has been assigned to investigate Giuliani’s claim…. (more)

March 5, 2015
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — A top police representative on Tuesday said that there is no history of criminals using a round popular among AR-15 rifle shooters against officers, undermining the Obama administration’s argument for banning the 5.56 M855 “lightgreen tip.”… (more)

March 5, 2015
NEWSMAX — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning to Congress about the nuclear threat of Iran shows he is a “better judge” of the impending menace than President Barack Obama, conservative writer and documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says…. (more)

March 5, 2015
JOSEPH FARAH — Should Congress have defunded a portion of the Department of Homeland Security budget to quash an illegal order by Barack Obama to provide amnesty and other benefits to illegal aliens? WITHOUT QUESTION!… (more)

March 5, 2015
NEWSMAX — Utah lawmakers introduced a landmark bill Wednesday that bars discrimination against gay and transgender individuals while protecting the rights of religious groups and individuals…. (more)

March 5, 2015
NATIONAL REVIEW — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s systematic evasion of federal recordkeeping requirements involved both the use of private email addresses and a server system installed in her Chappaqua manse… (more)

March 4, 2015
NATIONAL REVIEW — Addressing a packed joint session of Congress, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unequivocal. “This is a bad deal. It’s a very bad deal. We’re better off without it.” He warned that if Israel believed a nuclear deal with Iran was unacceptable, it would reserve the right to take unilateral military action… (more)

March 4, 2015
JOSEPH FARAH — In watching Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver his courageous and insightful speech to Congress, I was struck by the irony of the situation from a domestic U.S. political perspective…. (more)

March 4, 2015
THE HILL — The House voted Tuesday to fund the Department of Homeland Security, ending a months-long impasse over President Obama’s immigration policies and averting a weekend shutdown at the agency…. (more)

March 4, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — Americans were scratching their heads after a U.S. military officer briefed the press on plans for an Iraq-led offensive in Mosul last month. “Why would the military be announcing military plans for next spring?” ordinary citizens wondered out loud…. (more)

March 4, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — Call it Common Core for police. But the White House, in cahoots with the Department of Justice, has set in motion a plan that will expand federal control of community police forces, via standards handed from above called the “Task Force on 21st Century Policing.”… (more)

March 4, 2015
POLITICO — A new study from the Columbia Journalism Review finds that the current White House relationship with the press is the least open it has ever been, a longstanding belief among the Washington press corps…. (more)

March 4, 2015
WEEKLY STANDARD — A CNN reporter, citing experts, said that Hillary Clinton broke the law by using her personal email account to conduct official State Department business while she was secretary of state…. (more)

March 4, 2015
CLIFF KINCAID — As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington and speaks to Congress, bypassing the Obama administration, the stakes could not be higher. But President Obama is not the only, and certainly not the most significant, opponent of Israel…. (more)

March 3, 2015
NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE — The leader of the free world will be addressing Congress on Tuesday. The American president is doing everything possible to undermine him. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads a nation surrounded by enemies, a nation so small that it narrows at one point to just 9.3 miles…. (more)

March 3, 2015
WESLEY PRUDEN — The Democrats set out to teach John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu a lesson. They would boycott the Israeli prime minister’s speech to Congress and apply enough pressure to cancel the speech, keep Mr. Netanyahu at home and embarrass the Republicans who invited him here. What a happy day’s work that would be…. (more)

March 3, 2015
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — In June 2008, candidate Barack Obama spoke before thousands of delegates to the pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, to assuage concerns that he harbored animosity toward the Jewish state. In a paragraph of his speech that began with the phrase “Let me be clear,” Obama declared that under his vision for peace, “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”… (more)

March 3, 2015
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER — A sunset clause? The news from the nuclear talks with Iran was already troubling. Iran was being granted the “right to enrich.” It would be allowed to retain and spin thousands of centrifuges. It could continue construction of the Arak plutonium reactor…. (more)

March 3, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY — As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes the case for his nation’s security before Congress Tuesday, actor Leonard Nimoy is still speaking about the miracle of Israel in a movie he narrated not long before his death…. (more)

March 3, 2015
TOWNHALL — White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unitlateral executive action…. (more)

March 3, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — In a possible violation of federal rules, Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email address to conduct State Department business when she was serving as chief U.S. diplomat, according to a New York Times report…. (more)

March 3, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — A federal judge warned the EPA on Monday not to discriminate against conservative groups in how it responds to open-records requests, issuing a legal spanking to the agency that he said may have lied to the court and showed “apathy and carelessness” in carrying out the law…. (more)

March 3, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES — The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds…. (more)

March 3, 2015
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY — The Obama Democrats have an audacious scheme for winning future elections. They just plan to import 5 million non-citizens and credential them as voters who will, in gratitude, vote Democratic…. (more)


On today’s Episode of The Briefing

1) San Francisco archbishop criticized for having Catholic schools hold to Catholic beliefs 

Morals Clause in Catholic Schools Roils Bay Area, New York Times (Carol Pogash)

2) Story of priested twins points to importance of grounding our children in doctrine

When We Leave One Religion for Another, Wall Street Journal (Claire Ansberry)
In other news…

Mormon church backs Utah LGBT anti-discrimination bill

by Marsha West

According to News Max, Equality Utah executive director Troy Williams said at a news conference, “This is an historic day. People from diverse backgrounds have come together to craft what no one thought was possible.”

News Max writes:

State Sen. Stuart Adams, a Republican who led negotiations on the proposal, said at the news conference that they’ve found a way to respect the rights of some while not infringing on the rights of others.

“If Utah can do this, my opinion, it can be done anywhere else in the nation.”

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The Second Round of the Crisis Will DWARF 2008 In Size and Scope

If you are an investor, your big concern should not be about what to stocks… but what happens when the bond bubble goes bust. All of the biggest problems in the financial world revolve around the bond markets today:

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Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu – Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager

There is no question about whether President Obama — along with Secretary of State John Kerry and the editorial pages of many newspapers — has a particular dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But there is another question: Why?

And the answer is due to an important rule of life that too few people are aware of:

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El Niño Has Arrived, Could Produce Warmest Year on Record, Violent Tornadoes

Posted: 06 Mar 2015 07:14 AM PST

El Niño Has Arrived, Could Produce Warmest Year on Record, Violent TornadoesSo you’re done with winter huh? Now you can get ready for what may be one of the hottest Summers on Record! That’s because after months and months of teasing forecasters, El Niño has officially arrived, and it’s set to boost what they are calling “global warming” to new record levels. And what exactly is a “El Nino”? El Niño is one of the Earth’s most powerful climate signals, with the ability to shift weather patterns worldwide. It typically happens only two or three times in a decade, and its most important feature is its predictability. Once in place, El Niños normally linger for months, giving affected regions time to prepare for impacts. Another great concern is the greater chance of widespread “Tornado Outbreaks” that could be generated from an El Nino such as in 2011 where more than 1,600 confirmed tornadoes touched down in the United States. The twisters killed more than 550 people, injured more than 5,400, and resulted in economic damage that soared into the billions. By mid-July 2013, close to 500 confirmed tornadoes had already touched down, killing 44 people, half during the single storm that hit Moore, Okla., on May 20. Although individual tornadoes can’t be predicted, new research from a team of scientists at NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory in Miami, Fla., suggests that severe tornado outbreaks may be linked to specific weather patterns.  The El Niño Southern Oscillation also appears to have some impact on the conditions that lead to exceptional tornado outbreaks, says David Enfield, a physical oceanographer at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and co-author of a new study in the Journal of Climate. Specifically, past studies have indicated that large tornadic events are linked to Trans-Niño years, characterized by trans-Niño index (TNI) values during either the onset or ebbing of El Niño or La Niña conditions, when variation in sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean can be considerable. Why the transitional years seemed to spawn more tornadoes remains unknown. SOURCESThe Slatest / Earth

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Military laser melts truck engine from more than mile away

Posted: 06 Mar 2015 06:48 AM PST

Military laser melts truck engine from more than mile awayCould we be witnessing yet another weapon that could be used in future Wars and Conflicts fulfilling Bible Prophecy? Advanced Weapons just got an upgrade as Lockheed Martin turned up the heat on its laser weapon technology and destroyed a truck from one mile away. The Maryland-based company’s test of the ATHENA laser weapon was the highest power ever recorded of a laser weapon of its type. The Advanced Test High Energy Asset’s March 3 test destroyed its target in a “matter of seconds,” the company said in a statement. An image of the smoking vehicle accompanied its announcement. “This test represents the next step to providing lightweight and rugged laser weapon systems for military aircraft, helicopters, ships and trucks,” said Keoki Jackson, chief technology officer of Lockheed Martin. FULL REPORT

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Russian bombers deliver strikes at ground targets in war games

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 08:22 PM PST

Russian bombers deliver strikes at ground targets in war games Russia appears to be carrying out major “Dry Runs” from Land, Sea and Air in what appears to possibly be a  preparing for War as Sources indicate that at least 12 Russian strategic bombers of the Tupolev-95MS and Tupolev-160 families have delivered strikes at ground targets on testing ranges in the Saratov region where a military exercise is underway, Colonel Igor Klimov, an official spokesman for the Air Force said on Thursday. “The crews drilled the most complicated elements of flight proficiency training, like takeoffs and landings in adverse weather conditions and application of air-launched incapacitation devices at ground targets on a range,” Col Klimov said. FULL REPORT

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Unannounced Test of Strategic Nuclear Weapons Readiness Starts in Russia

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 08:14 PM PST

Unannounced Test of Strategic Nuclear Weapons Readiness Starts in Russia

© Sputnik/ Alexandr Kryazhev

Major Military movements and Drills are taking place regarding Russia and sources indicate that Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces began an unannounced test of the nuclear weapons near the central Russian city Yoshkar-Ola, the SMF’s press center said Wednesday. The report went on to indicate that “The Committee of the Command of Strategic Missile Forces is conducting an unannounced test of the condition and security provisions of nuclear weapons in the Yoshkar-Ola Missile Unit,” the SMF’s press service said in a statement. FULL REPORT

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Franklin Graham Warns Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in US and Europe; Endorses ‘The Hiding Place’ Sequel

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 08:00 PM PST

Franklin Graham Warns Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in US and Europe; Endorses 'The Hiding Place' SequelFranklin Graham is giving more warnings and this time Graham has warned that anti-Semitism is on the rise in the U.S. and Europe. Franklin comments while endorsing the upcoming release of the film “Return of the Hiding Place,” the sequel to the original that was produced by his father, Billy Graham.  Franklin Graham goes n to say “Peter Spencer has done an incredible job in creating the new film ‘Return to the Hiding Place.’ It is a great piece, well-produced and powerful. ‘Return to the Hiding Place’ is a true story that tells another side of the historical account of Corrie Ten Boom in the original ‘The Hiding Place film,’” Graham said. FULL REPORT

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Russia braces for large-scale military drills, Over 2000 Troops

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:16 PM PST

Russia braces for large-scale military drills, Over 2000 Troops

RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Ankov

WAR DRUMS - Not only is the U.S and Polish Troops carrying out Massive Military Drills according to reports the Russian Defense Ministry has launched massive military exercises as well involving over 2,000 troops and some 500 items of weaponry in southern Russia, including in the Caucasus.  The field-type exercises of the air defense forces will be taking place until April 10 in twelve military firing ranges, located in Russia’s South, the North Caucasus and Crimean Federal Districts, as well as at Russian military bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia. Russian sources indicate that  “Over 2,000 troops have been involved into the battle drills, and over 500 items of weaponry and military hardware are being used,” Interfax quoted a statement of the Southern Military District. FULL REPORT

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Mark Hall from Casting Crowns reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 04:52 PM PST

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns reveals Cancer Diagnosis Please keep the lead singer of Casting Crowns in your prayers as In a brief open letter to fans posted to the Casting Crowns official Facebook page on Thursday, Mark Hall, the lead vocalist for the popular Christian band, revealed that doctors recently found a solid mass in his right kidney and that they are “90 percent sure it’s cancer.” Hall has stated that he will be having his kidney removed next week and has asked fans for prayer as he copes with the medical ordeal.  “[Doctors] are 90% sure it’s cancer and they are going to remove the entire kidney next Wednesday, March 11th,” the singer wrote. “They believe the cancer is contained in the kidney, which is also a great hope. They will know more once it is out and pathology can see it.” FULL REPORT

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Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years ago

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 04:32 PM PST

Evidence indicates Yucatan Peninsula hit by tsunami 1,500 years agoNew evidence is suggesting that the eastern coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a mecca for tourists, may have been walloped by a tsunami between 1,500 and 900 years ago, says a new study involving Mexico’s Centro Ecological Akumal (CEA) and the University of Colorado Boulder. Evidence points to an ancient tsunami, foremost a large, wedge-shaped berm about 15 feet above sea level paved with washing machine-sized stones, said the researchers. Set back in places more than a quarter of a mile from shore, the berm stretches for at least 30 miles, alternating between rocky headlands and crescent beaches as it tracks the outline of the Caribbean coast near the plush resorts of Playa del Carmen and Cancun. If a tsunami of that magnitude was to strike this area today it would be catastrophic from sheer population growth over the last 1500 years ago! FULL REPORT


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US Trying To Send Message To Russia? Polish Troops Begin Live Fire Exercises

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 04:23 PM PST

US Trying To Send Message To Russia? Polish Troops Begin Live Fire Exercises

Ukrainian servicemen get inside armoured personnel carriers (APC) during a ceremony to hand over weapons, military equipment and aircraft to the army at a firing range outside Zhytomyr January 5, 2015. Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko

Is America trying to send a message of intimidation to Russia? According to sources The U.S. and Polish troops started their live-fire exercises in northern Poland on Wednesday. As part of a NATO program to reinforce commitment to the security in Eastern Europe. The military exercise assumes significance in the light of the Ukraine conflict, where the Government forces and eastern rebels are fighting each other, until a recent truce brought a small respite. The Eastern Europe seems insecure because of the muscle flexing of Russia in the region, with NATO blaming Russia for supporting the rebel offensive in Ukraine. This situation appears to become more volatile by the day and everyone’s on edge as to wonder when the powder Keg will explode? FULL REPORT

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Self-Driving Cars Will Be in 30 U.S. Cities By the End of Next Year

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 11:51 AM PST

Self-Driving Cars Will Be in 30 U.S. Cities By the End of Next Year

One of the shuttles rolling out in Greenwich. (Photo: TRL GATEway Project)

Hope you’re ready for US Highways to be filled with Self-Driving vehicles? because according to a report by Observer/Innovation automated vehicle pilot projects will roll out in the U.K. and in six to 10 U.S. cities this year, with the first unveiling projected to be in Tampa Bay, Florida as soon as late spring. In 2016 trial programs will launch in 12 to 20 more U.S. locations, which means driverless cars will be on roads in up to 30 U.S. cities by the end of 2016. The trials will be run by Comet LLC, a consulting firm focused on automated vehicle commercialization. FULL REPORT

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America’s Betrayal: The Muslim Brotherhood Organizations And Agents In Obama White House

The Betrayal Papers Part II: Muslim Brotherhood Civic Organizations and Agents in American Government

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!” – The Muslim Brotherhood’s motto

The American government under Barack Obama has been and continues to fund terrorist activity, aids and harbors terrorist organizations on American soil, and funds organizations and countries like Iran that are known enemies that have publicly stated their determination to destroy America.

In 1963, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA), established itself on college campuses throughout North America. It actively recruits American and Canadian youth to join the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideological and political agenda that pits Islam against the world. Sadly, such recruitment results in young people becoming terrorists. As the Canadian Military Association recently reported 11 of Canada’s highest profile terrorists were tied to the MSA.


Many of MSA’s founding members have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But three of its most significant founders Hisham al Talib, Jamal Barzinji, and Ahmed Totanji were Muslim Brotherhood leaders of Iraqi descent. While a student at George Washington University, Hillary Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin was on MSA’s Executive Board.

Organizations directly linked to the MSA and the Muslim Brotherhood include:

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): CAIR was founded by two individuals with close ties to a Hamas operative. Hamas, according to its own charter, is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2007, its founder Omar Ahwad was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing trial. In November 2014, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) designated CAIR as a terrorist organization.

CAIR recently praised the Department of Homeland Security for identifying “right-wing sovereign citizen extremist groups,” not Islamic terrorism, as America’s foremost terrorist threat.

Muslim American Society (MAS): MAS was founded in 1992 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to MAS secretary-general Shaker Elsayed. MAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood, advocate to implement Sharia law in the United States. MAS identifies the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and Muslim Students Association (MSA) as organizations with the same goal: the “Islamic revival movement.”In November 2014, (UAE) designated MAS as a terrorist organization.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA): ISNA originated from four Islamic organizations, including the MSA. Its former president, Mohamed Magid, was appointed as an advisor to the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Council by Barack Obama in 2011 and was a recentguest at the White House.

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC): MPAC was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically, Hassan and Maher Hathout, both of whom with close ties Hassan al-Banna. MPAC supports the Tunisian Ennahda (Muslim Brotherhood) Party leader, Rachid Ghannouchi, who they claim is “one of the most important figures in modern Islamic political thought and theory.” Its current President, Salam Al-Marayati, represented the United States to the United Nations and UNESCO in 2010.

A 1991 Muslim Brotherhood internal memorandum specifically identifies CAIR, ISNA, and the MSA as part of “A list of our organizations and organizations of our friends,” including CAIR’s organizational predecessor, the Islamic Association of Palestine.

CAIRISNA, and MAS’s incorporating member, Dr. Jamal Badawi, were named as un-indicted co-conspirators who materially supported terrorism by a federal court in connection with the infamous trial of the Holy Land Foundation, an alleged Palestinian “humanitarian charity.” MPAC and MSAmembers are documented defending the Holy Land Foundation against the U.S. government’s terrorism charges.

These “independent” “non-profit organizations” are unquestionably linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and ingrained in the Anschluss (“Annexation”) of Georgetown and the Brookings Institution.

In 2005, Georgetown University established a new campus for their prestigious School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar (SFS-Q), which now employs 35 faculty members. (It bears stating here that the State of Qatar was the driving Arab force behind the Arab Spring, which resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.)

Under the guise of promoting Qatar’s Education City, the Qatar Foundation (a “charity” with terrorist ties) has paid for all of Georgetown University’s SFS-Q campus development costs. Since this development, Georgetown University’s student newspaper, The Hoya has blatantly published anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Qatar heavily funds  the Brookings Institution. In 2013 Brookings received $14.8 million; in 2012, $100,000; and in 2011, $2.9 million. And Brookings’s Vice President, and purported diplomat Martin Indyk, was asked by Obama to “negotiate” ‘peace terms’ between Israel and Hamas. Indyk is currently “negotiating” with nuclear-aspiring Iran, a stated enemy of America.

Obama will have sent nearly $12 Billion in cash payments to Iran by June 2015 to “continue negotiations.” Obama also stated he would shoot down Israeli planes if Israel attempted to disarm Iran.

Under Obama, The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated All Of The National Security Agencies Of The U.S.

The Obama Administration’s Agents

Seven Obama administration appointees are allegedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. In December 2013 the Egyptian political magazine Rose El-Youssef published an articleNot Huma Abedin Alone, (English translation) in which it named six additional Obama appointees it claims are Muslim Brotherhood operatives.  They include:

  • Huma Abedin, Personal Aide/Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2009-2013),
  • Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security for Policy Development (2009-2010),
  • Salam Al-Marayati, Administration representative to UNESCO and United Nations (2010),
  • Mohammed Elibiary, Senior Member of Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council (2010-2014),
  • Rashad Hussain, U.S. Special Envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) (2010-Present) and Deputy Associate Counsel to Barack Obama (2009-2010),
  • Mohamed Magid, Department of Homeland Security Countering Violence and Extremism Working Group (2011-Present),
  • Eboo Patel, Member of the President’s Advisory Council to the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (2009-Present).



  • Gray: No known or documented association,
  • Green: Has worked/s within an official capacity for organization; is a named member of the organization,
  • Yellow: Has been associated with organization in authorship or speaking capacity or has a proven personal relationship with the organization’s leadership.

These are Barack Hussein Obama’s appointees. This is Barack Hussein Obama’s administration and these are people chosen to advise him on national security and Islam.

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes: Andrea Shea King, Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, Benjamin Smith, Bethany Blankley, Brent Parrish,Charles Ortel, Chris Nethery, Denise Simon, Dick Manasseri, Gary Kubiak, Gates of Vienna, Hannah Szenes, IQ al Rassooli, Jeff Bayard, Leslie Burt, Marcus Kohan, Mary Fanning, General Paul E. Vallely, Regina Thomson, Scott Smith, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Colonel Thomas Snodgrass,Trevor Loudon, Wallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo.

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ABC Family Network Proudly Features Two Little Boys In Romantic Same-Sex Kiss

When Two Boys Kissed on Primetime TV

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” Romans 1:26,27 (KJV)

As the years tick on and the LGBT Movement gets bolder and bolder, the standard for decency and morality gets lower and lower. Just a few years into the modern LGBT Pride explosion, and what do we see but a television station that calls themselves “ABC Family” now broadcasting two little boys romantically kissing each other. How far behind can shows promoting pedophilia be? Shows promoting bestiality? Rest assured, they are on the drawing board at this very moment.

It has been calledThe History-Making Gay Kiss,” as The Fosters TV show, which airs during prime time on the ABC Family network, featured the “Youngest Same-Sex TV Kiss Ever.” Yes, on a so-called “family friendly” network, two 13-year-old boys locked lips, and gay activists and their allies are celebrating the moment.

GLAAD, formally known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, stated that, “ABC Family’s The Fosters breaks new ground with Jude and Connor’s kiss.” (For those who are not familiar with the show, Jude is raised by two lesbians, his adoptive parents.)


Gabe Bergado, writing for the Daily Beast, claimed that the kiss set “a fantastic standard,” one that “reassures all the real-life Judes and Connors out there that their feelings of self-discovery during those middle school and junior high years are valid.”

Personally, I find this is heartbreaking not heartwarming, tragic not terrific. First, there is the power of example, either for good or for bad.

Young people in particular are influenced by what they see on TV and in the movies, with little boys dressing up like Superman or Spiderman and little girls mimicking the looks of the latest starlet.

As they get older, it’s not just a matter of playing silly dress-up games. Instead, these kids are now emulating the lifestyles of those they follow, and so a sexy dance to a 14-year-old looks a whole lot different than it did when the child was 5.

I can testify firsthand to the power of negative examples.

I started playing drums at the age of 8, and when I was 13, I went to my first rock concert, seeing the Jimi Hendrix Experience at the New York Philharmonic in 1968. And it really was an experience.


Everything about the band was countercultural and radical, appealing to my flesh and drawing me in. I wanted to be like the rock stars! So, when I was just 14 years-old and was offered a joint for the first time, I thought to myself, “The rock stars get high, so I think I’ll try it.”

There was also a subtle pull to do something illicit, but I’m 100 percent sure that without the influence of rock music and rock culture, I never would have thought of getting high at that point of life.

The rest, as they say, is history, as I went from pot to hash to LSD and ups and downs to snorting speed to shooting speed and then heroin and cocaine and other drugs before the Lord graciously saved me at the age of 16 in 1971.

Negative examples played a powerful role in my descent into drug abuse, opening that all-important initial door.

Is it any coincidence, then, that girl-on-girl kissing and sex scenes have been the Hollywood rage for some years and that bisexual experimentation among girls as young as 12 has become increasingly common? (Numerous teachers, social workers and students have told me about the epidemic of bisexual experimentation among schoolgirls today.)

Is it any coincidence that back in 2003, Madonna and Brittney Spears kissed on national TV and, more recently, Katie Perry kissed a girl and liked it, and now lots of other girls are doing the same?

Read the rest of the story on Charisma News…

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Watch Obama Declare That America Was Founded On Islam (Video)

“Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”  – Barack Hussein Obama

Here’s what Obama legitimately believes:

“Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding” – BHO February 2015, Washington

That’s an exact quote from what the president told White House conference on “countering violent extremism”. If you aren’t shocked by this, then you are well aware of the many idiotic things he’s touted regarding Islam in the past. source

“I also know that Islam has been a part of America’s story.”– BHO June 2009, Egypt

“Islam has always been a part of America” BHO 2010 start of Ramadan

Here is Obama saying that Islam, and not Judeo-Christian values and ideals, are the foundation of America:

“Eid (Muslim Holiday) reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslims Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy” BHO 2014 Marking Eid

Then it got worse:

Since 2009, NOW THE END BEGINS has brought you story after story in detailed accounts of exactly how Obama feels about Islam, and how he views Christianity and the Bible. So today, in light of recent events in Washington, we feel it important that you know exactly where your president stands in regards to his faith and his god.

Click here to read 20 quotes he has made about Islam, and 20 quotes he has made about Christianity. Nothing edited or mashed up, just exactly in the context he originally spoke them in with fully-sourced links so you can see where they come from.

If after reading this, you still think he is not a Muslim, then there is something organically wrong with your ability to reason and understand simple words written on the level of 6th grade English. You may remain ignorant, but it will be willingly so.

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The Days of Noah

It seems to describe a time when people were going about their every day lives, taking no thought for what was happening around them. And, we know that there were very evil and dark things happening; things that are considered an abomination to God Almighty. This has not changed. Indeed, our days are even darker. Man has decided to indulge the flesh and ignore the things of the spirit. Most serve the carnality of their own minds and this cannot be reconciled to the gospel of the Kingdom of God. We know this because we are told that no such people can ever enter the Kingdom of God.

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Florida city wages soviet-style crackdown on churches

A government crackdown on churches has Christians in Lake Worth, Fla., wondering if they live in the United States or the former Soviet Union.

Churches in Lake Worth, population 36,000, have been ordered to acquire a business license. As if the church has to get the government’s permission to preach and pray?

But wait. It gets worse, folks.

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Franklin Graham Warns Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise in US and Europe; Endorses ‘The Hiding Place’ Sequel

“This release is very timely and has modern-day application as anti-Semitism is rearing its head again in many parts of Europe and the United States.”

“The Hiding Place” was released in 1975, and was based on the book by the same name written by Corrie ten Boom, recalling her family’s experience in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

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“Watchmen on the Wall”

Even those who were previously blinded to the raging spiritual warfare that’s swirling around them today are beginning to wake up like someone waking from a drunken stupor asking:

“What’s going on?”

“I never thought I’d see the day!”

“I’m afraid of what I see coming upon this world.”

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The Hal Lindsey Report

Not since British troops burned the White House has a foreigner’s presence in Washington caused such a commotion!

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to town and spoke to a joint session of Congress, you’d have thought the Ayatollah himself was striding Pennsylvania Avenue hurling insults and threats at America, not the leader of our closest and strongest ally in the Middle East or maybe in all the world! (Hold it. I think Ayatollah Khamenei may have been more welcome among the Washington elite!)

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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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March 6, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Blogroll Collection

Because of Jesus the sin we cannot forget God does not remember. —Tullian Tchividjian

March 2 quotes

The Daily Discovery (March 6, 2015)

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Same-Sex Attraction and the Life-Giving Freedom of the Gospel – “In this latest episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast, Trexler shares his inspiring story of countering lifelong SSA with the life-giving freedom of the gospel. Helping Trexler tell his story and work through its implications is Sammy Rhodes, a Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus minister at the University of South Carolina, where Trexler worked as an intern.”

Passionately Pleading with God is a Good thing! – “Do you passionately plead with God in prayer? Pleading is a good and necessary part of our Christian lives. We understand adoration, confession, supplication, and thanksgiving are good marks of a vibrant prayer life, but pleading is often neglected.”

3 Final Reflections on the Inerrancy Summit – “Sadly, my time at the Inerrancy Summit has drawn to a close. Because of other commitments, I was only able to give it two days, but I am very grateful for the time I was able to spend there, and was delighted to meet so many of those who attended. As I wait for my flight home, I wanted to close out my time with a few reflections.”

Justification, law, and grace – “Since the inception of this ministry I have been approached by many concerned people who are convinced that they have sinned one too many times and have forfeited their salvation. They were being continually antagonized about their sin by a voice within. In every case, after some careful questioning, I learned that each of them have been part of a church or denomination whose doctrine of justification is a blend of grace and law, faith and works.”

Theology Thursday – Theism (introduction and background) – “The truth is that arguments like this are nothing but foundations of sand. They get us nowhere with atheists because most atheists see them for what they are. We can make presuppositional arguments all day about the Bible being an authority and being able to stand on its own. Those arguments are true, but if one doesn’t acknowledge the Bible as an authority, then they aren’t going to accept the Bible as the final word on anything simply because we insist on it.”


John MacArthur – Shepherds’ Conference 2015 | The Inerrancy Summit | General Session 1


The Error of “Friendship” Evangelism

Acceptance of Homosexuality in Christianity

“If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism but deception.” – John Piper

I’m Shocked That You’re Shocked

The surrounding culture has shifted, the remaining effects of Christianity on the culture are ebbing and most people don’t want to be at odds with the people in the office, their family, or the social circle. This is why the mainline churches such as the Presbyterian Church USA have abandoned much of historic Christian teaching. They recognized in the early 20th century that the culture was shifting and they shifted to keep up. Ironically, in so doing, they signed their death warrant and now they are losing congregations and members at an unsustainable rate. If the church is only saying that Oprah is saying, why go to church when Oprah says it so much better?

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Worship is More Important Than Your Small Group

I love small groups. Don’t misunderstand me. They serve a real purpose in most churches, but their importance cannot and does not supersede our gathering together in corporate worship. We are the church. Worship is what we do. We gather together to meet with God, to hear His Word, to partake of His sacraments, to offer Him prayers and praise, to give our offerings, to confess our sins, to hear once again His assurance of pardoning grace, to dwell with Him. And we do this together every week. It becomes the very pattern of our lives. And though routine, it is the most important and glorious aspect of our lives.

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“You Are Quite Wrong”

I used to celebrate that the emergent church has gone the way of the buffalo. With Rob Bell jumping the shark and Brian McLaren’s “marriage” of his son to another man it had outed itself as at best a reincarnation of old-school 20th century liberalism and at worst another vehicle for moving large numbers of people out of the church. But the reality is, the ethos and theologically unorthodox impulses haven’t disappeared. Even more nefariously these impulses have been incorporated as a part of modern evangelicalism’s already sickly emaciated theological assumptions. Perhaps the greatest lasting rhetorical aspect of the emergent methodology was its constant insistence that it was only asking innocent questions.

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Biblical Womanhood is Often NOT Biblical

Most materials and sermons I got from Christians in my girlhood emphasized that the only way a girl or woman could be pleasing to God was to be a doormat to other people. Meaning, many hallmarks of codependency are present in this teaching, such as: It is biblical or good for a girl or woman to be passive. Getting one’s needs met is selfish; showing or feeling anger is wrong and un-Christian. One should always care about other people’s feelings, needs, and wants more than one’s own.

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What Difference Does an Inerrant Bible Make?

At the end of the day, inerrancy is inseparable from Christology. If Jesus didn’t teach this view of Scripture, the argument would be over. The issue is not the sacrosanctity of a book, a “paper pope,” or bibliolatry. The issue at stake is the integrity of the person and work of Jesus. He can save us only if He is sinless, and He is sinless only if all of His teaching—including what He teaches about Scripture—is true.

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Shades of Grey: 3 Ways to Deal with Ethical Dilemmas

Many a debate about ethical systems gets illustrated by the Corrie Ten Boom conundrum posed as Nazis knocking on your door to inquire whether you are hiding innocent Jews in your home. You can either tell the truth and sacrifice the lives of your refugees, or you can lie and, assuming you have the world’s most gullible Nazi at your door, spare the lives of those you have committed to protect. This scenario captures a classic question of which sin is the greater, and it presumes that there is no other option.

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The Church and the Individual Christian

Second, this distinction between the purpose and responsibilities of the Church and the various callings and responsibilities ofindividual Christians frees the individual Christian from the burden (often placed upon them by others) to ‘transform’ their workplace, culture, or government – or to find uniquely ‘Christian’ ways of doing ordinary tasks. Christians are called to obey God at all time and in all things. They are to do all things from faith (Romans 14:23) – for the purpose of bringing glory to God (1 Corinthians 10:31), and as service for the Lord (Colossians 3:23). However, they are not called to these tasks in an effort, or for the purpose of, transforming the world into the new heavens and new earth.

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Pastor Right After the Sermon

Pastors often take 10 to 20 hours to prepare a sermon. They pray for God to speak through them. They preach with conviction and fervency. And then they hear one of these sentences. These ten responses are close approximations of what pastors have actually told me. I am sure there are many more.

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Reflections on Genesis 3:15

The significance of this passage can scarcely be overstated. In one short statement the underlying theme and meaning of history is laid bare. Whatever one says about the history of mankind, therefore, whether they’re looking at the specks of some seemingly insignificant incident, or the grand movements of a mighty nation, if this overarching perspective is fundamentally absent from their thinking, the task of making sense of human experience, whether it be the past or the present or the future, will inevitably fail to reflect the deep currents of reality. As a result, the historian’s work of collating data into a meaningful whole will inevitably run astray.

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Perpetual adolescence

In the Old Testament a young man was considered an adult at age 13—once He was a “bar mitzvah”. He was to have memorized the Torah and was to be able to speak to its wisdom. He began to make his own choices, guided by a Minion of Jews including his father and relatives. If […]

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The dreadful loneliness of life without Scripture

by Marsha West

Dr. Peter Jones, who is Director of truthXchange and Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary, examines former megachurch pastor and emergent guru Rob Bell’s misleading defense of same-sex marriage. For one thing, Bell picks and chooses between Bible texts that seemingly agree with him, and those that do not. Jones says “he dismisses Paul’s teaching as mere letters from 2000 years ago that no longer apply, and then chooses a 3500 years-old text with which he agrees, namely Genesis 2:18.” Jones goes on to say that, “In a sentimentalizing interpretation of this foundational text, Bell launches into an emotive appeal for companionship, perfectly suited to his Oprah-taught audience.”

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The Difference Between Outrage and Accountability

Yes! “For the Christian, shame and outrage can never be ends in themselves. While we value accountability, Christian accountability should always be oriented toward reconciliation and restoration – and seasoned with humility and love.”

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Five Really Dumb Christian Copouts

by Bill Muehlenberg

The fact that there are a lot of really dumb, unhelpful, and just plain unbiblical things being said by so many Christians today is quite telling. It is an indication of how poorly we are doing in getting contemporary believers to actually think carefully, study Scripture regularly, and resist the worldview of the surrounding secular culture.

So much of what we hear some believers saying nowadays is indistinguishable from what the average pagan on the street is saying. How we have come to such a place where the Christian mind has so greatly shrunk, if not disappeared altogether, is not something I can here explore.

think 1But it is a tragic reality nonetheless. ‘Let my people think’ is the crying need of the hour. To get believers to move beyond mere emoting, and to actually think for the glory of God is absolutely vital in this day and age. But it seems to be as rare as it is vital.

I love how Thomas Sowell once put it: “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think. The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.” The examples of this inability to think, to reason, and to remain faithful students of Scriptures are sadly all around us.

Here are five of the more appalling things I hear all the time from some clueless Christians who seem to just follow what the worldview of secular humanism dishes up instead of what the Word of God actually teaches. These five are just mindless clichés and useless Christian copouts:

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4 Signs Your God Is Too Small

by Erin Davis | 3/05/15

God is big.

He is so big that:

He measured the waters of Earth in the palm of His hand (Isa. 40:12).
He marked off the skies with the distance between His thumb and little finger (Isa. 40:12).
He made doors to shut in the oceans (Job 38:8).
He holds the stars in His hand (Rev. 1:20).
How big would God really be if I could control Him like a puppet on a string?
Yep, God is big and yet, in the Bible what we know about Him is just “the outskirts of his ways” (Job 26:14). We can’t even scratch the surface of understanding just how big He really is this side of heaven.

Maybe that’s why I tend to treat Him like He’s small. I reduce His power and His love to something tiny and insignificant. Or, more often, I think I’m the big deal around here. Then things tend to get really out of whack. With that pattern in mind, I thought I’d hammer out four ways to know when our concept of God is too small.

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Do Liberals Stifle Intellectual Diversity on Campus?

NPR hosted a fascinating debate at George Washington University on this proposition: “Liberals are stifling intellectual diversity on campus.” All for debaters were liberal, but two of them argued in favor of the proposition (Greg Lukianoff, Kirsten Powers) and two of them against (Angus Johnston, Jeremy Mayer). Students in the audience were polled before and after the debate about their agreement with the proposition. This allows everyone to see what people’s views were coming in and whether they were persuaded to adopt a different view as a result of the debate. Here are the results:

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Ana Marie Cox, having come out as a Christian, goes on “Morning Joe”

Ana Marie Cox wrote a compelling testimony several days ago titled “Why I’m coming out as a Christian.” She is a liberal/progressive writer, and she shares that she has been most reluctant to announce her new found faith for fear that Christians won’t accept her. Happily, she reports that the opposite has happened since her article came out. Watch above.

Dana Loesch also interviewed Cox for The Blaze. Watch below.


What Is Expository Preaching? An Interview with Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Part 1

LawsonThis is part one of a three-part series where we asked Dr. Steven J. Lawson some questions on expository preaching, inerrancy, current issues facing evangelicals, and more about Expositor magazine.

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What Is Expository Preaching & What Are Other Challenges Facing Evangelicals Today? An Interview With Steven J. Lawson, Part 2

This is part two of a three-part blog series where we asked Dr. Steven J. Lawson some questions about expository preaching,  current issues facing evangelicals today and Expositor magazine.

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What Not to Say to the Pastor Before the Sermon – Rainer on Leadership #104

Podcast Episode #104

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I recently wrote a blog post on what church members say to their pastors right before they preach. It was surprisingly popular so we went a bit deeper into the discussion today.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • It makes it really difficult to preach after someone has criticized you just moments before the sermon starts.
  • Many pastors are focused on the message right before the service.
  • This is typically an issue more in smaller churches than larger ones.
  • The mindset of a pastor right before preaching is typically one of prayerful focus.

The six points from the blogpost that we cover today were:

  1. The time right before pastors preach is a time of prayerful focus for them.
  2. If you speak to the pastor at that time, consider giving a word of encouragement or prayer support.
  3. Consider holding back any criticisms of your pastor right before the sermon.
  4. Consider holding back your request of your pastor to make an announcement.
  5. Consider asking someone other than your pastor to handle a problem right before the sermon.
  6. If possible, consider introducing people to your pastor after the sermon.


If you have a question you would like answered on the show, fill out the form on the podcast page here at If we use your question, you’ll receive a free copy of Autopsy of a Deceased Church.


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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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March 6, 2014 Email Brigade News Report

Email Brigade News Report

What doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. ~ Micah 6:8

March 6, 2014


The Christian shoemaker does his work, not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes.  ~ Martin Luther




Finding God’s Will Is No Deep Dark Secret! Part 2

As I stated in Part 1, God speaks to us through the pages of Scripture.  “For all our talk about sola Scriptura,” says Christian apologist Greg Koukl, “many also hold that God speaks to them on a regular basis giving true information about Himself and specific directions for their lives. Their claim is, essentially, ‘I believe the Bible is a bona fide source of information and the Spirit also gives private information directly to me.’ The second step frequently follows the first: The personal, subjective sense of what a person thinks God is telling him trumps the objective Scripture.”

Finding God’s Will Is No Deep Dark Secret! Part 1

Is it possible for a Christian to know God’s will and not have to agonize over it? Should a believer make a decision without first spending hours in prayer, asking God to reveal His will? Must a Christian avoid making a decision until he or she has a “peace about it”? …

Be Skeptical of Dr. Oz’s Remedies and Rick Warren’s “Plans”








Petraeus Is Protected by a Politicized Justice Department—Andrew McCarthy
He committed several felony violations but is permitted to plead guilty only to a misdemeanor. David Petraeus, the former top U.S. military commander and CIA director, is reportedly being permitted by the Obama Justice Department to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in order to end the criminal investigation into his mishandling of highly classified information. It is just another example of Obama’s hyper-politicized administration of justice: One set of rules for government insiders like Petraeus, another set for most Americans, and a third — law as a weapon — for use against Obama’s political detractors and scapegoats.


How Frank Marshall Davis Transformed America

When Rudolph Giuliani mentioned that President Barack Obama, as a young man, was under the influence of Communist Party member and suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis, Giuliani struck a nerve. In contrast to his claim that Obama didn’t love America, his remarks about the Davis-Obama relationship were not opinion, but fact. That is why a Washington Post fact-checker has been assigned to investigate Giuliani’s claim. We shall see whether the Post, at this late date, covers a story that could have been Pulitzer Prize-winning material more than seven years ago.




“Are you in needing of healing?”—The Museum of Idolatry

That’s the question Todd Bentley of FreshFireUSA ministries asked in his recent advert on FaceBook and Instagram.   Recently, BamBam advertised that you can buy his healing prayers so you can get miraculously healed. So if you want your kicked-in face to be healed, Todd’s merchandise can heal you! Aren’t you glad Todd Bentley can sell you his supernatural healing prayers on iTunes?






Klayman filing motions to hold Hillary Clinton and Obama State Department in criminal contempt over private e-mail account


DoJ’s Ferguson Report: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claims Are ‘Inaccurate’—Andrew Johnson


USCIS Officials Reveal Feds Processed 7 Million Immigration-Related Applications in One Year






Mindless Christians Deliberately Disobeying Jesus—Bill Muehlenberg /

It is as if so many believers actually exalt in ignorance, in stupidity, in cluelessness. They seem to relish offering worldly wisdom instead of biblical wisdom. They seem to be saturated with the precepts and beliefs of secular humanism instead of the biblical worldview. …


EDUCATION – Research Links


New York City Public Schools to Close for Two Muslim Holidays


Common Core, part 1—Dennis Cuddy

There is a great controversy today over the current educational reform movement known as Common Core (CC). Many people have offered specific criticisms of the movement, but they generally look at CC in isolation. However, it is important to understand the back ground of CC, and a good starting point for that begins with the Illuminati, which began on May 1, 1776. …



Find answers here


Sin, Sleaze and Hyper Grace—Bill Muehlenberg

I write all this because on a daily basis I find evidence of this very thing. All around me I see people who profess to be believers who are living just like pagans. They seem to not have the slightest heart for holiness, a passion for purity, or a desire to be fully devoted to God.


LGBT ISSUES — Research Links


The revolution of the family: the Marxist roots of ‘homo-sexualism’

Porn may be only place gay youth see gay sex portrayed ‘positively’: UK ‘sex health’ charity head

300 Articles You Have to Read to Understand Homo-fascism

‘Gay’ Promiscuity: Breeding a national health problem

Big ‘Gay’ Brother is Watching You

Truth-Telling About Gays



Wellesley College to accept transgender women


Owners who refused cake for gay couple close shop




Trouble In Transtopia: Murmurs Of Sex Change Regret

Truth Matters In Ex-Gay Debate

Nine fallen ‘exgay’ leaders seek spotlight with therapy ban alliance

Why Gays Cannot Speak for Ex-Gays

120 EX-GAY video testimonies




MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Uses Selma Anniversary to Bash Voter ID Laws


LIFE & DEATH – Research Links


Parents Release Photo of Daughter Born at 24 Weeks to Stop Late-Term Abortions

Amazing Video Shows Life Before Birth: “Everything a Newborn Baby Does, a Fetus Has Already Done

Abortion, Depression, Suicide



Pro-abortion congressman to deliver commencement at Catholic college

Elms College is well aware that Rep. John Lewis has earned a 100 percent approval rating from the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.






Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. ~ Heb 13:4


Understand the Same-Sex Marriage Issue

Ryan Anderson explains why gay marriage doesn’t exist

Our last chance to save traditional marriage



The Dreadful Loneliness of Life Without Scripture—Peter Jones

One clear implication from Bell’s interpretation is that there is no place in inspired Scripture for singleness or celibacy, and that Jesus himself doubtless would have done better, speaking of “love,” “commitment” and sacrifice” with a companion to do the work he came to do. Moreover, Jesus was surely wrong in what he taught about the value of singleness. …


Federal Judge Blocks Nebraska’ Gay-Marriage Ban






A Leadership Which Lacks Discernment—Glenn E. Chatfield

A few months ago I wrote about “worship pastors” and the problem I see with them in the Church in general, and I explained how our assembly decided to hire one of these guys even though we had a wonderful, mature song leader.  A few days later I wrote an article about the upcoming service being noted on Facebook as going to be having a new song for us to learn –  right from Hillsong and vacuous as it could be….


Mindless Christians Deliberately Disobeying Jesus–Bill Muehlenberg


Important Questions to Ask About Discernment Ministries




Why is biblical Creationism so important?

The Giraffe: God’s Outstanding Animal



Big Bang Blunder: Scientists Retract Alleged Proof of Universe’s Beginnings




Alive In Christ—Ray Stedman




A discerning Christian is one who seeks to walk in repentance for he or she will be in a constant state of self-examination. ~ Mike Ratliff


Where do Christians get solid food? From voices in their heads, intuition, imaginations, flights of fancy, signs, wonders? No. Solid food is consumed by feeding on the meat of

the written Word of God. ~ Sandy Simpson


Alcoholics Anonymous

Disturbing History of AA

New Booklet Tract: The Spiritual Truth Behind Alcoholics Anonymous–And Why Christians Should Think Twice About Joining A.A.



More A.A Fun Facts: A.A.’s Pagan Symbol


Angels – Research links


Three Reasons You Should Not Try To Bind Satan

Unbiblical ideas About Angels


Ann Voskamp


Romantic Panentheism, a Review of One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts: A Christianized Version of “Sexytime” with Ghosts?



Loving God is not erotic (no matter what Voskamp says)–Mike Abendroth


Beth Moore


Why Beth Moore and Not Me? The Danger of Claiming to Receive Direct Revelation

Has so-and-so false teacher always been false, or did it just start now?

The Low-Information Evangelical, Part 1  Part 2

Examining Beth Moore’s teaching


 “Blood Moons”


Is Jesus going to return during the blood-red moon of 2015?

Divine Sign for Israel? Hagee Explains Blood Moons

Will Lunar Eclipses Cause Four Blood Moons in 2014 and 2015?


Books on Heaven

 ‘Boy who came back from heaven’ recants story, rebukes LifeWay and other buyers/sellers of ‘heaven tourism’

LifeWay returns ‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ books to publisher


Charismatic Movement


Strange Fire Q&A: Answering the Critics—Phil Johnson interviews John MacArthur

Where is IHOP Going? An interview with Sarah Leslie


Christians and Conspiracy Theories

Sola Sisters has compiled articles that were written in order to biblically address the reality of conspiracy theory websites that Christians are sometimes drawn to, but which we feel are unbiblical and cause Christians to become unbalanced and unsteady in their walks. Be blessed.


Church Growth Movement/Seeker/Market-Driven


Be Skeptical of Dr. Oz’s Remedies and Rick Warren’s “Plans”

Straight Talk About the Seeker Church Movement

Why this pastor left the church-growth model

Who is Peter Drucker, and what did he do with our church?

Rick Warren’s Catholic television interview



Andy Stanley: Even if you don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, you will have a better life by following his teachings–SUFTT


Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive–Video


Contemplative Prayer – Research Links


The “Tree of Contemplative Practices” – Is Your Church Practicing Some of These?

What Is Spiritual Formation and Why Does It Matter?

Contemplative Terms




Rick Warren’s Call for Christians to Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns


Emergent Church – Research Links


The Emerging Global Church

McLaren’s CANA Initiative marks new era for Neo Emergents

Listen: Emergent Church finally shows its real intentions!-

Emerging towards convergence

Emergent /Emerging Church Documentary



The Appalling Apostasy of Rob Bell—Bill Muehlenberg


Hillsong Church/Music


Why Hillsong music is dangerous to sing in your church

Hillsong NYC’s “biblical” silence about homosexuality

Hellsong – The Music of Hillsong – In Praise of Folly



Hillsong’s influence with influential people: Bear Grylls, name dropping and “idolatry”


The Hillsong cult’s “infallible” prophets? (Part 1)  (Part 2)

So what does it mean when God gives Brian Houston a God-given vision? What does it mean when God gives Bobbie Houston a God whisper? What does this mean for Hillsong? …


“Jesus Calling” – Research Links


Changing “Jesus Calling”—Damage Control for a False Christ

In Jesus Calling: Jesus Contradicts Himself

Is Hit Book “Jesus Calling” Pushing New Age?

Articles and links exposing the New Age “Jesus” and New Age teachings

in Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” devotional


Joyce Meyer


The Prosperity Priestess and the Pied Piper of IHOP

Joyce Meyer’s teaching


Kay Arthur


Kay Arthur With Erroneous Contemplative Interpretation of Psalm 46:10

Christian Meditation: What’s Biblical and What’s


Mark Driscoll


Part 1: “We Are Not ABANDONED”   Part 2: “Under the Bus” and “Off the Map” – The Out-of-Control Bus That Runs Over Sheep  Part 3: The Culture Which Gave Rise to Driscoll


“The Message” Bible


Eugene Peterson’s “The Message” is a parody of the Bible


Mormonism — Research Links

Mormonism’s Pre-existence

Mormon Church Admits Founder Joseph Smith Had About 40 Wives

Was Joseph Smith Really a Prophet from God?

What is Mormonism – What do Mormon’s Believe



Mormon Church Backs Utah LGBT Anti-discrimination Bill

“This is a historic day,” Equality Utah executive director Troy Williams said. “People from diverse backgrounds have come together to craft what no one thought was possible.”

Why I Am Not A Mormon—Eric Davis


New Age Movement/New Thought/Spirituality — Research Links


Roma Downey posting this quote on her Facebook page

“An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power

of vision.” ~ St.Thomas Aquinas


Be Skeptical of Dr. Oz’s Remedies and Rick Warren’s “Plans”

New Age Pandemic In The Church

The New Age Peale Factor: Norman Vincent Peale and the Occult, Part 1  Part 2

Mysticism & Global Mind Change


What is “The Secret”? What is the “Law of Attraction”?


New Apostolic Reformation/Dominionism – Research Links


We have had enough of false prophets

Bethel Church’s “Apostle” Bill Johnson: A Comedy of Errors Part 1  Part 2

What is an Apostle?

Rick Joyner’s alleged visit to heaven where he claims he met Enoch



Elijah List speaker helps folks “understand their dreams, tattoos and piercings”…?


Bill Johnson, Jesus Culture and Bethel Church


Voice of the [false] Apostles 2015 conference

At this conference you will learn “powerful kingdom truths” – haha.  Speakers are a veritable who’s who of wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Occult – Research Links


Perry Noble

Perry Noble Rescinds the Ten Commands for 2015

Perry Noble’s apology


Praise & Worship Music

Worship Pastors—Glenn Chatfield


Roman Catholicism


Pope Francis: You Cannot Be A Christian Outside the Church

Rick Warren’s Call for Christians to Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns

The Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church

Do eucharistic miracles really happen?



Calling in the Big Guns to Fire at the San Francisco Archdiocese:

Social Justice/Progressive Christianity


Shameful Social Gospel

The Social Justice Gospel, Yesterday and TodayPart 2



How Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage




Spiritual Seduction

Extraterrestrials, Noah’s Flood, Pseudo-Humans, Pseudo-Science,

Nephilim and Space Alien DNAPart 2


Vision Casting


Casting a Vision of Commandeering Control


The Hillsong cult’s “infallible” prophets? (Part 1)  (Part 2)

So what does it mean when God gives Brian Houston a God-given vision? What does it mean when God gives Bobbie Houston a God whisper? What does this mean for Hillsong? …


Witchcraft – Research Links


Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel — Research Links


Why the Prosperity Gospel Is the Worst Pyramid Scheme Ever

Bethel Church’s “Apostle” Bill Johnson: A Comedy of Errors, Part 1   Part 2

The True Origins of the Prosperity Gospel

T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer teaching word-faith “Little Gods” doctrine



What Do These Faith Healers Have In Common?




Ann Coulter Goes Hollywood




Peanuts may lower risk of death from heart disease

Media silent on DOJ report that refutes their “hands up, don’t shoot” myth

Originally posted on Wintery Knight:

CNN reporters spread lies about Ferguson CNN clowns lie about Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot”

Yesterday, I reported on how the Department of Justice had found officer Darren Wilson innocent, and asserted that the mainstream media that spread lies about him would not correct their lies.

Newsbusters reported on how the mainstream media reported on the DOJ report.


“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” has been the rallying cry of Ferguson protesters since officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown on a Missouri street last August. Brown, the “gentle giant,” was shot while trying to surrender or de-escalate his encounter with Wilson. It was an article of faith on the left, and the three networks used the phrase 140 times in their coverage of Ferguson.

Now, the DOJ report and Attorney General Eric Holder have admitted that the catch phrase was based on false witness accounts. None of the networks apologized or admitted their own reporting spread that…

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Reflections on Christians who say “God told me!”

Originally posted on THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM:


Over the years I have read my share of books on the guidance of God and decision making and the Christian. And over the years I have certainly heard my share of statements by Christians such as the following:

 “God told me to start a new ministry”

“God told me to marry this person”

“God told me to join this church”

“God told me to leave this church”

“God told me to move here or there”

“God told me to take this job or leave this job”

I could go on and on.  There are many in the Church that think they have a prophetic word from God and then everyone has to submit to it. And who cares if people have to suffer if they’re wrong. I am not opposed to God speaking to his children in the least bit. I think God wants us to guide his children…

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“Flesh” (Sarx) in Paul’s Epistles

Originally posted on The Reformed Reader:

Fallen: A Theology of Sin (Theology in Community) The Greek word ‘sarx’ (flesh) is often a difficult word to translate and define in Paul’s epistles.  Most Bible translations use more than a few English words for the Greek word ‘sarx.’  For example, some translations use “human body,” “body,” “person,” “sinful flesh,” “earthly,” “physical,” “natural,” or other similar words to translate ‘sarx.’  So what does this word mean?  It is a long answer, I suppose, since the term has various meanings depending on context.  I appreciate Douglas Moo’s summary of this term in his article, “Sin in Paul.”  Here’s how Moo summarizes the meanings of ‘sarx.’

1) The most basic meaning of sarx, and the most common in secular Greek, is ‘the material that covers the bones of an animal or human body.’  Paul occasionally uses the word with this sense (cf. 1 Cor. 15:39, Eph, 2:11, Col. 2:13, Gal. 6:13).

2) Following precedents in secular Greek, Paul also…

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At War with God (James 4:4–10)

Originally posted on Pastor Joe Quatrone, Jr.:

fleshPreviously, we saw there are wars happening within ourselves and wars happening with each other. Today, we will discover the primary reason we are at war with ourselves and, consequently, with each other: we are at war with God. We will also discuss how this war can be stopped.

At War with God (James 4:4–10)

The root cause of every war, internal and external, is rebellion against God. At the beginning of Creation, mankind beheld perfect harmony, but sin came into the world and this led to conflict. Sin is lawlessness (1 John 3:4) and lawlessness is rebellion against God.

How does a believer declare war against God? By being friendly with God’s enemies. James names three enemies we must not fraternize with if we want to be at peace with God.

The world (v. 4). This means, of course, human society apart from God. The whole system…

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What do ancient non-Christian sources tell us about the historical Jesus?

Originally posted on Wintery Knight:

The Annals, by Roman historian Tacitus The Annals, by Roman historian Tacitus

This article from Biblical Archaeology covers all the non-Christian historical sources that discuss Jesus.

About the author:

Lawrence Mykytiuk is associate professor of library science and the history librarian at Purdue University. He holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Semitic Studies and is the author of the book Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions of 1200–539 B.C.E. (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2004).

Here are the major sections:

  • Roman historian Tacitus
  • Jewish historian Josephus
  • Greek satirist Lucian of Samosata
  • Platonist philosopher Celsus
  • Roman governor Pliny the Younger
  • Roman historian Suetonius
  • Roman prisoner Mara bar Serapion

And this useful excerpt captures the broad facts about Jesus that we get from just the first two sources:

We can learn quite a bit about Jesus from Tacitus and Josephus, two famous historians who were not Christian. Almost all the following statements about Jesus, which are asserted in…

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Understanding Atheism

Originally posted on in partibus infidelium (in the land of infidels):

Atheism has been at the forefront of American consciousness since 9/11, because of its supposed ability to lead us to a religion-less utopia. The decade of attention on the “new atheism” has passed, yet atheistic literature shows no signs of slowing down. For Christians to effectively give an answer to the attacks of atheism, we must read what atheists are writing. Here are a few of the latest offerings from the world of unbelief.

What If I am an AtheistWhat If I’m a(n) Atheist?: A Teen’s Guide to Exploring a Life Without Religion by David Seidman (Simon & Schuster Ebook, 2015).

Here is an interesting ebook for adolescents that compares telling others about their atheism to coming out of the closet as gay. It even prepares the “awakened” teen to be thrown out of the house, and gives guidance on finding a shelter for runaway teens. It begins with instructions on how to tell your…

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March 6, 2015 Daily Devotional Guide Collection


March 6


Johnson Oatman, Jr., 1856–1922

I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends … (John 15:15)

He became poor that we might become rich (James 2:5).

He was born that we might be born again (John 1:14).

He became a servant that we might become sons (Galatians 4:6, 7).

He had no home that we might have a home in heaven (Matthew 8:20).

He was made sin that we might be made righteous (2 Corinthians 5:21).

He died that we might live (John 5:24, 25).

This is another of our favorite Sunday school songs that extols, in child-like language, our living Lord. It has a typical gospel song character in that it employs a repetitive phrase—“No, not one”—which allows people of all ages and backgrounds to join heartily together in the praise of Christ. Gospel songs such as this can teach even the youngest child the truth of the pre-eminence of our Lord and His nearness in every situation of our lives.

The author, Johnson Oatman, Jr., was an ordained Methodist minister, but he worked most of his life in the insurance business. He wrote numerous gospel hymn texts including “Higher Ground” and “Count Your Blessings.”

The composer, George C. Hugg, was an active lay musician-choir director in various churches in the Philadelphia area. He too was active in writing and publishing Sunday school songs during this time.

In times of stress and loneliness, these simple words with their easily sung tune, that many of us first sang in our earliest Sunday school classes, still minister to us today:

There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus, no, not one! no, not one! None else could heal all your soul’s diseases, no, not one! no, not one!

No friend like Him is so high and holy, no, not one! no, not one! And yet no friend is so meek and lowly, no, not one! no, not one!

There’s not an hour that He is not near us, no, not one! no, not one! No night so dark but His love can cheer us, no, not one! no, not one!

Did ever saint find this Friend forsake him? no, not one! no, not one! Or sinner find that He would not take him? no, not one! no, not one!

Was e’er a gift like the Savior given? no, not one! no, not one! Will He refuse us a home in heaven? no, not one! no, not one!

Refrain: Jesus knows all about our struggles; He will guide till the day is done. There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus, no, not one! no, not one!

For Today: Proverbs 18:24; Matthew 11:29; John 8:12; 2 Corinthians 5:1; Revelation 3:20

When a difficult situation arises, let the simple, child-like truth of this music minister to your need.[1]

March 6: Signs and Satire

Numbers 6:1–27; John 13:21–38; Psalm 7:1–17

The images of judgment in Psa 7 are sometimes hard to take. We are so acquainted with a God of love that it’s difficult to understand a God who blinds eyes, hardens hearts, and “has indignation every day” (Psa 7:11). While these passages paint a picture of a judging God, they also emphasize how foolish and evil people can be—specifically focusing on those who push the boundaries of God’s mercy and thus eventually find themselves outside of it.

In Psalm 7, God is preparing to judge the evil man. Suddenly, the psalm switches focus to the evil man’s situations: “See, he travails with evil. He is pregnant with trouble, and he gives birth to deception. He makes a pit and digs it out, then falls in the trap he has made” (Psa 7:14–15). The evil man’s folly is directly correlated to God’s just judgment. God is ready and willing to forgive those who repent. But the evil man dwells in evil—he conceives it and is intimately connected to it. He gives birth to it. What’s more, he is willingly walking into his own punishment. His actions of digging a pit and falling into his own trap expose his foolishness—that he has effectively judged himself, as “His trouble comes back on his head, and his violence comes down on his skull” (Psa 7:17).

The same sentiment is expressed in the Gospel of John. “But as many signs as he had performed before them, they did not believe in him” (John 12:37). While they had ample opportunity to believe Jesus’ words, the Jewish people depicted in the passage chose not to believe in Jesus. They had even seen miracles. But because of their unbelief, they brought about their own judgment. And although they had an opportunity to believe, they abandoned it; thus, it was “taken away.”

These passages illuminate the folly of the decision to disobey. The judgment brought on those who disobey is really their own doing. It’s all the more reason to believe in the just God whose sacrifice defines what love is all about.

Are you hesitant in your commitment to Jesus? What is keeping you from devoting totally to Him?

Rebecca Van Noord[2]

March 6


Welcome to Daily Treasures from the Word of God. Today’s reading is John 13 through 16. Our lesson is from John 16:8, “And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment;” (NASU)


Today’s verse is about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The Greek word parakletos (verse 7) can be translated as helper, advocate, comforter and intercessor. These are roles of the Spirit. Let’s look at the three things the Holy Spirit does, according to our verse.

First, the Spirit convicts the world of sin. Sin has influenced all spheres of society. No culture in the whole world is exempt from the impact of sin. In every chapter of the Bible—except for the first two chapters in Genesis and the last two of the Book of Revelation—sin is part of the human story. It is the role of the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin to the hearts of men and women so that they accept Jesus Christ as Savior into their lives.

It is crucial to understand that salvation is a divine initiative from within the Godhead. The Spirit brings conviction of sin which leads to repentance of sin and the forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ.

Next, the Spirit convicts the world of righteousness. The word in the original is dikaiosune, which means what is right, righteousness, uprightness and what God requires. The focus here is about God making it possible for humanity to have a correct relationship with Him.

As previously noted, sin infects the whole world. Sin was the barrier between God and Adam and Eve. Their disobedience brought about a break in the uninterrupted relationship that existed previously to Genesis 3. It is the Spirit of the Godhead that convinces a person of the need to be right with God. That is why Jesus tells us in John that it is necessary that He leave. The Holy Spirit guides a person to repentance and to a desire to have a right relationship with God.

Last, the Spirit convicts the world of judgment. There will come a time when God will judge humanity. Satan and the kingdom of darkness will also be judged. There will be a day of reckoning when Jesus will return as Judge. It is the Spirit who prepares the hearts of humanity to be able to live life eternally in the presence of a Holy God. The Spirit convicts the world of the judgment to come, so that those who take heed will not be condemned for all eternity.

In summary, the Spirit convicts the world of sin. The Spirit convicts the world of righteousness. And the Spirit convicts the world of judgment.

Let’s live a Spirit empowered life. This is done by submitting to God and Scripture.


It has been a pleasure to share with you Daily Treasures from the Word of God. Tomorrow’s Bible reading is John 17 through 21. Let’s not forget the words of the psalmist, “The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.” Until tomorrow and may God bless you in abundance as you study the Word of God.[3]

March 6

Praying with Fervency

“I gave my attention to the Lord God to seek Him by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes” (Dan. 9:3).


The more you understand God’s holiness, the more you’ll recognize your own sinfulness.

People view prayer differently. For some it is a last resort after all human options have been exhausted: “All I can do now is pray for you!” Others liken it to a spiritual spare tire—something used only in the event of an emergency. Many who should thrive on prayer have been lulled into complacency by an affluent and godless society.

Daniel, however, saw prayer as an opportunity to express the passion and fervency of his heart to the God he loved and served. In Daniel 9:3 he says, “I gave my attention to the Lord God to seek Him.” That implies he set apart a specific time to devote to thoughtful, earnest, and fervent prayer. That is further supported by the way he prepared himself through fasting and donning sackcloth and ashes—symbols of humility and deep contrition over sin.

It might seem unusual for a man of Daniel’s spiritual stature to be overwhelmed by his sense of sin, but the closer one draws to God, the more aware he is of his sinfulness. We see that in Paul, who called himself the “foremost” of all sinners (1 Tim. 1:15). That might seem like a ridiculous statement to us, but Paul saw sin for what it was. So did Daniel.

The title “Lord God” in verse 3 emphasizes God’s sovereign rule over all things. Daniel knew that God had permitted the Babylonian Captivity and that He alone could deliver His people from it. Consequently, Daniel gave the Lord his undivided attention as he prayed and sought mercy for himself and his people.

Daniel’s fervency is a rebuke to much of the flippancy we hear in prayer today. It was profound because it was generated by God’s Word and grounded in His will.

James 5:16 says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (kjv). Be like Daniel—a righteous person who prays fervently with great effect.


Suggestions for Prayer: Ask God to give you a greater sense of fervency in prayer. ✧ Be sensitive to any sin that might be hindering your prayers.

For Further Study: Read Luke 11:5–13. ✧ What parable did Jesus tell to illustrate the benefits of humble, persistent prayer? ✧ How did Jesus contrast earthly fathers with their Heavenly Father?[4]

March 6

Guided by God

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers.

1 Peter 3:12

God’s plan for your life is that you might be in close fellowship with Him. The means of having that close fellowship is accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. In accepting Jesus Christ, you are receiving God’s forgiveness and opening yourself up to His love.

That’s your number one reason for living on this earth—to love God in return. That is the foremost aspect of the destiny God has for you!

Once you have received God’s forgiveness … then you are ready to fulfill the rest of God’s plan for your life, which is this: to follow the Lord wherever He leads you. Your destiny will unfold before you as you obey the daily prompting and leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.[5]

March 6

Forgiving Yourself

Scripture reading: Psalm 51:1–7

Key verse: 1 John 1:9

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Did you know that learning to forgive yourself is just as important as forgiving others? It’s true, although it is an aspect of forgiveness that is overlooked frequently. When you forgive yourself—that is, you stop allowing guilt to tear you apart—you are letting God heal the brokenness hidden deep within.

Refusing to “let yourself off the hook” nurtures guilt. Along with guilt come shame, feelings of worthlessness, and a desire to hide from God. You may even harbor the subconscious idea that being free from guilt would foster a carefree attitude, which might steer you back into the same sin.

There is hope for you today. God desires for you to live in the freedom, security, and holiness that are yours in Christ. Through the Savior who paid for your sin, you are truly righteous and blameless. Romans 8:1 gives you this promise: “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.”

If your self-image is blurred because you don’t feel forgiven, embrace this promise as well: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9 nasb).

As you learn to forgive yourself as Christ forgives you, you may need to reaffirm these truths periodically. Remember, Christ came to set the captives free (Isa. 61:1).

Lord, help me to forgive myself. Take my guilt and shame.[6]

March 6

Called to Suffer

For to this [suffering] you were called.

1 Peter 2:21

Though today’s verse seems to point out that we are called to suffer, it actually refers back to the last part of verse 20, which says, “When you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God.” When Christians endure suffering with patience, it pleases God.

That shouldn’t surprise us. Earlier in this chapter of First Peter, the apostle Peter states that Christians “are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (v. 9). Our dark world resents and is often hostile toward those who represent the Lord Jesus Christ. That resentment and hostility may be felt at certain times and places more than others, but it is always there to some extent as a part of the privilege of being His own.[7]

March 6       Called Alongside

scripture reading:
2 Corinthians 1:3–7

key verse:
2 Corinthians 1:5

For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ.

God stooped down from the heavens to rescue you from sin, and He continues to extend His hand to you each day to soothe your damaged emotions, your frayed nerves, your broken dreams, your heartaches.

“But He seems so distant, so remote, so detached at times,” you say. Although you may feel this way, it is not the truth. God said that He will not “in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless, nor forsake nor let [you] down, [relax My hold on you].—Assuredly not!” (Heb. 13:5 amplified).

What a promise! And God certainly keeps His word. He performs this divine pledge through the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God inside you. He is called the Comforter, meaning “one called alongside to help and aid.”

When you are down, the Holy Spirit knows exactly how to encourage you. When you are grieving, the Holy Spirit knows the balance between shedding tears of grief and gently wiping them from your cheeks. He is at work to comfort you through every trial and adversity.

I’m not alone, Lord. You are right here with me in the midst of my trouble. Soothe my damaged emotions. Touch my frayed nerves. Mend my broken dreams, and heal my heartaches.[8]

March 6

Where Do You Go?

Scripture reading: 2 Corinthians 1:8–11

Key verse: 2 Corinthians 1:8

We do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, of our trouble which came to us in Asia: that we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life.

When the world feels as if it is caving in around you and there is nothing you can do to change your circumstances, where do you go to find strength and hope?

In 2 Corinthians 1:8, Paul told of being “burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life.” Whatever he was facing, the thought of impending death was on his mind. Yet his hope did not rest in his human ability.

The Person he turned to was the only One who could administer peace to his heart and truth to his mind. Even though he despaired, he did not give up or give in to fears. He ran to Jesus: “In whom we trust that He will still deliver us” (2 Cor. 1:10).

From the world’s perspective, there are many places you can go to find comfort. But there is only one place you will find a hand to catch your tears and a heart to listen to your every longing. True peace comes only from God. Nothing is so great that God is not greater still.

Is there an urgency in your heart? Something that threatens your emotional well-being as well as your ability to perform in life? Take it to Jesus. Run to Him. He is your solid, unshakable Source of strength in cruel and hurtful times, One who is faithful and One who is true.

Heavenly Father, I run to You today. You are the One who is faithful and true. You are my unshakable Source of strength in difficult times.[9]

March 6

Christ in You

Scripture Reading: John 14:15–27

Key Verse: John 16:14

He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.

How does God Himself, whose immensity cannot be measured, reside in such frail bodies as ours? How does the transcendent Christ live in finite human temples?

We may not comprehend the vastness of this principle, yet the method by which God imparts His presence is plain and clear in the Scriptures: Christ lives in us through His indwelling Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit supernaturally brings the reality of Christ into our earthly frames.

As the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is just as much deity as the Father and the Son. He imparts the life of Christ to us through His residence in our lives.

The Holy Spirit reveals and shares with us all that Christ is. By making His home in us, He assures us of the presence and power of the risen Christ.

Because the Holy Spirit possesses all the attributes of deity and because He inhabits our mortal bodies, He is infinitely adequate to meet any of our needs. He is not a God far off but a God who is near.

The resurrected Christ is your sure and steadfast hope for all of life, a hope that is every believer’s to claim because of the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit, and do Your work. Reveal all that Christ is and wants to be to me. Give me assurance of His presence and power. Let the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead work abundantly in me.[10]

March 6

True Victory

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:9–11

Key Verse: Romans 12:9

Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.

When life sends us sprawling, our response is an excellent measuring stick for how mature we are in our relationship with Christ. A response that demonstrates total and complete trust in the Lord is what He desires to see. That is the measure of true victory.

If we are careless, the tragic events that unfold in our lives can leave us jaded. Quickly forgetting who our God is, and the role He plays in our lives, will lead to the wrong responses. When we drift away from a passionate pursuit of God in the midst of adversity, we react in a way that goes against God’s Word. We might blame others or God for our current situation. We might search for an escape through drugs and alcohol. We might pity ourselves or just give up.

Turning to the Lord in difficult situations reinforces where our strength and hope reside. Paul, who experienced more than his share of adversity following his conversion, gave us great direction as to how we should respond in adversity, beginning with this: “Cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9).

As we enter the storms in our lives, clinging to the Lord reveals where our hearts are. Clinging is an action of determined grip, unwilling to let go no matter what the cost. And we know that, with Him, we will be able to endure anything that comes our way in life, and emerge victorious.

Lord, when all else fails, I know that I can count on You. I cling to Your promise that Your goodness will prevail.[11]

March 6

Cleansing Our Hands and Hearts

“Cleanse your hands … and purify your hearts.”

James 4:8


Clean hands and a pure heart will always characterize the humble.

Hands represent our behavior, the pattern of our outward actions. Scripture uses that symbol when it encourages people to abandon their sinful behavior: “So when you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide My eyes from you, yes, even though you multiply prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of bloodshed” (Isa. 1:15).

Today’s verse uses “hands” in reference to the Jewish ceremonial requirements. The priests were required to wash their hands before they entered the presence of God in the tabernacle and temple (Ex. 30:19–21). Therefore, a call to have clean hands was not just a strange figure of speech for James’s audience. As Jews, they would know that a person needed to go through a cleansing process and have a clean life if he wanted to be close to the Lord.

This cleansing process, however, includes more than correcting the outward behavior and lifestyle represented by the hands. The inward dimension of the heart must also be involved, which is why James 4:8 says, “Purify your hearts.” The heart is what’s inside a person—his thoughts, motives, and desires—the essence of his being. The apostle James is telling anyone who would be genuinely humble and want to be right with God that he must deal with his real self, the heart that is so corrupted and deceived by sin. The humble sinner will hear and obey words such as Ezekiel’s: “Cast away from you all your transgressions which you have committed, and make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit!” (Ezek. 18:31).

Clean hands and a pure heart are essential traits for anyone who would be counted among the humble. If you have not submitted yourself to God, you won’t have these traits, and you need to heed James’s commands. If you are one of the humble, you will want to maintain a close relationship with the Lord. For you, therefore, it is crucial to remember what the apostle John promises in 1 John 1:9—“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


Suggestions for Prayer: Pray that all your thoughts and actions today would be pure and pleasing to the Lord.

For Further Study: Read Isaiah 55. What does it say about the transformed heart and life? ✧ Commit verses 6–7 to memory.[12]


Reading for Today:

Numbers 9:1–10:36
Psalm 31:6-14
Proverbs 11:7-11
Mark 9:30-50

Numbers 9:15 tabernacle…raised up. The presence of the Lord arrived when the tabernacle was completed and erected on the first day of the first month of the second year after they had come out of Egypt.

Numbers 9:16 cloud…fire. The presence of the Lord which was seen in the cloud by day became a fire that was seen at night (see Lev. 16:2).

Psalm 31:6 I have hated. See Psalm 26:5 on the proper basis for such hatred (see Ps. 139:21). useless idols. This is a common designation for false gods (see Deut. 32:21; 1 Kin. 16:13; Jer. 10:15; 14:22; 16:19; 18:15; Jon. 2:8). On the “idiocy” of idolatry, see Habakkuk 2:18–20.

Mark 9:43 cut it off. Jesus’ words are to be taken figuratively. No amount of self-mutilation can deal with sin, which is an issue of the heart. The Lord is emphasizing the seriousness of sin and the need to do whatever is necessary to deal with it. life. The contrast of “life” with “hell” indicates that Jesus was referring to eternal life. hell. The Greek word refers to the Valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem, a garbage dump where fires constantly burned, furnishing a graphic symbol of eternal torment. the fire that shall never be quenched. That the punishment of hell lasts for eternity is the unmistakable teaching of Scripture (see Dan. 12:2; Matt. 25:41; 2 Thess. 1:9; Rev. 14:10, 11; 20:10).

Mark 9:50 Salt is good. Salt was an essential item in first-century Palestine. In a hot climate, without refrigeration, salt was the practical means of preserving food. Have salt in yourselves. The work of the “word of Christ” (Col. 3:16) and the Spirit (Gal. 5:22, 23) produce godly character, enabling a person to act as a preservative in society.

DAY 6: What essential element is Christ looking for in our character?

To be directly confronted by Christ with sin in your heart, as the disciples were in Mark 9:33, must have been powerfully convicting and embarrassing. We are told that “they kept silent”—they were speechless at His inquiry. They were caught in a dispute over “who would be the greatest” (v. 34), possibly triggered by the privilege granted Peter, James, and John to witness the Transfiguration. The disciples’ quarrel highlights their failure to apply Jesus’ explicit teaching on humility (Matt. 5:3) and the example of His own suffering and death (vv. 31, 32; 8:30–33). It also prompted them to ask Jesus to settle the issue, which He did—though not as they had expected.

Jesus “sat down” (v. 35)—rabbis usually sat down to teach—and said that “if anyone desires to be first,” as the disciples undeniably did (v. 34; see 10:35–37), “he shall be last of all and servant of all.” The disciples’ concept of greatness and leadership, drawn from their culture, needed to be completely reversed. Not those who lord their position over others are great in God’s kingdom, but those who humbly serve others (see 10:31, 43–45; Matt. 19:30–20:16; 23:11, 12; Luke 13:30; 14:8–11; 18:14; 22:24–27).

Then Jesus took “a little child”—the Greek word indicates an infant or toddler. If the house they were in was Peter’s, this may have been one of his children. The child became in Jesus’ masterful teaching an example of believers who have humbled themselves and become like trusting children.

From The MacArthur Daily Bible Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson Bibles, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc, Nashville, TN 37214,

March 6 – Significance of the Heart

“‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’” (Matthew 5:8).

Throughout Scripture the heart is used metaphorically to represent the inner person, the seat of motives and attitudes, the center of personality. But in Scripture it also includes the thinking process, particularly the will. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he” (kjv). The heart is the control center of the mind and will, as well as emotion.

Jesus said that it is in the inner person, in the core of our very being, that God requires purity. This was not a new truth but an old one long forgotten in ceremony and tradition. “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life,” counseled the writer of Proverbs 4:23.

God has always been concerned above all else with the condition of a person’s heart. When the Lord called Saul to be Israel’s first king, “God changed his heart” (1 Sam. 10:9). Until then Saul had been handsome and athletic, but not much more. Soon the new king began to revert to his old heart patterns. He refused to live by the new heart God had given him.

Consequently, the Lord took the kingdom from Saul and gave it to David because David was “a man after [God’s] own heart” (1 Sam. 13:14). David’s deepest desire was, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer” (Ps. 19:14). May that be your desire as well.

Ask Yourself

What are some things you’ve learned about your heart over the years? What motivates it to action? How trustworthy is it? Where does it usually like to lead you? When do its passions most vividly fire into flame? How inclined is it to purity?

From Daily Readings from the Life of Christ, Vol. 1, John MacArthur. Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of Moody Publishers, Chicago, IL 60610,

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats – Part Five

Theme: Eternity in hell is no joking matter

This week’s lessons describe the horrid nature of hell and the importance of knowing our destiny.


Matthew 25:45-46

“Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”


The idea of eternal suffering has been so disturbing to some people that there have been countless attempts to deny it or limit its duration. People have claimed that eternal suffering is inconsistent with the goodness of God who certainly will never allow any of his creatures to be in hell forever. But God is a better judge of what is consistent with his goodness than we are, and it is he who tells us that hell is eternal. Others have argued that an eternal hell is inconsistent with the justice of God, for no sins committed in time could ever deserve such punishment. But what makes sin an infinite evil is that it is against an infinite God. Besides, we must remember that hell’s punishments vary in severity according to the nature of the sin (see Matthew 11:22; Luke 12:47; 2 Corinthians 5:10).

The bottom line is that verse 46 uses the same exact word to describe the duration of the sinners punishment in hell as it does to describe the duration of the believers life in heaven. It is the word eternal.

John Charles Ryle was no alarmist. He was an English bishop. But he wrote, “Who shall describe the misery of eternal punishment? It is something utterly indescribable and inconceivable. The eternal pain of body; the eternal sting of an accusing conscience; the eternal society of none but the wicked, the devil and his angels; the eternal remembrance of opportunities neglected and Christ despised; the eternal prospect of a weary, hopeless future, all this is misery indeed: it is enough to make our ears tingle, and our blood run cold.”1

Why does Jesus say these things? Is he trying to frighten us? No. What good would that do? People are not frightened into heaven. But Jesus is warning us, particularly if we suppose that we are right with God when we are not right with him and will not be ready when Christ comes.

Peter tells us to “make [our] calling and election sure” (2 Peter 1:10), and he explains how it should be done. He says that we must add goodness to faith, knowledge to goodness, self-control to knowledge, perseverance to self-control, godliness to perseverance, brotherly kindness to godliness, and love to brotherly kindness (vv. 5-7). He then adds rightly, “If you do these things, you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (vv. 10-11).

1 John Charles Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: St Matthew (Cambridge; James Clark & Company, 1974), pp. 344, 345.


Why do people deny the existence of eternal suffering?
Can people begin a relationship with Jesus solely out of the fear of hell?


Read Matthew 11:22, Luke 12:47, and 2 Corinthians 5:10. What do these verses have to say about hell?

James Montgomery Boice

Salvation and Rewards – Part Two



Try to lead the children to Christ as Saviour and Lord. The contrast between salvation and rewards:

1. Salvation is free.

2. Rewards are earned.

3. Salvation is a present possession.

4. Rewards are a future attainment.

There is a great difference between salvation and rewards, and it is just there that some Christian people get mixed. You boys and girls can understand from this lesson what it takes some people many years to learn. There are two great differences between salvation and rewards. The first is that salvation is free, and rewards are earned; the second that salvation is obtained now and that rewards are for the future. You cannot do anything to deserve salvation.

You could work all your life long, and yet you could not earn it. The only way to be saved is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31; John 3:16). Over and over in the Bible we read that salvation is a gift (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8-9). If I gave you a nice Christmas present, you would not come to me and say, “Thank you for the gift. I have brought you a pound to pay for it.” If you paid for it, it would not be a gift any more. So you cannot pay for salvation. It is a gift, and if you tried to pay for it, it would not be a gift any more. All you can do is just to receive salvation freely. It is “not of works” (Ephesians 2:9). You are saved by what the Lord Jesus did when He died on the cross, not by anything that you can ever do.

Rewards are just the opposite of salvation. They are not a gift, but must be earned. Christians, that is, those who have been saved, may earn the rewards by the work they do for the Lord. Every time the Bible speaks of rewards it shows that the rewards are given for doing something. Do you remember some of those things?

So we can surely tell the difference between salvation and rewards in this, that salvation is a free gift, and that rewards are always earned by good works.

The other great difference between the two is that we have one of them now, but must wait till we get to Heaven for the other one. Which one do we have now? Salvation, of course. There are many verses that show thatwe have eternal life right now. (Look up 1 John 5:11; 2 Peter 1:3; Titus 3:4-5; 2 Timothy 1:9; John 3:36; John 5:24; John 6:47). Because we have eternal life now, we can say that we are saved, not that we will be saved when we get to Heaven.

Our rewards we cannot have until we get to Heaven. They will be waiting for us then. Note that everyone of the verses that speaks of rewards speaks of the future. It is not that we have rewards now, but we shall have them in the future. The verses speak of receiving rewards in Heaven, too, and that is not now, as we very well knowl (Read the following verses to see the future in each one: Matthew 10:41-42; Colossians 3:22-24; Matthew 5:11-12; Daniel 12:3; 2 Timothy 4:8.)

It is wonderful that we have our salvation now. It makes us very happy to know that we are saved, and can never be lost. And we can look forward happily, too, to the time when God will distribute the rewards to us in Heaven. What a day of rejoicing that will be if we have been faithful and have earned rewards which we can receive at that great day. We must be diligent now, however, and never forget that it is in these days that we earn the rewards. When we get to Heaven it will be too late.


How is salvation free if I didn’t do anything to deserve it?
What is the difference between a gift and a reward?
Why must the Christian wait for his reward if he is saved now?

Donald Grey Barnhouse

Fri, March 06, 2015


A person once called me to ask this question: “Mr. Tozer, do you think a person who is really a Christian can hurt another Christian?” There is no easy answer, but I had to reply, “Yes, I think so.” Why is it that a man can be on his knees one day, praying earnestly, and the next day be guilty of offending or injuring another Christian? I think it is because we are halfway between heaven and hell. It is because the light—and the shadow—fall upon us. The best answer is that we are being saved out of all these contradictions we find in our lifetime. Perhaps on this earth, we will never be able to comprehend fully the awful, terrible price the Lord of all beauty paid to gain our redemption; to save His people from the ugliness of sin. If you do not know Him and worship Him, if you do not long to reside where He is, if you have never known wonder and ecstasy in your soul because of His crucifixion and resurrection, your claim of Christianity has little foundation!

Charity suffereth long, and is kind.
1 Corinthians 13:4

Why is it that a man can be on his knees one day, praying earnestly, and the next day be guilty of offending or injuring another Christian?

Lord, while I walk between the shadow and the light, make the light to prevail more in my life.

A. W. Tozer

PETITION: Plead with God His Goodness and Readiness to Forgive Sin

For the encouraging of our faith and the exciting of our fervency in this petition for the pardon of sin, we may plead with God:


The infinite goodness of his nature, his readiness to forgive sin, and his glorying in it.

You, Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. Psalm 86:5(ESV) You are a God gracious and full of compassion, longsuffering and plenteous in mercy and truth. Psalm 86:15(KJV)

You are a God ready to forgive, merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love, Nehemiah 9:17(ESV) who does not always chide nor keep his anger forever. Psalm 103:9(ESV)

You, you are he who blots out our transgressions for your own sake, and will not remember our sins, which we are here to put you in remembrance of and to declare, in order to plead for mercy in Christ. Isaiah 43:25-26(KJV)

And now, please let the power of the Lord be great as you have promised, saying, “The LORD is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression.” Please pardon the iniquity of your people, according to the greatness of your steadfast love, just as you have forgiven us even until now. Numbers 14:17-19(ESV)

For who is a God like you, pardoning iniquity and passing over transgression for the remnant of your inheritance? You do not retain your anger forever, because you delight in steadfast love. O that you would have compassion upon us and tread our iniquities underfoot and cast all our sins into the depths of the sea. Micah 7:18-19(ESV)

Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer


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40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers (Week Two: Friday)


Confession: Psalm 32:8–11

I will instruct you and teach you

in the way that you should go.

I will advise you with my eye upon you.

Do not be like a horse or like a mule, without understanding;

that needs his tackle—bridle and rein—for restraint

or he would not come near you.

Many are the pains of the wicked,

but for the one who trusts Yahweh

loyal love surrounds him.

Be glad in Yahweh and rejoice, you righteous,

and shout for joy, all you upright of heart.

Reading: Mark 11:20–25

And as they passed by early in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. And Peter remembered and said to him, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree that you cursed has withered!” And Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God! Truly I say to you that whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea!’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. For this reason I say to you, whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you have received it, and it will be done for you. And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your sins.”


He showed His power to take vengeance. Wherefore not in any other, but in the moistest of all planted things did He work the miracle, so that hence also the miracle appeared greater.

And that you might learn, that for the disciples’ sakes this was done, that He might train them to feel confidence, hear what He said afterwards. “You also shall do greater things, if you are willing to believe and to be confident in prayer” (John 1:50; Matt 21:22 [paraphrases]). All is done for their sake, so that they might not be afraid and tremble at plots against them? For this reason He said this a second time also, to make them cleave to prayer and faith. “For not this only shall you do, but also shall remove mountains; and many more things shall you do, being confident in faith and prayer” (Matt 21:21–22 [paraphrase]).

—John Chrysostom

Homilies of St. John Chrysostom


Do you feel confident in prayer and faith? Do you trust that God is at work in your life? He hears your requests. Today, pray in this confidence.[1]


[1] Van Noord, R., & Strong, J. (Eds.). (2014). 40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Christian’s first love

Originally posted on Possessing the Treasure:

by Mike Ratliff

1 Now the word of the Lord came to me saying, 2 “Go and proclaim in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord,
“I remember concerning you the devotion of your youth,
The love of your betrothals,
Your following after Me in the wilderness,
Through a land not sown. (Jeremiah 2:1-2 NASB)

As I think back on that startling, abrupt, life-changing time immediately following God graciously brining me into knowing Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, justifying me and placing me on that narrow road of sanctification, I remember my deep devotion to all things related to my faith. Some of those things were obviously part of the trappings of religiosity, but, primarily, I remember not being able to get enough of God’s Word and that is still the case. He has since that time chiseled and burned away much of the dross and worthless stuff…

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March 5, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Briefing Report

Morality may damn as well as vice. A vessel may be sunk with gold as well as with dung. —Thomas Watson

March 2 quotes

Mar. 5, 2015


Hillary Clinton wants the State Department to release all the e-mails she’s provided to the department. “I want the public to see my email,” she said on Twitter. ”I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.”

The U.S. Senate failed to override President Barack Obama’s veto of a bill forcing approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, a setback for Republicans who’ve made building the $8 billion U.S.-Canada oil link a legislative priority.

Large businesses from Main Street to Wall Street are urging the Supreme Court to strike down laws banning same-sex marriage. Apple, BlackRock, General Electric, and many more – 379 in all, as of Wednesday night – ask court to strike down bans.

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert needed 80 stitches to his face after being slashed by a North Korea sympathizer demanding an end to joint U.S.-South Korea military drills.

All aboard! Dogs and cats could ride along as passengers on certain Amtrak trains under a pilot program passed by the U.S. House as part of a bill to reauthorize funding for the rail service.

Consumer confidence in the U.S. rebounded last week from its lowest level of the year as stocks reached record highs, bolstering Americans’ wealth.

Mario Draghi primed investors for an initial bond-buying salvo on Monday as he signaled European Central Bank officials are convinced they will succeed in choking off the threat of deflation.

Bank of England policy makers started their seventh year of holding borrowing costs at a record low on Thursday. Economists and investors are betting there won’t be an eighth.

AP Top Stories

Details emerging from the theft of nearly $5 million in gold bars on an interstate highway indicate the heist was carefully planned and raise questions about who was involved other than the three armed robbers.

President Idriss Deby of Chad said on Wednesday he knew the whereabouts of Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, and called on him to surrender or risk being killed.

Two babies’ remains had been at the Smith, Bizzell, Warner & Son Funeral Home in Gary for years, reportedly in a box above the ceiling tiles.

A 59-year-old man who asked for help in a 911 call fired gunshots at police officers as they arrived at his central Florida home in what appeared to be an ambush, police officials said Wednesday.

U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts, who cast the decisive vote in 2012 to beat back the first major challenge to President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, kept his cards close on Wednesday.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday that large-scale military exercises had started in southern Russia and in disputed territories on Russia’s borders.

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson expects the price of oil to remain low over the next two years because of ample global supplies and relatively weak economic growth.

Russian officials on Thursday dismissed a claim by the United States that Moscow has sent “thousands” of troops to fight alongside pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

The federal government will spend $484 million, if not more, and expand the federal workforce by 3,100 in order to implement President Barack Obama’s new executive amnesty plans.

Egypt’s state-sponsored Islamic authority warned women Wednesday against marrying fighters from the Islamic State group online, saying such unions would push them into a “circle of terrorism”.

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose last week and nonfarm productivity contracted more sharply than previously thought in the fourth quarter. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased by 7,000 to a seasonally adjusted 320,000 for the week ended Feb. 28.


A military operation to retake the Iraqi city of Tikrit from Islamic State militants has forced about 28,000 people to flee their homes, the UN said.

Brazil’s central bank lifted interest rates to a six-year high of 12.75% in an attempt to restrain inflation.

A woman who was beaten to death in Nigeria on suspicion of being a suicide bomber was in fact mentally ill and not involved in terrorism, according to police and her family.

Liberia has released its last Ebola patient after going a week without any new cases for the first time since May 2014, according to health officials.

Indonesia rejected a last-ditch offer from Australia of a prisoner swap aiming to save the lives of two Australian men on death row.


ABC Family drama The Fosters has made history after featuring the youngest ever same-sex kiss on U.S. television. Characters Jude and Connor, both 13, locked lips.

A ship filled with dozens of rockets allegedly supplied by Iran was raided Wednesday in the Red Sea by the Israeli navy.

Hundreds of students in several New Mexico schools walked out of class this past week in protest of Common Core tests aimed at preparing them for college.

New York City’s schools just got a little easier, as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that schools in his jurisdiction will now recognize two of Islam’s biggest holidays – Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.

China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

The Chinese do not plan to live in a world dominated by the U.S. dollar for much longer. Chinese leaders have been calling for the U.S. dollar to be replaced as the primary global reserve currency for a long time, but up until now they have never been very specific about what they would put in place of it. Many have assumed that the Chinese simply wanted some new international currency to be created. But what if that is not what the Chinese had in mind? What if they have always wanted their own currency to become the single most dominant currency on the entire planet? What you are about to see is rather startling, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. When it comes to economics and finance, the Chinese have always been playing chess while the western world has been playing checkers. Sadly, we have gotten to the point where checkmate is on the horizon. (Read More….)

The World Bows to Iranian Regional Hegemony :: Goldman in Asia Times

by David P. Goldman
Asia Times Online
March 4, 2015

While Obama Guts The U.S. Military, Russia Prepares For War

The Russian military and the U.S. military are going in two very different directions. Military spending in Russia is increasing by a whopping 33 percent this year alone, and the Russians are feverishly preparing as if a major war with the United States is inevitable. But despite the fact that the conflict in Ukraine has raised tensions with Russia to Cold War levels, the Obama administration is still acting as if we were living in a “post-Cold War” era. Even while the Russians are arming themselves to the teeth, the U.S. military is being gutted. In fact, the U.S. Army is in the process of being cut down to the smallest size that we have seen since the end of World War II, and the U.S. Navy is already the smallest that it has been since World War I. There is very little political debate about this gutting of our military at the moment, but someday we may look back and bitterly regret not being more prepared. (Read More…)

Hi-Tech Swedish Building Complex Implants RFID Microchips In Employees

Employees at the Epicenter building complex in Stockholm, Sweden have a new option when it comes to entering the building. Instead of swiping the usual plastic keycard, they can wave their hand in front of a sensor. How, you may ask, does this magically open doors? There’s nothing magic about it: Office workers have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips embedded in the skin between their thumb and index finger, courtesy of BioNyfiken, a Swedish biohacking group. (Video)

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The Breakdown Of U.S.-Israeli Relations Brings Us Several Steps Closer To World War III

In the past 40 years, we have never been closer to World War III than we are today. If you ask Americans to name what area of the globe they believe World War III will begin, the number one choice by a landslide would probably be the Middle East. And thanks to the stunning breakdown of U.S.-Israeli relations, we are now closer to that war than we have been in decades.

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New Painting By Artist Slams ‘Obama’s Foreign Policy’

Artist Jon McNaughton has released a new painting portraying President Obama in a less than flattering light. He has released some controversial paintings in the past.

McNaughton’s new painting entitled “Obama’s Foreign Policy” depicts the president swinging a golf club with a nuclear explosion in the background.

View Stunning Painting

NYC mayor closing schools for Muslim holidays

De Blasio: ‘It was just a matter of fairness, it’s as simple as that’

Being a Muslim student in New York City’s schools just got a little easier, as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that schools in his jurisdiction will now recognize two of Islam’s biggest holidays – Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.

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Daily Digest

March 5, 2015   


“A State, I cheerfully admit, is the noblest work of Man: But Man, himself, free and honest, is, I speak as to this world, the noblest work of God.” –James Wilson, Chisholm v. Georgia, 1793


Hillary Clinton, Master of Her Emails

Rep. Trey Gowdy’s House committee re-investigating the attack on the Benghazi consulate subpoenaed Hillary Clinton Wednesday for her emails about Libya during her time as secretary of state. Turns out, Clinton had been operating her own email account based on a server she set up in her New York home — and this gives her control of what information she releases. “I want the public to see my email,” Clinton tweeted last night. “I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.” But here’s the kicker: Because Clinton herself controls the emails, the State Department can only release the emails she gives it, according to State spokeswoman Marie Harf. This runs afoul of every ideal of free and open government, as well as the law. Sen. Chuck Grassley said, “The trend of using private email for public business is detrimental to good government. The public’s business ought to be public with few exceptions.” Clinton promises transparency, though there is no way to verify that she is disclosing everything. And the fact she navigated the creation of a home-based email service that permanently deletes emails shows she is determined to be anything but. More…

Clinton’s Email Was a National Security Threat

When Hillary Clinton set up a private email in her New York home, she invited the full brunt of Chinese and Russian cyber intelligence upon herself. The National Security Agency — whose first duty is to actually provide cyber security — was not protecting her account as it does with government email accounts. Her email also did not have Google or Yahoo security teams protecting it from hackers. Lead technologist for the ACLU Chris Soghoian told Wired Magazine, “Although the American people didn’t know about [Hillary’s email account], it’s almost certain that foreign intelligence agencies did, just as the NSA knows which Indian and Spanish officials use Gmail and Yahoo accounts. She’s not the first official to use private email and not the last. But there are serious security issue associated with these kinds of services.” Furthermore, Clinton’s team did not set up her encryption software correctly, akin to leaving home with an unlocked screen door to keep intruders out. When asked by a reporter if those emails contained classified information, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf replied, “I don’t think it’s really a pertinent question.” More…

Keystone Vote Doesn’t Overcome Obama’s Veto

Barack Obama’s veto pen is strong. The Senate failed by five votes Wednesday to override Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL pipeline. Even though eight Democrats voted with Republicans, the proposal only got 62 votes. Republicans say this is not the end to the pipeline, though. The bill’s author, Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND), said, “If we don’t win the battle today, we will win the war, because we will attach it to another piece of legislation.” Already, Republicans are planning to attach a Keystone proposal to a transportation-funding bill that Congress must pass by May 31. If that fails, then lawmakers will attempt to tack Keystone to an energy bill later. This strategy may set up fights like the failed fight to defund Obama in his executive actions granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. It should at least be entertaining. More…

Defense of Boston Marathon Bomber Admits He Did It

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — the co-conspirator of the Boston Marathon Bombing — began in Boston Wednesday with his defense attorney admitting, “It was him.” In the coming days of trial, defense attorney Judy Clarke will argue before the jury that Tsarnaev doesn’t deserve the death penalty for his hand in planting two IEDs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon nearly two years ago. It was Tsarnaev’s brother, Tamerlan, who became obsessed with jihad and pressured his brother “by his age, their culture and Tamerlan’s sheer force of personality” into committing an act of terror. Clarke told the court, “It was Tamerlan Tsarnaev who self-radicalized. It was Dzhokhar who followed.” That’s the pivotal question, as that will determine what Tsarnaev’s punishment will be. More…

IRS: We’re Gonna Need Another Half Billion, OK?

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told a Senate appropriations subcommittee Tuesday that the IRS just needs a little fiscal help to enforce ObamaCare. As in an additional $490.4 million in the next fiscal year. “This additional funding, the majority of which is for required information technology upgrades, will allow the IRS to increase efforts to ensure compliance with a number of tax-related provisions of the ACA, including the premium tax credit and individual shared responsibility provision,” Koskinen said. “The funding will provide enhanced technology infrastructure and applications support, and allow necessary, major modifications to existing IRS tax administration systems.” The timing is almost amusing, given that the Supreme Court heard arguments earlier Wednesday regarding subsidies on the federal exchange. Surely the IRS doesn’t need another half a billion dollars to correctly read the statute? More…

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Will SCOTUS Save ObamaCare From Itself?


As headlines tuned to her majesty’s secret email servers and the Senate’s failure to override Barack Obama’s Keystone veto, the Supreme Court Wednesday considered oral arguments in a case that could potentially unravel the disaster known as the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

The case, King v. Burwell, challenges the legality of federal health insurance subsidies for individuals in states that have not set up health insurance exchanges. It’s a case built on solid ground. The law specifically declares — nine times to be exact — that subsidies are available only through exchanges “established by the state.” Yet 36 states opted not to establish an exchange or have discontinued their exchange. So, the IRS issued regulations declaring subsidies are available in these states, in direct violation of the wording in the ACA.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr., who argued on behalf of the administration, said interpreting the law as the plaintiffs argue would “revoke the administration’s promise” to give Americans affordable health care and noted, “That cannot be the statute Congress intended.”

Barack Obama didn’t worry himself with revoking his promises about keeping insurance plans or doctors. Why worry about subsidies?

Furthermore, now-disgraced ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber disagrees. He famously said in 2012, “If you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits — but your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill.” Of course, what truly matters is not what Gruber or Verrilli believe but what the law says.

As Justice Antonin Scalia noted, “It may not be the statute Congress intended, but it may be the statue Congress wrote.”

The decision will likely hinge on the votes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy. Justice Roberts said very little during arguments and gave virtually no indication of how he would vote. But his was the tiebreaking vote upholding ObamaCare’s individual mandate in 2012, and he rewrote the law to do so — all in some sort of effort to protect the Court from appearing “political.”

Unlike Roberts, Kennedy was more vocal Wednesday, and his questions may hint at sympathy for the administration’s position. For example, he said the plaintiffs’ argument — that the law requires states to create an exchange as a condition for receiving tax credits — could raise “a serious constitutional question,” as it would mean the law tells states, “Either you create your own exchange, or send your insurance market into a death spiral.” In other words, the law would challenge state sovereignty through federal coercion.

Yes, that’s exactly what Democrats intended.

Ironically, the constitutional question is one the administration is trying to use in its favor. Knowing Kennedy’s strong support for constitutional federalism, Verrilli actually claimed, “Our reading is the pro-federalism ruling.”

For the administration to trample the Constitution underfoot for six years and then raise it as a banner is disingenuous and outrageous, but savvy. Verrilli hopes to convince Kennedy that the administration is not challenging state sovereignty; hence, the subsidies could not be contingent on states setting up their own exchanges. The administration is ridiculously asserting Kennedy would betray his federalist inclinations if he supports an interpretation of the law that could be seen as coercing states.

Of course, such coercion is hardly new; the federal government regularly uses coercion to implement federal policy throughout the states. Just think of Medicaid, education regulations, and so on.

Beyond questions of federalism, the true issue here is Rule of Law. As John Daniel Davidson, director of the Center for Health Care Policy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, notes, “The only question that matters in King is whether the administration used the IRS to rewrite a law Congress passed.”

For a president so at ease with overriding Congress, Obama is surprisingly averse to admit he did just that with his own legislation. With Congress unwilling to reign in a lawless executive, however, the Court will now decide whether law has any meaning or if, to paraphrase former Chief Justice Charles Evan Hughes, it means only what the judges say it means.

No Justice for Ferguson


As expected, the Justice Department released its report on endemic racism in the Ferguson Police Department, determining that blacks were treated unfairly in “nearly every aspect of Ferguson’s law enforcement system.” The DOJ’s findings were virtually a foregone conclusion. Attorney General Eric Holder and his merry band set out to find racism among white cops and, lo and behold, their witch hunt was successful. But, if some of the findings are indeed true, it’s hard to say there isn’t a real problem in Ferguson.

For purely partisan reasons, Holder and his boss, Barack Obama, launched a national campaign to throw municipal, county and state law enforcement officers under the bus — the same cops they frequently use as photo-op props.

Holder said the DOJ’s findings explain why a black man’s death at the hands of a white police officer “set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg.” Perhaps that’s partly true, especially if the perception among the populace is that the police are out to get them, but it’s also far more complicated than Holder lets on. And can we really believe anything he says?

Right up front, it’s important to reiterate that the vast majority of law enforcement officials at the local, state and federal level abide, first and foremost, by their oaths “to Support and Defend” our Constitution and the Liberty it enshrines.

But that doesn’t mean a few haven’t forgotten who they are obligated to “protect and serve.” We’ve warned previously about the over-militarization of police. It’s a problem for several reasons, and one is the tendency to amplify aggression when encountering citizens and suspects. As we said in August, a situation that was already tense thanks to the racial imbalance between the city and its police department, was made worse by the paramilitary police response to the riots after Michael Brown’s death.

Furthermore, as Mark Alexander, a police veteran himself, wrote in December, “Clearly, there are some police officers calloused by constant exposure to oppressive urban criminal cultures. Consequently, some may over-generalize racial assumptions and abuse their authority.”

But the problem in Ferguson isn’t quite, well, black and white.

According to the DOJ, “African Americans experience disparate impact in nearly every aspect of Ferguson’s law enforcement system. Despite making up 67% of the population, African Americans accounted for 85% of FPD’s traffic stops, 90% of FPD’s citations, and 93% of FPD’s arrests from 2012 to 2014.”

“Disparate impact” is one of Obama’s favorite phrases, but does this mean police are racist? Not necessarily. As Alexander noted, “[W]hen 90% of murders in urban centers are ‘people of color’ and 90% of perpetrators are ‘people of color,’ cops of any color are going to be more cautious with ‘people of color.’ This is not ‘racism,’ this is reality, driven by a desire to make it home safely at the end of one’s shift.”

Still, the DOJ’s accounts of police overstepping bounds are too numerous to ignore. Just to name a couple:

A black man who was sitting in his car cooling off from playing basketball was accused by an officer of being a pedophile because there were children nearby. He was ordered out of his car for a pat-down, seemingly without cause, and then arrested for “eight violations of Ferguson’s municipal code,” including not wearing a seatbelt in a parked car. The man lost his job as a result.

A black woman illegally parked her car and ended up in a six-year battle, paying more than $1,000 in fines and spending six days in jail.

Were there extenuating circumstances in these cases? Prior arrests? Perhaps, but the report is careful not to elaborate on the citizens’ backgrounds.

There are plenty of other anecdotes of general harassment — police seeming to escalate otherwise innocuous situations, police dogs biting blacks (and only blacks), officers arresting people based solely on verbal exchanges, and cops uttering racial epithets. We’re sure none of Ferguson’s black citizens ever hurled racial epithets at officers.

The report found that “Ferguson’s law enforcement practices are shaped by the City’s focus on revenue rather than by public safety needs.” The city’s finance director emailed the police chief to see if the police department could raise enough revenue for a 10% budget increase. For a town of 21,000 with a median income around $36,000, that’s not hard to believe. In fact, one might ask why Ferguson has a police department of its own, rather than deploying the St. Louis County PD.

The problems in Ferguson did not, however, extend to Officer Darren Wilson’s deadly encounter with Michael Brown. He was cleared of criminal charges in November, and the DOJ went to great lengths explaining why Wilson was justified in shooting Brown. While that defense is all well and good, Obama, Holder and their race-baiting friends ended Wilson’s career in the police department and effectively endangered him for life by countenancing (until now) the false “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” meme.

It wasn’t long before two New York police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, lost their lives at the hands of a black racist.

Don’t miss the timing of the two reports. The one absolving Wilson was released alongside the political consolation prize — discrediting the entire department.

Also note the administration’s language defending the ATF’s looming ammunition ban is all about “protecting police.” See? Obama cares.

The trouble here is that the Justice Department’s report doesn’t resolve anything. Those who see police as racist, jackbooted thugs now have a lengthy report full of horrible anecdotes to back that up. Others who see the Obama administration as the racist, jackbooted thugs will summarily dismiss the report. Based on Obama’s and Holder’s untrustworthiness, this is understandable.

The truth is probably lost somewhere in the middle. Racial tension is real — there’s no doubt Ferguson residents at least felt harassed rather than served. Police are human and susceptible to abusing power. But inner city culture is rotten and full of law-breaking gangbangers of whatever race. The DOJ report calls for changes in Ferguson, but none of those changes are solutions. So, now what?



Greek fabulist Aesop (620-564 BC): “Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

Columnist Jeff Jacoby: “‘I’m afraid Putin will kill me,’ Boris Nemtsov told a Russian website on February 10. He was dead before the month was out. The charismatic opposition leader, a former deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin, was assassinated in the heart of Moscow on Friday night as he walked over a bridge near Red Square, only yards from the Kremlin walls. … Did Putin order the latest assassination? As Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion and longtime Nemtsov friend, noted over the weekend, whether or not Putin issued a directive is beside the point. The Russian strongman ‘is directly responsible for creating the conditions in which these outrages occur with such terrible frequency.’ … In such a culture of fear, there is little point asking who gave the order to kill. Ask rather whose killing will be ordered next. And ask an even more pressing question: When will American policymakers stop treating Putin’s regime as anything but the gangster state that it is? … Washington can best give meaning to Nemtsov’s death by emulating the resolve and courage he embodied in life. Condolences won’t slow Putin’s aggression. Backbone is a different story.”

Columnist Tony Perkins: “Despite all the saber rattling, the American people are left with the same empty and frustrated feeling they had when the GOP was in the minority. Like us, many of them are probably wondering: why give control to Republicans if all they’re going to do is babysit the country’s demise? In the end, this is about a lot more than immigration. It’s about every issue (marriage, health care, abortion, national security, gun rights) where President Obama has substituted his personal agenda for the rule of law. Speaker Boehner insists the courts can handle the amnesty issue. But considering the courts’ recent track record, who in their right minds would trust them to? The founders designed Congress to be an executive branch check for a reason. And if Republicans can’t muster the courage to stand now, when will they?”


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families.

“The Patriot Post ( )”


Stunning Purim Connections and Judgement

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 08:41 AM PST

Stunning Purim Connections and Judgement In this End Time Headlines Exclusive I will show you stunning parallels of two major events happening right now that may have significant “Prophetic” implications and serve as reminder that God Almighty is still on the throne and watches over the “Apple of his Eye” the Nation of Israel!

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Hospitalized in Critical Condition during Purim

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 08:12 AM PST

Iran's Supreme Leader Hospitalized in Critical Condition during Purim Here we are in the timeline of Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrating the redemption of the Jewish people from plots of genocide in ancient Persia, which is Modern Day Iran, and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was reportedly hospitalized in critical condition on Wednesday. and according to Arab media reports cited by Israel Hayom, Khamenei was urgently brought to a hospital in Tehran after several of his bodily systems had already failed.Now why is that significant? Remember history records that Haman and his wife Zeresh instigated a plot to kill all of the Jews of ancient Persia and Haman attempts to convince Ahasuerus to order the killing of Mordecai and all the Jews of the land. The plot  however is foiled by Queen Esther! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just addressed the US Congress of the threat from a nuclear Iran ( Persia ). However it gets even more interesting because shortly after the speech from Netanyahu, The Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made some chilling statements as he has claimed that heightened anti-Israel sentiments across the globe served as a sign of “divine help” in the Islamic Republic’s fight against its arch enemy.“Increasing global hatred of #Israel is a sign of divine help,”. Once again you have to ask yourself is this all just a coincidence that during Purim, which is remembrance of how God Almighty delivered the Jewish people from the threats of a wicked Persian Leader who was threatening to annihilate the Jewish People? Or are we seeing a Major “Prophetic Parallel?

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2015 Presents Startling Alignment of Prophetic Events

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:51 AM PST

2015 Presents Startling Alignment of Prophetic EventsIt seems that people are finally waking up around the World to the “Prophetic” significance This year brings as amazing signs in the skies with Blood moons, solar eclipses, Jewish festivals and a Sabbath year aligning in startling ways for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear! Kevin Clarkson from “Prophecy in the News” has done a wonderful job of breaking down these events in categories to allow us to keep a watchful eye upon them! FULL REPORT

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Guinea to start final trials of Ebola vaccines this week

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:43 AM PST

Guinea to start final trials of Ebola vaccines this weekIf the World Health Organization is successful in the coming days the Ebola virus may be prevented from spreading like wildfire again! That’s because, according to reports the (WHO) says the first large-scale trial of an Ebola vaccine will begin in the African nation of Guinea, weeks after a similar test had been carried out in neighboring Liberia. The candidate vaccine, VSV-EBOV, will undergo Phase III testing in the areas of Basse Guinee, the region that currently has the highest number of cases in Guinea, on March 7, WHO confirmed on Thursday. “If a vaccine is found (to be) effective, it will be the first preventive tool against Ebola in history,” WHO Director General Margaret Chan said. VSV-EBOV along with CAd3 are two candidate vaccines in the most advanced stages of development and have already passed safety tests on humans. FULL REPORT

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The Illusionary Recovery Is Now Giving Way To The Economic Collapse

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:30 AM PST

The Illusionary Recovery Is Now Giving Way To The Economic Collapse

James 5:1-6 – Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.

An alarming report from Investment Watch is suggesting that the illusion the Mainstream Media and our Government has been giving us of the “Economic Recovery” may be accelerating towards a “Rude Awakening” and Fast! According to their report the ADP employment number miss expectations. RBS, Target is laying off people. Deflation not showing up in food, alcohol or electricity. New type of loans, landlord loans, real estate market crashing and the bankers are getting desperate. FCC wants to be the referee of the internet. China tells Obama to mind his own business about fighting terrorism. Russia creating program to stop color revolutions which end up in regime change. US expands sanctions on Russia for another year. US troops heading to Ukraine. NATO ships in Black Sea. US making the case to invade Libya. and the list goes on! Are we on the verge of a “House of Cards” collapsing? SOURCE

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Hong Kong’s Communist leader tells citizens to act like sheep for their own good

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:20 AM PST

Hong Kong's Communist leader tells citizens to act like sheep for their own goodHow do tyrants maintain blind loyalty and absolute obedience? Easy! Follow and ask “No Questions”! Such is the case by recent comments from Hong Kong’s unpopular communist chief executive. In a recent speech, he had some advice for residents of the Asian metropolis: Be more “like sheep” — advice that did not sit well with the city’s pro-democracy reformers.  In a brief video address commemorating the beginning of the “Year of the Sheep,” part of the Chinese new year, CY Leung that sheep-like behavior from the population was necessary following the disruption caused by street protests last year. What about you? Are you a blind sheep following and never questioning authority? FULL REPORT

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NJ cops bust teenagers shoveling snow without a permit

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:12 AM PST

NJ cops bust teenagers shoveling snow without a permit Remember the days when you could grab a shovel in the Winter and make some extra cash by shoveling driveways for neighbors or store clerks? Well those days are long gone because teenagers looking to make some extra money shoveling snow can now be stopped in their tracks and forced to pay erroneous permit fees. That’s exactly the case for Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, two 18-year-olds from Bound Brook, New Jersey. On January 27, they traveled door to door handing out homemade flyers offering their snow-shoveling services. The weather forecast predicted several inches of snow the next day, and school had already been canceled. The boys were looking to serve their neighbors and make some extra cash. Local news reports in Bound Brook report that local law enforcement told the boys to stop going door to door. The cops said the boys were not allowed to solicit business door-to-door without obtaining a permit from the local government. FULL REPORT

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Defector warns of North Korea’s growing cyber security arsenal

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 07:00 AM PST

Defector warns of North Korea's growing cyber security arsenal

Kim Heung-gwang

According to reports a North Korean defector who once helped train Pyongyang’s military hackers warned this week that the totalitarian regime is a major cybersecurity threat to the United States and other nations. This comes days after multiple threats from North Korea warning they could carry out a pre-emptive Nuclear strike against the West if needed.  Kim Heung-gwang, a former professor at North Korea’s Hamhung University of Computer Technology, a key training facility for the military, urged governments to do more to counter North Korean hacking. The chilling report indicates North Korean hackers are targeting nuclear power plants, transportation networks, electrical utilities and all major government organizations abroad. FULL REPORT

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Fish freezing to death in super-chilled water

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 06:52 AM PST

Fish freezing to death in super-chilled water

Cooke Aquaculture’s fish farm in Shelburne Harbour on Nova Scotia’s South Shore is one of the sites where officials believe fish have died due to a so-called superchill. (The Canadian Press)

Sources indicate that temperatures have dropped so low in Nova Scotia waters that Fish at three aquaculture sites have died and a so-called super-chill is suspected, the provincial Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture said Tuesday.  A fish health veterinarian visited the Annapolis Basin and Shelburne Harbour sites and is expected to visit the Jordan Bay site in the next few days to investigate the cause of death, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell said in a statement. “Our provincial fish health veterinarians investigate mortality events to rule out diseases of concern,” he said. The department said a preliminary investigation has found a super-chill happened, meaning sustained cold temperatures dropped the temperature of the water to the level that fish blood freezes — around –0.7 C. FULL REPORT

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Kentucky under “State of Emergency” Days after Yarmuth Rebukes Israel

Posted: 05 Mar 2015 06:43 AM PST

Kentucky under "State of Emergency" Days after Yarmuth Curses IsraelWe are only days after the Benjamin Netanyahu speech to the Congress, where Israel presented their case against a Nuclear Iran only to be met with harsh criticism and rebuke, One of those rebukes came from Democrat John Yarmuth as U.S. Representative for Kentucky’s 3rd congressional district (which is effectively the city of Louisville) and has been since 2007, where he called Netanyahu’s speech an “impressive bit of political theater,” and stated he felt validated for not attending the speech Tuesday. In mid-February Yarmuth issued a statement saying he would not be attending the address from Netanyahu, at the time calling the speech a “sad and ridiculous” litmus test for support of Israel.   In the speech Yarmuth said he “resented the condescending tone” from the Israeli prime minister two weeks ahead of a closely fought election in Israel. and claimed that his speech was straight out of the Dick Cheney playbook! Now just days away from these statements Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has declared a statewide emergency after much of the commonwealth was covered by several inches of snow — with some parts seeing up to 20 inches — according to a news release. Officials are calling this a “Historical Snowfall Event” It is the second such declaration in less than a month.  “Two significant winter storms nearly back-to-back are rare in Kentucky, and pose a challenge for our emergency management teams, road crews and local emergency responders. This emergency declaration will allow us to deploy any needed state assistance, including National Guard troops if necessary, without delay,” said Gov. Beshear, in the release. So I understand many will scorn this assumption but one must also understand that there is a remarkable pattern in history of disasters and events that follow after leaders and representatives curse Israel! You can check that out HERE

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Antarctic Sea Ice New Record Maximum Melts Global Warming Hoax

On Sept. 19, 2014, the five-day average of Antarctic sea ice extent exceeded 20 million square kilometers for the first time since 1979, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

As Al Gore and his minions continue to desperately try and maintain the global-warming-climate-change-hoax, the ice cold facts say otherwise. Antarctic ice reached crazy high levels this year as the planet continues to cool off. Record chill and snowfalls all across America attest to the non-warming status of our every-changing planet.

Sea ice surrounding Antarctica reached a new record high extent this year, covering more of the southern oceans than it has since scientists began a long-term satellite record to map sea ice extent in the late 1970s. The upward trend in the Antarctic, however, is only about a third of the magnitude of the rapid loss of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.


The new Antarctic sea ice record reflects the diversity and complexity of Earth’s environments, said NASA researchers. Claire Parkinson, a senior scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, has referred to changes in sea ice coverage as a microcosm of global climate change. Just as the temperatures in some regions of the planet are colder than average, even in our warming world, Antarctic sea ice has been increasing and bucking the overall trend of ice loss. source

Weather Channel founder John Coleman destroys global warming

John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, shocked academics by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer scientifically credible. Instead, what ‘little evidence’ there is for rising global temperatures points to a ‘natural phenomenon’ within a developing eco-system.

In an open letter attacking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he wrote: “The ocean is not rising significantly. “The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number.

“Heat waves have actually diminished, not increased. There is not an uptick in the number or strength of storms (in fact storms are diminishing).

“I have studied this topic seriously for years. It has become a political and environment agenda item, but the science is not valid.” source


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In Shocking Video British Islamists Say Sharia Law In America Is Next

British Islamist Abu Rumaysah said he wants to see every woman in the UK “covered from head to toe.”

Radical Islam is not the problem, it was never the problem. Islam, regular old Islam, is the problem. It is not a religion, it is a repressive, political ideology that forces submission to it’s demonic Sharia Law by the edge of the sword. Islam must be rejected everywhere it is presented, at all costs. It is the greatest enemy facing mankind in the 21st century.

England, because it refused to fight it, has fallen to Islam. If we do not take action now, America will be next.

Rumaysah and his Islamist confidants patrol the streets of East London, chastising British citizens for not complying with Islamic law. In a series of videos, they can be seen harassing women for inappropriate dress, rebuking men for drinking alcohol, and calling a man “dirty” on the suspicion that he is gay.

Ultimately, I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe,” British Islamist Abu Rumaysah told 60 Minutes correspondent Clarissa Ward. “I want to the see the hand of the thief cut. I want to see adulterers stoned to death. I want to see sharia law in Europe, and I want to see it in America, as well. I believe our patrols are a means to an end.”


“Why can’t I tell you to cover up? Am I free to say that?” Rumaysah asked. “So, cover up. Wear the hijab.”

Rumaysah is in the inner circle of radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary. Both men were arrested in September on charges of inciting young British Muslims to engage in terrorism.

In the interview, Choudary said he refused to believe that James Foley was an innocent journalist and justified his brutal murder by Islamic State terrorists in August.

“I don’t believe any western journalists, quite frankly. I believe you’re liars until proven otherwise,” Choudary said. “But let me tell you something–the perspective of the Muslims of journalists, whether that be James Foley and others, is that they are the propaganda for the western regimes.”

When Ward pointed out that Choudary condemned violence by “the West” while refusing to condemn violence by Islamic extremists, he said there was “a difference between the oppressor and the oppressed.” source

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The Lord Has a Controversy with the Nations

Now is a good time to remind everyone, that the great “I AM” has a foreign policy and it’s short and very clear…”I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you” (Genesis 12:3).

The future and survival of the United States is tied directly to how we act right now, and by what I have been seeing, it doesn’t look good.

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On today’s Episode of The Briefing

1) Boston Marathon Bomber defense confesses client’s action, denies his responsibility

‘It was him’ Boston bomber’s lawyers admit guilt, focus on brother, Reuters (Scott Malone and Elizabeth Barber)

2) Former CIA head’s plea bargain points to active danger of sin’s hubris

Petraeus reaches plea deal with Justice Dept., USA Today (Kevin Johnson and Tom Vanden Brook)

Petraeus Reaches Plea Deal Over Giving Classified Data to His Lover, New York Times (Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo)

3) Teens use digital media to feel good about themselves, like all humans

Digital content makes teens feel good about themselves, Los Angeles Times (Saba Hamedy)
In other news…

Justices Divided at Health-Law Argument, Wall Street Journal (Louise Radnofsky and Brent Kendall)

Hillary Clinton’s emails: What you need to know, CNN (Dan Merica and Brianna Keilar)


What Millennials Want When They Visit Church

Dear Foolish and Gullible Americans, Net Neutrality is Not Your Friend

Two More Hospitals Report ‘Superbugs’ on Endoscopes

New York City Adds 2 Muslim Holy Days to Public School Calendar

As Muslim Construction Workers Shout “Allahu Akbar,” Coptic Monks Lie Down In Front Of Bulldozer To Protect Ancient Christian Monastery

Ana Marie Cox, having come out as a Christian, goes on “Morning Joe.”

by Denny Burk

Ana Marie Cox wrote a compelling testimony several days ago titled “Why I’m coming out as a Christian.” She is a liberal/progressive writer, and she shares that she has been most reluctant to announce her new found faith for fear that Christians won’t accept her. Happily, she reports that the opposite has happened since her article came out. Watch above.


Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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March 5, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Blogroll Collection

Morality may damn as well as vice. A vessel may be sunk with gold as well as with dung. —Thomas Watson

March 2 quotes

The Daily Discovery (March 5, 2015)

(Click title to go to full article)

Dear Rob Bell: The Church Isn’t Giving an Inch on Gay Marriage – “Dear Rob Bell, I recently read your comments, made to Oprah, about the church being “moments away” from affirming gay marriage. Here are your remarks as reported on one website…”

The Most Controversial Verse In the Bible – “First of all, I want to start out the update today by thanking everyone who has prayed for my kids. As of noon today, Zeej hasn’t thrown up in the past 26 hours. He’s actually playing outside right now after being sick to his stomach for 4 days. All of our children hate not being able to get to church. Continue to pray for health in our family, and for all the families who have been (and are) battling bugs this sick season.”

Don’t Play Games – “Please don’t play games with God. Repent from your sin, trust in Christ alone for salvation. If you are not sure of your salvation, please stop and read the book of 1 John to test yourself and see if you are in the faith.”

Theonomy Debate Review on Fighting for the Faith – “Please take a moment to listen to yesterday’s edition of Fighting for the Faith.  Chris Rosebrough took some time to review the recent debate on theonomy between Pastor Jordan Hall and Dr. Joel McDurmon.”

The Eye “Is Optimized for Our Vision Purposes” – “We’ve posted before about the problem of atheists declaring that the design of this or that body part is sub-optimal (and therefore, isn’t designed). Electrical engineer Bill Pratt explained it this way…”


Tim Conway – Cain or Christ: Hatred or Love


Reactive Attachment Disorder: You need to know that most adoptive parents are dealing with this.

Why Is Suicide a Sin?

“If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism but deception.” – John Piper


Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts

Our children deserve a consistent intellectual foundation. Facts are things that are true. Opinions are things we believe. Some of our beliefs are true. Others are not. Some of our beliefs are backed by evidence. Others are not. Value claims are like any other claims: either true or false, evidenced or not. The hard work lies not in recognizing that at least some moral claims are true but in carefully thinking through our evidence for which of the many competing moral claims is correct. That’s a hard thing to do. But we can’t sidestep the responsibilities that come with being human just because it’s hard.

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I Support Net Neutrality, But That Is Not What The FCC Just Did

The FCC’s action begins a new chapter of competing visions for the Internet — one where government regulators play a central role in directing how the Internet evolves, versus one in which entrepreneurs, private enterprise and consumers expressing their preferences set the terms for the future. The latter has a superior record in delivering value to consumers. The former has repeatedly failed.

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A Perfect Storm Is Heading Toward Higher Education

So what should colleges do? First, they need to recognize the inevitability of change. Change is coming, and those schools that embrace it are far more likely to survive. Second, they should start listening to the constituency that is paying the bills. Providing real job skills and job placement assistance—along with a solid education—should take priority over identifying potential micro-aggressions. And third, colleges must make a real effort to make college affordable to middle-class families.

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Progressivism’s Effects on Marriage and Family

In the West, Christianity is recast to conform to Western, market-driven, materialist; consumeristic, social norms and evangelicals are no different. The gospel in U.S. Protestantism has not proven yet to be more powerful than the American Dream. One could easily argue that Protestants gave marriage over to the American Dream 120 years ago or so and that passing laws in Congress on the meaning of marriage won’t change that fact. American Protestants have a legacy of preaching whatever cultural norm they decide to embrace during any given era.

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Is Spiritual Formation Shooting At The Right Target?

Left to ourselves, we would be trapped in our sin. But there is a way to overcome sin (“to overcome the world”). The path to change is not through spiritual disciplines; it is through faith in Jesus Christ. You overcome sin by persevering in the faith and believing in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ. Who is the one who has overcome the world? The one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. The goal of spiritual maturity is not greater success at outward righteous behavior. The goal of spiritual maturity is a strong, unshakeable faith.

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‘Macho Christianity’ Isn’t the Problem, Gimmick Christianity Is

At the same time, however, exaggerated masculinity is not the solution to excessive femininity. In fact, when a pastor plays up his manliness, my first question is: What have you done to show that you’re a real man? And wearing lumberjack clothes while watching MMA fighting isn’t an answer.

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Calling in the Big Guns to Fire at the San Francisco Archdiocese

As expected, the first casualty of this war is the truth. Singer has said that himself, suggesting that his mission is to “push the facts as our clients see them.” Noting that Singer “has a complex relationship with the truth,” reporter Joe Eskenazi wrote in the Weekly that “the truth, after all, isn’t exactly Singer’s milieu.” That is, “Singer is playing by a different set of rules” and “traffics not so much in truth but the perception of truth.” This is what makes the battle with Singer so hard to fight:

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New Hotline Launches To Help People Leave Religion Behind

“When people are reconsidering the role religion plays in their lives, they risk losing their families, their spouses, their jobs,” said Sarah Morehead, executive director of Recovering From Religion. “These people are isolated, excluded, shunned. It rocks these people to the bottom of their hearts. It is heartbreaking.”

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Believing and Heeding

As one analyzes Pharoah from the testimony of Scripture, Egypt’s king proves to be a religious individual with some grasp of right doctrine and some degree of internal faith. Pharaoh is a believer, but so what? He is like the demons who come face to face with Jesus in the Gospels. They believe Jesus to be the Son of God, but have no interest in bowing the knee and worshiping the Savior; they merely wish for Jesus to cease his harassment, go away, and leave them be.

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God’s Purpose Still Served With False Teachers?

Have you ever sat and watched a sermon by a pastor like Steven Furtick or Andy Stanley? Have you ever really just sat and listened to them preach? It’s easy to be drawn in to the charismatic mood changing, emotionally driven style of speech or worship. They quote from Scripture, and speak with such compassion that you wonder, how could someone so passionate about what they’re saying be so off? Someone that seems so dedicated to their teachings, so caring and so loving towards their congregations, how can they be so far removed from the truth? Does God actually allow teachers who are truly dedicated to him and his word to be raised up, undisciplined, and allowed to shepherd a flock of such magnitude, but without any accountability to his truth? Can a false teacher be saved, and just be wrong, or are these truly wolves in sheep’s clothing who are on their way to Hell?

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[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 026 – America Is Already Under God’s Judgment

by Landon


On today’s show Landon discusses what unity in the church looks like Biblically and discusses one example of seeker-sensitive pragmatism. Then, he discusses how false churches and false teachers are actually a blessing to Christianity. Finally, he touches on the topic of abortion and the fact that America is already under God’s judgment.
(Click “Read More” for detailed show notes.)

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1. Let’s rejoice in one another, because the Lord rejoices in us.

Psalm 16:3 sets the overall tone: “As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” There is excellence to admire in every Christian. And it’s easy to discern. Two questions into a conversation and the excellence starts appearing.

2. Let’s create an environment of trust rather than negative scrutiny.

1 Corinthians 4:5 says, “Do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart.” Human eyes are not competent to judge human hearts.

3. Let’s judge ourselves, even as we give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Matthew 7:5 says, “First take the log out of your own eye.” And 1 Corinthians 13:7 says, “Love believes all things.” In other words, love fills in the blanks with positive assumptions.

4. If a problem must be addressed, let’s talk to, not about. Gossip destroys.

Matthew 18:15 says, “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone.” The Lord didn’t say, “Go ask your brother his fault.” Let’s man up and tell him his sin. But let’s tell him to his face, rather than spread accusations around.

5. If a problem must be addressed, let’s avoid blanket statements but identify factual specifics, offer a positive path forward and preserve everyone’s dignity.

“You are ___________” is too sweeping to be fair. It leaves a person no freedom to change. Better to say, “In this situation, when you _____________, that was wrong. It would be helpful if, in the future, you would ______________. What do you think? And is there anything I can do that might help?”

6. Let’s extend kindness.

Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind to one another.” That word “kind” is used in Matthew 11:30 when Jesus says, “My yoke is easy.” So kindness asks, “How can I make this situation as easy for the other person as possible? How can I make a positive response as easy as it can be?”

7. When we wrong another, let’s admit it: “What I did to you was wrong. I am sorry. By God’s grace, I won’t do that again. Is there anything I can do now, to make up for it?”

Where a wrong has been done, as the Bible defines wrong, an apology will help. Reparations are also biblical and may be necessary in the case of a significant injury. But evading the wrongs of our past only builds hypocrisy into our future. And God cannot bless that. But God will surely bless serious repentance. When Zacchaeus vowed to repay the people he had defrauded, the Lord didn’t reply, “You don’t have to. That’s water under the bridge!” No, the Lord said, “Today salvation has come to this house” (Luke 19:8-9).

One of the most beautiful scenes in the Bible is between brothers who had been long alienated: “Esau ran to meet him and embraced him and fell on his neck and kissed him, and they wept” (Genesis 33:4). God wants that beauty to reappear in every generation, as needed.


A Return to the Medieval – Church & Culture Blog

The first temple to the Norse gods to be built in a thousand years is being constructed in Iceland. The worship of Thor, Odin and Frigg gave way to the Christian faith toward the end of the Viking age, but a modern version of Norse paganism has become increasingly popular in Iceland. Membership in ‘Asatruarfelagid’, an association that promotes faith in the Norse gods, has tripled over the last decade.

George Eliot once opined that “history, we know, is apt to repeat itself.”

So are we returning to the medieval?

Yes, I believe in many respects, we are.

Read more

Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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Barna Update | When Millennials Come to Your Church

How to Approach Millennial Guests

Like it or not—and there are plenty of reasons not to—consumer culture shapes what people expect of church and how some churches approach ministry. But many of the very people churches are trying to reach—Millennials—are hyperaware and deeply suspicious of the intersection of church and consumer culture. This doesn’t mean they’re not avid consumers, for most certainly are. But many also have a sense that church should be different somehow, above or beyond the dirty business of sell, sell, sell.

So what do Millennials think of church? What pushes them away and what draws them in? And when they do visit a church, how are they hoping to be approached?

In a national, multi-phase research program among Millennials, conducted in partnership with Cornerstone Knowledge Network, Barna Group asked participants to assess various parts of church and their experiences when visiting.

Read the research here >

March 5, 2015 Daily Devotional Guide Collection


March 5


Edwin Hodder, 1837–1904

How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! I gain understanding from Your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path. (Psalm 119:103, 104)

For the child of God, the daily reading of the Scriptures is the nourishment of the soul. The Bible’s value has been described in many ways as the traveler’s map, the pilgrim’s staff, the pilot’s compass, the soldier’s sword, and the Christian’s charter. Someone has offered this sage advice regarding the use of the Bible: “Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, and practice it to be holy. Read it slowly, frequently, and prayerfully. It is a mine of wealth, a paradise of glory, and a river of pleasure.”

Read this book for whatever you can accept and take the rest on faith. You will live and die a better man.

Abraham Lincoln

Although just a lay amateur writer in England, Edwin Hodder was also impressed with the miraculous quality of the Bible. So in this hymn, first published in 1863, Hodder paints comparative pictures that both young and old can understand easily. Verse one begins with the thought that even casual seekers can find something from God’s written landscape that will beautify their lives merely by “plucking a lovely cluster.” Stanza one continues to say, however, that it is not enough to be casual in this garden of beauty. Rather, we must earnestly search and dig into its mighty depths for “jewels rich and rare.”

Verse two extends the thought further that God’s Word, like the starry host, is fathomless in giving guidance for life’s journey. Finally, the hymn reminds us that there is an earnestness confronting each believer in the form of a warfare against sin and unrighteousness. For this battle we require the aid of God’s Holy Word.

Thy Word is like a garden, Lord, with flowers bright and fair; and ev’ryone who seeks may pluck a lovely cluster there. Thy Word is like a deep, deep, mine, and jewels rich and rare are hidden in its mighty depths for ev’ry searcher there.

Thy Word is like a starry host—A thousand rays of light are seen to guide the traveler and make his pathway bright. Thy Word is like an armory where soldiers may repair and find, for life’s long battle-day, all needful weapons there.

O may I love Thy precious Word, may I explore the mine; may I its fragrant flowers glean, may light upon me shine. O may I find my armor there, Thy Word my trusty sword! I’ll learn to fight with ev’ry foe the battle of the Lord!

For Today: Psalm 119:105; 130; John 5:39; 6:63; 2 Timothy 3:16

Allow the Bible’s relevance, beauty, and simplicity to thrill your soul. Reflect on this musical reminder to help—[1]

March 5: Oddities that Make Sense

Numbers 5:1–31; John 13:1–20; Psalm 6:1–10

Some of the Old Testament laws seem so odd they’re difficult to understand. It’s easy for us to see why, in a day before medicine, God would send people with “a rash … a fluid discharge, and everyone … [who had touched] a corpse” outside the tribe for a period of time to prevent infection (Num 5:2). But why would God severely punish people caught in sins not (or hardly) related to possible medical issues (Num 5:5–31)?

I think it’s because God understands that a culture that allows for amoral behavior will become a culture that promotes such behavior. Considering that Jesus had not come yet and sin was not graciously atoned for, there was a need for a ritual that symbolized religious purity.

We are meant to hate the things that people in this life condone—things that may even seem right to us at the time—for the sake of loving God’s work. When evil was present among His people, God had to take drastic measures to combat it—thus, He gave specific instructions. While today we have Christ, we must still devote ourselves to following God’s calling and changing our evil ways for the sake of the gospel.

In what ways are you loving evil things instead of hating them? Be honest with yourself and God.

John D. Barry[2]

March 5


Welcome to Daily Treasures from the Word of God. Today’s reading is John 9 through 12. Our lesson is from John 10:11, “ ‘I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.’ ” (NASU)


The shepherd metaphor is common in the Bible. Ancient Israel was an agrarian society. Psalm 23 is the most renowned example of that metaphor in the Psalter. Here the psalmist refers to God as his shepherd. In our text, Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Let us examine three facts about our text.

The first fact is the identity of the Good Shepherd. It’s obvious that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The sheep refers to believers. He takes special care of those who are His people. Jesus commits to His call as the Good Shepherd to nurture and provide the necessary environment for His people to grow in a healthy fashion. This is what discipleship is all about. Jesus is the maximum example to imitate and also the great disciple maker.

The second thing we see in our text is the responsibility of the Good Shepherd. Jesus’ task is to protect the sheep. He protects the sheep at the expense of His own life. This happened when He died on the cross.

He willingly gave his life although he was innocent and without sin. He suffered guilt and pain because of his love for us. No greater expression of devotion and care is the example of Jesus laying down his life for the world.

There is a contrast in the following verse between Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and the shepherd who is for hire. The one for hire is not committed to the sheep and to their well-being because the hired hand does not own the sheep. To him/her it is a job. In a threatening situation, the hired hand may very possibly run away.

However, Jesus cares for the sheep, because they are His and He is there for their total well-being. He is there for them until the end. It is good to feel the security of the shepherd and have the assurance of his guiding hand.

The last fact is the gift of the Good Shepherd, which is eternal life. This is clearly stated in the words, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.” Eternal life is a gift for those who believe in Jesus.

Let’s conclude. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Jesus protects the sheep. Jesus gives eternal life to the sheep.

If you do not have the certainty of being one of Jesus’ sheep, take a moment to ask Him. Trust in Him alone. The benefit is eternal life with Him.


It has been a pleasure to share with you Daily Treasures from the Word of God. Tomorrow’s Bible reading is John 13 through 16. Let’s not forget the words of the psalmist, “The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.” Until tomorrow and may God bless you in abundance as you study the Word of God.[3]

March 5

Praying According to God’s Will

“The word of the Lord [came] to Jeremiah the prophet for the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem” (Dan. 9:2).


Effective prayer is always consistent with God’s will.

It is characteristic of God’s people to identify with God’s purposes and to conform their will to His. Learning to pray according to His will is a major step in that process because it drives you to the Word and demonstrates a humble, submissive heart.

Jesus emphasized the priority of God’s will when He said, “I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me” (John 6:38). He accomplished that goal, saying to the Father, “I glorified Thee on the earth, having accomplished the work which Thou hast given Me to do” (John 17:4). Even when facing the horror of the cross, Jesus didn’t waver. Instead He prayed, “Father, if Thou art willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Thine be done” (Luke 22:42).

Jesus taught His disciples the same priority, instructing them to pray, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:9–10).

Daniel knew what it meant to pray according to God’s will. After reading the prophecy of a seventy-year Babylonian Captivity, he immediately accepted it as God’s will and began to pray for its fulfillment. His prayer wasn’t passive resignation to some act of fate beyond his control. It was active participation in God’s plan as revealed in Scripture. He wasn’t trying to change God’s will, but was doing everything he could to see it come to pass. That’s the essence of praying according to God’s will.

When you pray according to God’s will, you can be confident that He hears you and will grant your requests (1 John 5:14–15). Live in that confidence today!


Suggestions for Prayer: Be a diligent student of the Word so you will know God’s will. ✧ Ask God to reveal areas in which your will is not conformed to His. As He does, take immediate steps to deal with the situation.

For Further Study: Read Revelation 22:6–21, noting God’s will for Christ’s return and how we’re to respond to it.[4]

March 5

Belonging to God’s Church

Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God.

1 Peter 2:17

The church is to be a place where people of many spiritual gifts and practical talents can find opportunities to be of service to Christ and can work together to bring about the furtherance of God’s kingdom on this earth. The church is to be a place of loving acceptance—not acceptance of sin, but certainly acceptance of sinners. It is to be a place where a person can be appreciated for being a child of God and a special creation of God. Belonging to a church should run far deeper than simply signing a membership roll or attending regularly. Belonging should be a feeling of caring and of serving and of acceptance.[5]

March 5

Whom Are You Blaming?

Scripture reading: Genesis 3:14–24

Key verses: Matthew 5:23–24

If you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

Even when you are certain you have been wronged, even when you are certain you are right about a subject, do you realize God turns a deaf ear when you play the blame game?

This deadly game began after the very first sin in the history of mankind. Eve stumbled when tempted; Adam did likewise. But when an all-knowing God began seeking their explanations, Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent. Somehow, nobody was guilty!

God would hear none of it. They were cast out of the Garden of Eden, with man left to endure the toil of subsistence and woman left to endure the intense pain of childbirth. Sin ruined man’s unspoiled fellowship with God. And making excuses had not one iota of effect upon God’s swift judgment.

The same holds true today. Our society decays, yet no one will take responsibility. All too many marriages in the United States end in divorce, and courtrooms are filled with people seeking damages in the most trivial cases. The blame game is at the height of popularity.

God doesn’t listen to our accusations of others, nor does He RSVP to our pity parties. All He wants is our proper fellowship with Him. In Matthew 5:23–24, Jesus outlined this commandment. The best way to point fingers is skyward in worship of our loving, forgiving Father.

Father, teach me to accept responsibility for my own sins.[6]

March 5

Ready to Suffer

Since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind.

1 Peter 4:1

One of the blessings of being a Christian is our identification with Christ and its resulting privileges. However, just so we won’t take those blessings for granted, assuming that they will result in our being loved and respected by the world, God also allows us to suffer. In fact, the apostle Peter in his first epistle clearly shows that those most blessed in the faith suffer the most.

The Christian life is a call to glory through a journey of suffering. That’s because those in Christ are inevitably at odds with their culture and society. All Satan–energized systems are actively at odds with the things of Christ. The apostle John said a person can’t love both God and the world (1 John 2:15), and James said, “Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God” (James 4:4).[7]

March 5       Overcoming the World

scripture reading:
Psalm 138

key verse:
John 16:32

Indeed the hour is coming, yes, has now come, that you will be scattered, each to his own, and will leave Me alone. And yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me.

When Jesus saw that His disciples truly understood who He was, He made a startling statement. It was one they were not prepared to hear: “Behold, an hour is coming, and has already come, for you to be scattered, each to his own home, and to leave Me alone; and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me” (John 16:32 nasb).

God’s plan for redemption did not include lifting the disciples out of their immediate surroundings. The pain and stress of facing life as children of God would never deliver them from the earthly reality of trouble. Jesus made that clear when He said, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33 niv).

Soon after He said those words, the agony of the Cross was His to bear. How did He withstand such tribulation? Christ’s life was anchored in the plan of the Father, not in the things of the world. Jesus was not worried about people and their false accusations, nor was He overwhelmed by trials or earthly tribulations. He had overcome the world.

What is His personal word to you when trials come without warning? “These things I [share with] you, that in Me you may have [a] peace [that passes all human understanding]. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33 amplified).

Jesus, You overcame the world, and You live in me. I may have tribulation, but through Your power I will overcome![8]

March 5

A Safe House

Scripture reading: Philippians 4:4–7

Key verse: Psalm 31:3

You are my rock and my fortress Therefore, for Your name’s sake, Lead me and guide me.

In her book Seeking God, Joni Eareckson Tada explains what turning to God as a refuge means to her:

I know something about fortresses. I have happy childhood memories of my sister Kathy and me constructing a tree house on the farm. Our little fortress was some distance from the farmhouse, so it was private and far away from adults …

To my childlike way of thinking, that tree house was a fortress. Not just a shelter or a place to hide, but a safe house that would protect us from the rain beating on the tin roof and the wind shaking the branches of the tree. We were safe. We felt secure …

There’s a lot more safety and security in the Lord than in safe houses of our own making and design … Now that I’m an adult, I put childish activities behind me and go … to a place, a Person, who is the Everlasting Rock.

Where do you go when you feel burned out, used up, overcommitted? Do you run to the Lord or to your own devices? All other sources of relief—friends, hobbies, sports, vacations—are ultimately disappointing. Once they’re out of the picture, the pressures return.

Take your tensions and troubles to Jesus in prayer. He gives lasting peace that is beyond your comprehension.

You are my safe house, O God. Help me turn to You in prayer for strength in difficult times.[9]

March 5

Unchanging Joy

Scripture Reading: John 6:32–40

Key Verse: John 6:40

This is the will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

Although the Christian life is most certainly a fight of faith, it is not endless striving and straining. There is a monumental difference between abiding in Christ and striving, and understanding the discrepancy can make a major change in the joy, peace, and contentment we experience as we serve Christ.

J. Hudson Taylor, the founder of China Inland Mission, wrestled with the distinction until one day, at age thirty–seven, he saw the total sufficiency of Christ for every need. The catalyst for this liberating discovery was a personal letter from a missionary friend, John McCarthy, who wrote,

To let my loving Savior work in me His will, my sanctification is what I would live for by His grace. Abiding, not striving nor struggling; looking unto Him to subdue all inward corruption; resting in the love of an Almighty Savior. This is not new and yet ’tis new to me. I feel as though the first dawning of a glorious day had risen upon me. I hail it with trembling and yet with trust.

I seem to have got to the edge only, but of a sea which is boundless; to have sipped only, but of that which fully satisfies.

Christ literally seems to me now the power, the only power for service; the only ground for unchanging joy.

Lord, help me abide in You and not struggle or strive. You are my power for service, my only ground for unchanging joy.[10]

March 5

Facing Life’s Challenges

Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 20:1–30

Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 20:12

O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.

Jehoshaphat had a choice. In 2 Chronicles 20, we read how a tremendous army had come against the nation of Israel with one intention: destroying the people of God. Most armies in Israel’s position would have been plotting their survival. Wisely, Jehoshaphat chose to lead the people in a prayer that confessed their total dependence on the Lord: “O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude” (verse 12).

You may think that you do not have an option when facing a difficult challenge, but you do. You can choose to turn to God and bow down before Him, or you can turn and run away in fear.

If Israel caved into fear, the people would be running for the rest of their existence. Jehoshaphat was wise enough to know that his nation wouldn’t survive without God’s intervention.

The enemy has one goal for your life, and that is discouragement—to influence people to give up and become ineffective for God. You are called to follow Christ for a purpose. When challenges come, go to God in prayer. Confess your inability and your need for Him. Humility is a sign of great strength, not weakness.

Then trust God to do the impossible in your situation and give you the victory.

Heavenly Father, You have a solution for the challenges I am facing today. I trust You to do the impossible and bring the victory.[11]

March 5

The Nearness of God

“He will draw near to you.”

James 4:8


God will come near to the truly humble, who have by faith sought to be close to Him.

One of the greatest promises in the Bible is that God responds to the humble and draws near to them. Such people will yearn for a closeness to God by which they can know Him, love Him, learn His Word, praise Him, pray to Him, and fellowship with Him. In summary, the humble will be true worshipers, those who “worship the Father in spirit and truth” (John 4:23).

John 4:23 concludes with the statement, “for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.” This strongly implies that God wants to have a relationship with the humble, which means He will respond to us. This idea of the Lord reaching out to us and responding to our humble obedience is also found in the Old Testament, when David instructed Solomon: “As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind; for the Lord searches all hearts, and understands every intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever” (1 Chron. 28:9).

The principle of God’s drawing near to the humble is illustrated by Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11–32). First, the prodigal son manifests humility and repentance: “Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in your sight; I am no longer worthy to be called your son” (vv. 18–19). Next, his behavior pictures a longing to draw near to God: “he got up and came to his father” (v. 20). Finally, there is the picture of God drawing near to us: “while he was still a long way off, his father saw him, and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him, and kissed him” (v. 20).

You might not find yourself in the same predicament as the prodigal son did, but you will experience the same response from God if you have humbly drawn near to Him in faith and worshiped Him in spirit and in truth.


Suggestions for Prayer: Pray that God would help you be a true worshiper of Him.

For Further Study: Read and meditate on Psalm 40. What things did David find true about God’s nearness?[12]


Reading for Today:

Numbers 7:1–8:26
Psalm 31:1-5
Proverbs 11:4-6
Mark 9:1-29

Numbers 7:89 He spoke to him. With the completion of the tabernacle, the Lord communicated His word to Moses from the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies (see Lev. 1:1, Num. 1:1).

Psalm 31:5 Into Your hand. This is applied to both the lesser David and the Greater David (Luke 23:46). Here it involves the common denominator of trust. This is a metaphor depicting God’s power and control (see v. 15a; contra. vv. 8, 15b).

Proverbs 11:4 day of wrath. Money buys no escape from death in the day of final accounting to God, the divine Judge (see Is. 10:3; Ezek. 7:19; Zeph. 1:18; Luke 12:16–21).

Mark 9:22 to destroy him. This demon was an especially violent and dangerous one. Open fires and unfenced bodies of water were common in first-century Palestine, providing ample opportunity for the demon’s attempts to destroy the child. The father’s statement added to the pathos of the situation. The boy himself was probably disfigured from burn scars, and possibly further ostracized because of them. His situation also created a hardship for his family, who would have had to watch the boy constantly to protect him from harm.

DAY 5: What was the purpose of Jesus’ Transfiguration?

Matthew and Mark place the Transfiguration “six days” after Jesus’ promise that some disciples would “see the kingdom of God present with power”(Mark 9:1). Peter, James, and John, as the inner circle of Jesus’ disciples, were allowed to witness this great event on “a high mountain” (Mark 9:2), most likely Mt. Hermon, the highest mountain in the vicinity of Caesarea Philippi (see 8:27). Jesus was “transfigured,” meaning “to change in form” or “to be transformed,” in front of them. In some inexplicable way, Jesus manifested some of His divine glory to the 3 disciples (see 2 Pet. 1:16). The divine glory emanating from Jesus made even His clothing radiate brilliant white light (Mark 9:3). Light is often associated with God’s visible presence (see Ps. 104:2; Dan. 7:9; 1 Tim. 6:16; Rev. 1:14; 21:23).

Also appearing with Jesus were “Elijah…with Moses” (Mark 9:4). They were symbolic of the Prophets and the Law, the two great divisions of the Old Testament. They “were talking with Jesus,” and the subject was His coming death (Luke 9:31). Then “a cloud…overshadowed them” (v. 7). This is the glory cloud, Shekinah, which throughout the Old Testament was symbolic of God’s presence (Ex. 13:21; 33:18–23; 40:34, 35; Num. 9:15; 14:14; Deut. 9:33). And “a voice came out of the cloud,” which was the Father’s voice, saying, “This is My beloved Son”—repeating the affirmation of His love for the Son first given at Jesus’ baptism (Mark 1:11). “Hear Him!” says the Father. Jesus, the One to whom the Law and Prophets pointed (see Deut. 18:15), is the One whom the disciples are to listen to and obey (see Heb. 1:1, 2).

From The MacArthur Daily Bible Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson Bibles, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc, Nashville, TN 37214,

March 5 – What Results from Mercy?

“‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy’” (Matthew 5:7).

When we are merciful and we receive mercy, we experience God’s cycle of mercy. God is merciful to us by saving us through Christ; in obedience we are merciful to others; and God in faithfulness gives us even more mercy, pouring out blessing for our needs and withholding severe chastening for our sin.

But only those who are merciful qualify to receive mercy. David said of the Lord, “With the kind You show Yourself kind” (2 Sam. 22:26). Yet James says, “For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy” (James 2:13). The emphatic truth is that God will respond with chastening for an unforgiving disciple.

Jesus is not speaking, however, of our mercy gaining us salvation. We cannot earn salvation by being merciful. We must be saved by God’s mercy before we can truly be merciful. We cannot work our way into heaven even by a lifetime of merciful deeds, any more than by good works of any sort. God does not give mercy for merit; He gives mercy in grace. He gives mercy because it is needed, not because it is earned.

If we have received from a holy God unlimited mercy that cancels our unpayable debt of sin, it surely follows that we should be merciful to others.

Ask Yourself

At several points along the way, we’ve paused to celebrate the immensity of our salvation. Here at the end of our look at mercy, let’s drop to our knees again in awe and thanksgiving, realizing the depths He has pulled us from and imagining the glories that await us—all because of His grace and love through Christ.

From Daily Readings from the Life of Christ, Vol. 1, John MacArthur. Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of Moody Publishers, Chicago, IL 60610,

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats – Part Four

Theme: Eternity in hell is no joking matter

This weeks lessons describe the horrid nature of hell and the importance of knowing our destiny.


Matthew 25:41-46

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink,I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’ And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”


Jesus’ description of hell throughout the gospels is significant. Yesterday I mentioned that hell is a total separation. Today we will look at three other characteristics of hell that Jesus discusses.

Hell is a bad association. We learn something interesting about hell in these verses that is not taught explicitly elsewhere, at least to my knowledge. It is that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels (v. 41). If hell was prepared for the devil and his angels—the angels that followed him in his rebellion against God and are now known as demons, we can be certain that they will be in hell some day. And if that is the case, it means that those who have refused Christ and have shown it by their neglect of Christ’s followers will be sent there to be with those demons.

Some people think of hell as a place where the devil torments sinners. But Jesus pictures hell as a place where fallen angels and rebellious human beings are together in their suffering. What a terrible association! What a destiny! To spend eternity shoulder to shoulder with an evil being whose one goal has been to defy God and bring others to share his suffering forever! Will the demons not gloat that they have succeeded in bringing some human beings to hell when these might have believed on Christ and might have exchanged eternal punishment for heaven? Will they not gloat over you, if you are there?

Hell is suffering. I suppose the references to hell as a place of “eternal fire” (Matthew 25:41) or “burning sulfur” (Revelation 20:10) are symbolic, if for no other reason than that the demons are disembodied spirits and thus cannot be punished by fire in the literal sense. But what of that? The purpose of imagery is to point beyond what literal language can convey. So if a literal burning by fire is bad, the reality of hell’s suffering must be immeasurably and inexpressibly worse. Even if the suffering is only mental, internal, or psychological, it is something that produces an eternal “weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 25:30).

Hell is darkness. After fire, darkness may not seem so bad. But this is a darkness that shuts off all sight of others, indeed, all sight of everything, even sight of oneself. The only thing that will be left is the conscious, mental self in its rebellion, Can you recall that horrible poem by William Ernest Henley?

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

But no one will be thanking God for his soul in hell. Cursing God is more like it. Yet even the cursing will mean nothing, for the punishment is fixed forever and no words or actions will ever change it.


What is taught explicitly about hell in this chapter of Matthew?
How do you know hell will be more than physical pain?


What kind of suffering have you experienced in your life? Know that hell will be far worse. Put your suffering into that perspective and rejoice in God’s gift of salvation.

James Montgomery Boice

Salvation and Rewards – Part One



The importance of these lessons lies in the fact that many Christians fail to understand the principle of grace which underlies them. Though they may be sincerely trusting in Christ, many have the mistaken idea that they must do something to merit salvation. If you teach these lessons faithfully, you can remove this error once for all from the minds of your pupils.

Try to lead the children to Christ as Saviour and Lord.

1. What are rewards?

2. The basis of rewards.

3. What will the rewards be?

Did you ever receive a reward? Perhaps your father promised you something that you wanted very much, if your report card were especially good. The good thing that he promised you was not pay—for your father didn’t have to give it to you, as an employer has to pay the man who works for him. It was just something extra, given because you did well and deserved it.

God gives rewards to His children for the good things they do. Of course you know that we do not earn our salvation; that is “the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9). God does not give rewards to unsaved people, but only to His own saved children. If they do things which please Him, after they are saved, they will receive a reward. If they do not do the right things, they will lose their reward.

There are some boys and girls in your school who seem to be able to get good marks almost without trying. They are so bright that they learn their lessons without seeming to work at all. Other boys and girls have to try very hard indeed. They work hours and hours to get good marks, and perhaps even so their marks are not so good as those of the extra bright pupils. If the Lord were giving rewards in school, He would not reward the one who got his lessons most easily, but the one who tried the hardest, and was most faithful. This might prove to be one of the brightest, or perhaps it might be one of those who found his lessons much more difficult. That is the way God always rewards. He is looking for faithful workers. Revelation 2:10b promises a crown to the one who is faithful. Any one of us can win a reward, then, if we will only be faithful.

God’s word tells of a number of things for which we can receive a reward. (Look up and discuss the following references: Matthew 10:41-42; Matthew 5:11-12; Daniel 12:3; 2 Timothy 4:8; James 1:12; Colossians 3:23-24; 1 Corinthians 9:24-25).

We do not know just what these rewards will be. The verses we have read speak of rewards, and crowns, and “shining.” Shall we have real gold crowns, with precious stones in them? We do not know. This may be in Heavens language a symbol of some great blessing, which we could not even understand in earths language. But whatever these rewards are, they will be very wonderful indeed, and we shall be very happy to have them.

The very best thing about these rewards is that it will make the Lord Jesus happy if He can give them to us. He wants us to have them, and He will be even happier than we are when we receive them.

We can have these rewards if we are faithful every day, and let the Lord Jesus rule in our lives. “Trust and obey” should be our motto. If we do that, we may be sure of having rewards when the Lord Jesus gives them out.


Why does God reward the student who worked hard?
What does this story teach us about genuine faith?


Look up the following scripture and explain what they teach us about salvation and rewards. Matthew 10:41-42; Matthew 5:11-12; Daniel 12:3; 2 Timothy 4:8; James 1:12; Colossians 3:23-24; 1 Corinthians 9:24-25

Donald Grey Barnhouse

Thu, March 05, 2015


Do you realize that most men play at religion as they play at games? Religion itself being of all games the one most universally played. The Church has its “fields” and its “rules” and its equipment for playing the game of pious words. It has its devotees, both laymen and professionals, who support the game with their money and encourage it with their presence, but who are no different in life or character from many who take no interest in religion at all. As an athlete uses a ball so do many of us use words: words spoken and words sung, words written and words uttered in prayer. We throw them swiftly across the field; we learn to handle them with dexterity and grace—and gain as our reward the applause of those who have enjoyed the game. In the games men play, there are no moral roots. It is a pleasant activity which changes nothing and settles nothing, at last. Sadly, in the religious game of pious words, after the pleasant meeting, no one is basically any different from what he had been before!

If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body.
James 3:2

In the games men play there are no moral roots. It is a pleasant activity which changes nothing and settles nothing, at last.

Lord, as I worship You, may I be reminded that Your holiness demands sincerity.

A. W. Tozer

CONFESSION: Take Hold of the God-Given Encouragement you have to Confess Sin

We must take hold of the great encouragement God has given us to humble ourselves before him with sorrow and shame, and to confess our sins.

If you, O LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared; Psalm 130:3-4(ESV) with you there is steadfast love; yes, with our God there is plentiful redemption, and he will redeem Israel from all his iniquities. Psalm 130:7-8(ESV)

Your sacrifices, O God, are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise; Psalm 51:17(ESV) indeed, though you are the One who is high and lifted up, who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy; Isaiah 57:15(ESV) though heaven is your throne and the earth your footstool, yet this is the one to whom you will look: he who is poor and humble, broken and contrite in spirit, and trembles at your word; Isaiah 66:1-2(ESV) to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite. Isaiah 57:15(ESV)

You have graciously assured us that those who conceal their transgressions will not prosper, yet those who confess and forsake them will obtain mercy. Proverbs 28:13(ESV) And when a poor penitent said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD,” you forgave the iniquity of his sin; therefore, let everyone who is godly, in like manner, offer prayer to you at a time when you may be found. Psalm 32:5-6(ESV)

We know that if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us; but you have said that if we confess our sins, you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:8-9(ESV)

Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer


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40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers (Week Two: Thursday)


Confession: Psalm 32:6–7

Therefore let all the faithful pray to you

at the time for finding you.

Surely at the flood of many waters they will not reach him.

You are my hiding place;

from trouble you preserve me.

With cries of deliverance you surround me. Selah

Reading: Mark 11:12–19

And on the next day as they were departing from Bethany, he was hungry. And when he saw from a distance a fig tree that had leaves, he went to see if perhaps he would find anything on it. And when he came up to it he found nothing except leaves, because it was not the season for figs. And he responded and said to it, “Let no one eat fruit from you any more forever!” And his disciples heard it.

And they came to Jerusalem. And he entered into the temple courts and began to drive out those who were selling and those who were buying in the temple courts, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those who were selling doves. And he did not permit anyone to carry objects through the temple courts. And he began to teach and was saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations,’ but you have made it a cave of robbers!” And the chief priests and the scribes heard it, and began considering how they could destroy him. For they were afraid of him because the whole crowd was astounded by his teaching. And when evening came they went out of the city.


We see in the beginning of this passage one of the many proofs that our Lord Jesus Christ was really man. We read that “he was hungry” (Mark 11:12). He had a nature and bodily constitution, like our own in all things, sin only excepted. He could weep and rejoice and suffer pain. He could be weary and need rest. He could be thirsty and need drink. He could be hungry and need food.

Expressions like this should teach us the condescension of Christ. How wonderful they are when we reflect upon them! He who is the eternal God—He who made the world and all that it contains—He from whose hand the fruits of the earth, the fish of the sea, the fowls of the air, the beasts of the field, all had their beginning—He, even He was pleased to suffer hunger when He came into the world to save sinners.

—J.C. Ryle

Expository Thoughts on Mark


The book of Hebrews tells us that we do not have a great high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses. How is it an encouragement to know that Jesus experienced weakness and temptation just as we do?[1]


[1] Van Noord, R., & Strong, J. (Eds.). (2014). 40 Days to the Cross: Reflections from Great Thinkers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Justification, law, and grace

Originally posted on Possessing the Treasure:

by Mike Ratliff

6 For all of us have become like one who is unclean,
And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment;
And all of us wither like a leaf,
And our iniquities, like the wind, take us away. (Isaiah 64:6 NASB)

Since the inception of this ministry I have been approached by many concerned people who are convinced that they have sinned one too many times and have forfeited their salvation. They were being continually antagonized about their sin by a voice within. In every case, after some careful questioning, I learned that each of them have been part of a church or denomination whose doctrine of justification is a blend of grace and law, faith and works. Also, as I attempted to explain that justification is by faith alone according to the grace of God, each of them responded in disbelief and that usually ended the…

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GodLife: What gives you purpose?

Scripture: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Have you ever wondered why you were born?

You were born to love God. God made you so that you will glorify Him in everything that you do. The problem is that we are sinners and our own desires make it hard to do that.

What’s getting in the way of you living out God’s purpose for your life?

Read Created for a Purpose

March 4, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Briefing Report

Man was never meant to be a god, but he is forever trying to deify himself. —Martyn Lloyd-Jones

March 2 quotes

Mar. 4, 2015


The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to consider the fate of President Barack Obama’s health-care law for the second time in three years, weighing an attack on tax credits designed to help millions of people afford insurance. An hour-long argument Wednesday in Washington will provide the first real clues about the justices’ views on an appeal by four Virginia residents who would block the subsidies in at least 34 states.

By a wide margin, sixty-two percent, Americans voters support sending ground troops to fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. Seventy-two percent said the government should never pay ransoms.

Eight of the biggest U.S. technology companies added a combined $69 billion to their stockpiled offshore profits over the past year, even as some corporations in other industries felt pressure to bring cash back home. Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc., Google Inc. and five other tech firms now account for more than a fifth of the $2.10 trillion in profits that U.S. companies are holding overseas. The total amount held outside the U.S. by the companies was up 8 percent from the previous year, though 58 companies reported smaller stockpiles.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires drillers to calculate the value of their oil reserves every year using average prices from the first trading days in each of the previous 12 months. Because oil didn’t start its freefall to about $45 till after the OPEC meeting in late November, companies in their latest regulatory filings used $95 a barrel to figure out how much oil they could profitably produce and what it’s worth. Of the 12 days that went into the fourth-quarter average, crude was above $90 a barrel on 10 of them.

More than 8,200 Americans-an average of 23 people each day-died of heroin overdoses in 2013. The rate of overdose deaths in 2013 is almost triple what it was in 2010.

Iraqi forces entered Tikrit from the north and south, and took control of several sites including the police academy and hospital, Khalid al-Khazraji. Another three or four days may be needed to gain full control of the city.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, countering criticism from members of Congress, said the central bank is trying to avoid being too cozy with the Wall Street firms it supervises and wants to ensure that regulators aren’t afraid to confront the financial industry. “The risk of regulatory capture is something the Federal Reserve takes very seriously and works very hard to prevent.”

AP Top Stories

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen said Wednesday he had found one of Japan’s biggest and most famous battleships on a Philippine seabed, some 70 years after American forces sank it during World War II.

A homeless man who was killed by Los Angeles police was living under a stolen French identity and was wanted for violating probation terms for a bank robbery conviction.

Two Australian drug smugglers were taken Wednesday to an Indonesian island where they will be executed despite frantic diplomatic efforts to save them, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Australia was “revolted” by their looming deaths.

The computer server that transmitted and received Hillary Clinton’s official emails when she was secretary of state traced back to a residential Internet service registered to her family’s home in Chappaqua, New York. The practice of Clinton, a likely Democratic presidential candidate, physically running her own email as a Cabinet-level official is highly unusual.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brushed aside criticism from President Obama of his speech to Congress, in which he warned Washington was paving the way to a nuclear-armed Iran.

Federal agents raided about 20 Southern California locations on Tuesday suspected of involvement in “maternity tourism” schemes offering travel and lodging services to pregnant foreign women seeking to give birth in the United States, U.S. immigration officials said.

Close to 700 koalas have been killed off by authorities in southeastern Australia because overpopulation led to the animals starving, an official said.

Nigerian troops backed by civilian vigilantes on Tuesday claimed to have killed more than 70 ‎Boko Haram fighters in a foiled attack to capture the strategic town of Konduga near Maiduguri.‎ Around 150 Boko Haram fighters entered the fishing town with a large herd of cattle pretending to be ‎herders and opened fire on troops stationed in the town, leading to a six-hour gun battle.


The hot topic at a major US conference is materials that can be designed with surprising properties, from programmable rubber to springy ceramics.

The Colombian authorities arrested the captain of a Chinese ship on its way to Cuba after finding undeclared gunpowder and cannon shells aboard.

Islamist militants have seized two oil fields in central Libya, officials said, as rival factions reportedly carry out air strikes.

China’s military budget will rise by about 10% in 2015, in another double-digit increase.

Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded an end to “shameful” political killings in Russia, after the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.

Ten more drones were spotted flying over Paris and reports said police are searching for four men after a chase in the east of the city.


Call it Common Core for police. But the White House, in cahoots with the Department of Justice, has set in motion a plan that will expand federal control of community police forces, via standards handed from above called the “Task Force on 21st Century Policing.”

The White House has come out swinging against criticisms of its proposed ban of a certain type of bullet, saying the measure is needed in order to keep police safe.

Helsinki Airport has become the first in Europe to offer sleeping pods for worn-out travelers.

The Breakdown Of U.S.-Israeli Relations Brings Us Several Steps Closer To World War III

In the past 40 years, we have never been closer to World War III than we are today. If you ask Americans to name what area of the globe they believe World War III will begin, the number one choice by a landslide would probably be the Middle East. And thanks to the stunning breakdown of U.S.-Israeli relations, we are now closer to that war than we have been in decades. Since the 1970s, the United States has served as the major buffer between Israel and her Islamic neighbors. Israel has trusted the United States to protect it, and Israel’s enemies have known that an all-out assault on Israel would be fruitless because the U.S. military would step in. When a minor conflict has erupted in the region, the United States has always rushed in diplomatically to settle things down. But now the relationship between the Israeli government and the Obama administration is near a breaking point, and tensions in the Middle East just continue to intensify. At this moment, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu no longer trusts Barack Obama to do what is right for Israel, and it is an open secret that Obama pretty much despises Netanyahu. And during his speech to Congress on Tuesday, Netanyahu once again made it abundantly clear that his government will never, ever allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel believes that Iran is even getting close, Israel will attack. But instead of trying to prevent this from happening, Barack Obama is negotiating a deal with Iran that would give the Iranians pretty much everything that they want and would allow them to build all the nukes they desire in about ten years. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that this is a “bad deal”, and he is right. (Read More….)

“What Antidote to Radical Islam?” – Pipes in NRO, #1395

by Daniel Pipes
Mar 3, 2015
Cross-posted from National Review Online: The Corner

Netanyahu responds to Obama: We did indeed present practical alternative to Iran deal

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Israel on Wednesday after his two-day trip to Washington saying that “many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the bad deal with Iran.” Apparently pushing back against those saying that there was no tactical alternative in his speech, Netanyahu said that he did indeed present a practical alternative that would extend Iran’s break out time by adding new restrictions.

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U.N. special envoy:Netanyahu recognizes signs of times

A U.N. special envoy says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday made clear he is thinking in “scriptural terms” and believes himself to be called to protect his people at this critical time.

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The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of Democracy

Democracies die not with a whimper or a bang but with a shrug. When we don’t care enough about the system to stop its breakdown — when we’re happy with our dictators so long as we agree with them — the constitutional order collapses. But so what? By electing Hillary Clinton the presidency, we’ll strike a blow against non-existent generalized sexism in American society. And that’s far more important than having an answerable, accountable government.

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Hillary Clinton Evaded Benghazi Coverup Scrutiny By Illegally Using Private Email Account

Using Private Email, Hillary Clinton Thwarted Record Requests For Benghazi Coverup

WASHINGTON — In 2012, congressional investigators asked the State Department for a wide range of documents related to the attack on the United States diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The department eventually responded, furnishing House committees with thousands of documents.

But it turns out that that was not everything.

The State Department had not searched the email account of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton because she had maintained a private account, which shielded it from such searches, department officials acknowledged on Tuesday.


It was only last month that the House committee appointed to investigate Benghazi was provided with about 300 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails related to the attacks. That was shortly after Mrs. Clinton turned over, at the State Department’s request, some 50,000 pages of government-related emails that she had kept on her private account.

Mrs. Clinton’s aides on Tuesday sought to play down the significance of her exclusive use of a personal email account for State Department business. But an examination of records requests sent to the department reveals how the practice protected a significant amount of her correspondence from the eyes of investigators and the public.

Mrs. Clinton’s exclusive use of personal email for her government business is unusual for a high-level official, archive experts have said. Federal regulations, since 2009, have required that all emails be preserved as part of an agency’s record-keeping system.


In Mrs. Clinton’s case, her emails were kept on her personal account and her staff took no steps to have them preserved as part of State Department record. source – NY Times

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The Day the Canary Became an Eagle!

No representative from the White House was present. President Obama apparently was on a video conference call with European leaders. Vice President Biden was in South America and John Kerry was in Geneva discussing the very Iranian deal that was the topic of Bibi’s visit and speech. Over 50 democrats chose to boycott Bibi’s speech. The absence of the leader of the Free World and his entire cabinet spoke tons. It makes one wonder what Mr. Obama really means when he says that he would always have Israel’s back? Are we talking about watching out for the Jewish state’s safety or are we talking about stabbing in the back?

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Obama Wants ‘Like-Minded Leftist’ In Israel – Mark Levin

Levin continued, “Netanyahu is a warrior, he’s a combat veteran, he is a leader he takes his commander-in-chief responsibilities seriously, and he knows if he and his country make a mistake, it’s over. Barack Obama is a community activist. He’s a rabble-rouser, he’s an ideologue, and he’s an appeaser. That’s the difference. So, what Obama wants is a like-minded leftist in Israel, and they’re there, to work with, to accommodate his agenda.”

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Daily Digest

March 4, 2015


“The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositories, and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against invasions by the others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern, some of them in our country and under our own eyes.” –George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796


Obama: Netanyahu Said ‘Nothing New’

(Read on for the full analysis of Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks below.)

In a rebuttal to Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, Barack Obama petulantly insisted, “As far as I can tell, there was nothing new. … The prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives.” But neither has Obama, which is precisely the reason for Netanyahu’s visit. The problem isn’t that Israel has no strategy for halting Iran’s nuclear program; rather Obama doesn’t agree with the military response it would likely entail. He claimed, “Iran has in fact frozen its program, rolled back some of its most dangerous, highly enriched uranium, and subjected itself to the kinds of verifications and inspections that we had not previously seen.” What delusional absurdity. Iran is doing the complete opposite, much of it underground, but Obama nevertheless says his plan is working and nuked Netanyahu for opposing the deal that prompted negotiations: “When we shaped that interim deal … Netanyahu made almost the precise same speech about how dangerous that deal was going to be.” Well, yeah. Look at where we are now. Amping up the tough-talk even further, Obama promised, “What I can guarantee is that if it’s a deal I sign off on, I will be able to prove that it is the best way for us to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.” And you can also keep your health insurance.

Pelosi ‘Near Tears’ Throughout Bibi’s Speech


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suffered mightily through Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech. And it had barely concluded before she released a statement: “The unbreakable bonds between the United States and Israel are rooted in our shared values, our common ideals and mutual interests. … That is why, as one who values the U.S.-Israel relationship, and loves Israel, I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech — saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.” Netanyahu’s speech was of value because Barack Obama has so spectacularly failed when it comes to nuclear negotiations with Iran. Pelosi can cry about insults to her intelligence, but the real crying shame is her party is so partisan that many Democrats refused to stand even when Netanyahu declared there must never be another Holocaust. Astoundingly shameful.

House Passes ‘Clean’ DHS Bill

Left with no viable alternative, the House voted 257-167 Tuesday to pass a full-year funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. More than two-thirds of Republicans voted “no.” The vote essentially ends the fruitless standoff over Barack Obama’s unconstitutional immigration actions, as the Senate passed the same bill, 68-31, last week. Unfortunately, Republicans spent more time fighting each other than countering Obama, and from the outset they chose an unwinnable strategy. As the old adage goes, never take a hostage you’re not willing to shoot, and Republicans clearly forgot that advice. Again. Speaker John Boehner blamed the Senate: “Unfortunately, the fight was never won in the other chamber. Democrats stayed united and blocked our bill, and our Republican colleagues in the Senate never found a way to win this fight.” But he also offered a silver lining. “I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president,” Boehner told House Republicans during a conference meeting. “I believe this decision — considering where we are — is the right one for this team, and the right one for this country. The good news is that the president’s executive action has been stopped, for now. This matter will continue to be litigated in the courts, where we have our best chance of winning this fight.” Time will tell, but Obama has proved he’s not willing to bow to anyone. More…

SCOTUS Hears Second Challenge to ObamaCare

Today the Supreme Court will hear the arguments in King v. Burwell, a challenge to ObamaCare that contends subsidies granted via the federal health exchange are illegal under the “Affordable” Care Act because the law permits them only under state exchanges. The pressure is on Chief Justice John Roberts, who was the deciding vote when the court upheld ObamaCare in 2012. In his last opinion on ObamaCare, Roberts — to paraphrase Charles Dickens — made the law into an ass, declaring the federal government could compel people to buy goods (a.k.a. health insurance) by calling it a tax. Because he showed himself susceptible to political intimidation in 2012, the Left is now running editorials claiming that, if Roberts allows SCOTUS to strike down ObamaCare this time, it will show itself to be a bench of activist judges. In The Washington Post, leftist reporter Robert Barnes wrote, “[T]he eponymous head of the Roberts court has the most to lose. After all, its decisions cannot be respected if the court is not respected.” In his nomination hearing, Roberts said he was an umpire that called “balls and strikes and not to pitch or bat.” But if Roberts ends up being the meek umpire at home plate scared of the crowd, he may redefine “state” to mean any level of government. And that ruling will not only cement ObamaCare into law, it will open up a flood of federal government expansion. More…

Warren Buffett Doesn’t Like Being Demonized

Warren Buffett may be the poster child for the Left’s goal of taxing the rich through a “Buffett rule,” but it doesn’t mean the man likes the law when the political speech is stripped away. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been griping about the rich, not hiding the fact she wants to strip Wall Street of its money. Buffett doesn’t like it and he put down a Coke long enough to air his grievance to CNBC. “She would do better if she was less angry and demonized less,” Buffett said. “I believe in hate the sin, love the sinner. And I also believe in praising by name and criticizing by category. … I do think it’s a mistake to get angry with your — with people that disagree with you. I mean, in the end we do have to work together.” Looks like Buffett wants the government to ask politely if it could just take his money. Notably, Warren attained her position by playing people like him against a jealous middle and lower class. In other words, it’s Warren’s style that made the “Buffett rule” popular. More…



The Commando vs. the Community Organizer


In a much-anticipated and contentious address to Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday spoke bluntly about the threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. He was downright presidential — something our nation has sorely lacked for the last six years.

Netanyahu’s 45-minute speech recounted Iran’s past acts of terror, its continued call for the destruction of Israel, its recent success in spreading malign influence and control through the Middle East, and its track record of cheating and lying to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Netanyahu drew a line in the sand, and Barack Obama’s response will no doubt be on the wrong side.

Indeed, Obama immediately claimed there was “nothing new” in the prime minister’s speech, and in a sense he’s right: The facts about Iran are not new, nor are they in dispute, even among those currently negotiating with Iran. The key point is that Netanyahu and like-minded people believe the deal toward which Obama is working rewards Iran with a path to nuclear weapons rather than preventing Iran from obtaining them — something even the Obama administration still says would be “unacceptable.”

Obama obviously resents that a leader of Netanyahu’s stature would attempt to upset the diplomatic apple cart by speaking the plain truth at a time when the Obama administration seems determined to ignore the truth in pursuit of a deal –any deal.

Netanyahu raised three key points that the Obama administration is loath to acknowledge: The current Iranian regime is and will always be an enemy of the United States; Iran has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted; and this is a bad deal we are better off without. These three points are unassailable.

Here’s the most critical excerpt of the speech:

“Don’t be fooled. The battle between Iran and ISIS doesn’t turn Iran into a friend of America.

“Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire. … So when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.

“The difference is that ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube, whereas Iran could soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs. We must always remember — I’ll say it one more time — the greatest dangers facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons. To defeat ISIS and let Iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle, but lose the war. We can’t let that happen.

“But that, my friends, is exactly what could happen, if the deal now being negotiated is accepted by Iran. That deal will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It would all but guarantee that Iran gets those weapons — lots of them. …

“The foremost sponsor of global terrorism could be weeks away from having enough enriched uranium for an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons and this with full international legitimacy.”

The Iranian regime is not just a regular dictatorship that hates and fears the United States. It is not Cuba, or Venezuela, or even North Korea. The senior clerics and office-holders in Iran are not just in power to enrich themselves and kill off their political enemies (although there is plenty of that in Iran). The entire leadership chain in Iran, from Supreme Leader Khamenei down through the legislative body and the parallel body of clerics that shape policy, are all true believers in the Islamic Revolution and as such are reflexively, congenitally anti-America. The “Death to America” signs so popular in Iran are not just political theater; they express the true feelings of the hard-liners who have ruled Iran since 1979. Despite all the swooning Western media talk about current Iranian President Hassan Ruhani’s “reformist” nature, he is of a kind with Khamenei, with his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and indeed even with Old Whiskers himself — Ruhollah Khomeini.

Regarding Iran’s trustworthiness in any deal we might reach, we have said it so many times we’ve lost count: We are in the nuclear mess with Iran precisely because it has lied, cheated and obfuscated repeatedly under the previous deal known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Twelve years of work through the UNSC, the P5+1, the EU-3 and the IAEA Board of Governors were all about getting Iran to meet its sworn obligations under the NPT and demonstrate it was only working on peaceful nuclear energy.

In report after report the IAEA offered the same assessment going back to 2003: “We are unable to verify that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities.” But the Obama administration tells us with a straight face that somehow Iran can be held to the terms of a new deal.

As for the deal itself, political analyst Charles Krauthammer explained that it would allow Iran to finish the work necessary for an industrial-scale nuclear complex, including all the stages of mining, converting, processing, enriching and fabricating uranium. Only the final step of weaponization is left out of this deal, and Iran’s unresolved past and present weapons-related work is one of the largest points of concern at the IAEA. In other words, with the blessing of the United States and our negotiating partners, Iran would be allowed 10 years to build up its infrastructure without fear of sanctions or other penalties, and would suffer no penalty for splitting apart the NPT. This is a bad deal, and Netanyahu is right that we are better off without it.

Netanyahu ended his speech with a familiar refrain, but one that should not be taken lightly: “The days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over. … For the first time in 100 generations, we, the Jewish people, can defend ourselves. This is why, as a prime minister of Israel, I can promise you one more thing: Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.”

The Israelis have watched and waited as the United States and the rest of the world tried to convince Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, but Israel will not wait forever. If Iran is not held to its NPT obligations to verify the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, a day will come, perhaps far earlier than any of us imagine, when Israel will decide it cannot wait any longer.

Finally, a post script of sorts. House Speaker John Boehner showed leadership in inviting Netanyahu to speak. He also very appropriately presented Netanyahu with a bust of Winston Churchill. In contrast, Barack Obama came into the Oval Office in 2009 to find such a Churchill bust, given by the British to George W. Bush. Obama promptly returned it to England.

Hillary Clinton’s Transparent Deception


Hillary Clinton is reportedly telling donors she will enter the presidential race in April. She sees it as a move that would assuage worries within her party and prime the fundraising pumps. But Mrs. Clinton has far greater problems than when to announce her coronation bid.

Illustrating everything voters don’t like about the Clintons, The New York Times broke the story that Clinton did not use or even set up an official government email account during her entire tenure as secretary of state. Instead, she used private email for all her official correspondence. Furthermore, the Times reported, her staff did nothing to preserve her personal emails on department servers. Failing to use a government email account for all correspondence is a violation of the National Archives and Records Act.

According to Jason Baron, former director of litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration, “It is very difficult to conceive of a scenario — short of nuclear winter — where an agency would be justified in allowing its cabinet-level head officer to solely use a private email communications channel for the conduct of government business.”

The Times reports Hillary’s staff turned over 55,000 pages of her emails to Rep. Trey Gowdy’s Select House Committee on Benghazi. But Gowdy responded that only “several hundred of these emails were … turned over” to his committee. He said also Clinton seems to have used multiple personal accounts. The primary one,, was set up on the day her Senate confirmation hearings began in 2009. In other words, she had a plan.

“It was not as if she had both an official and a private email account,” Gowdy said. “She did not use personal email in addition to government email. She used personal email in lieu of government email. And she had more than one private email account.”

“[O]nly she has the complete record,” Gowdy continued. “And the committee is going to have to go to her, her lawyers and her email providers to ensure we have access to everything.”

Gowdy added, “One should also be concerned about the national security implications of former Secretary Clinton of using exclusively personal email accounts for the conducting of official U.S. foreign policy.”

By filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Judicial Watch recently obtained a number of emails that prove the State Department knew immediately that our embassy in Benghazi was under attack by terrorists. The emails tell the story in a chilling series of short messages that describe the worsening events that occurred Sept. 11-12, 2012, as well as reveal the administration’s series of lies about what really happened. Not being privy thus far to Clinton’s own emails, we are left to wonder if the thousands of emails she generated on private servers over her four years as secretary of state will completely discredit her — that’s no doubt why she employed the method.

Clinton is by no means the first or only public official to use private email for public business, but she might be the first to do so exclusively. And media outlets Left and Right are attacking her for it.

Jonah Goldberg at National Review asked a particularly salient question about all the investigations into Benghazi. With the multi-thousands of pages of paper floating around, he said, “[Y]ou’d think the non-existence of an official e-mail account would have been noticed. Why did it take so long?” Goldberg credits Gowdy for being the first to notice the missing account.

But Ron Fournier, writing in National Journal, had harsher words for the aspiring first woman president: “Two weeks ago we learned that the Clinton Foundation accepted contributions from foreign countries. Assurances from … Obama … that [none] were made during her tenure … were false.” Both Clinton’s and Obama’s actions were “sleazy and stupid,” Fournier added. “We’ve had sleazy and stupid — and, now, with these emails, suspicious. If she runs, are we going to have a full Seven Dwarfs? Seedy. Sanctimonious. Self-important. Slick.”

Fournier concluded that it may be time for Clinton to abandon her White House bid.

Naturally, Hillary is defiant. Tuesday night at an EMILY’s List party, she repeated ad nauseam her usual sermon about women’s empowerment and hammered away at “that old trickle-down economics” class warfare. She said nothing about the emails. After all, the presidency is her right, and she will continue to pursue it.

We hope Gowdy’s committee throws a wrench in the gears of Clinton’s election machine. He’s determined to get the emails, while she’ll do whatever she can to stop him. But many Democrats who’ve already been whispering about dumping Hillary (again) might decide the timing is right to find a better candidate.



Philosopher Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626): “It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose liberty, or to seek power over others and to lose power over a man’s self.”

Columnist Jim DeMint: “Despite the fact that Republicans have majorities in both the House and the Senate that were elected on a pledge to fight against President Obama’s executive amnesty, and despite forcing through a big spending bill at the end of 2014 with the promise they would fight later on Homeland Security appropriations, they are now punting the issue entirely. … The absurdity of this situation is that fighting the president’s executive amnesty through Department of Homeland Security appropriations was the strategy created by Republican leaders. Now that the time to fight has arrived, the generals are running from the battlefield and blaming the infantry they told to lead the charge. If the Republican majority in both houses of Congress is not willing to take a stand and fight against the government takeover of America’s healthcare system or the president’s arrogant usurpation of the constitutional powers of Congress, then what will they fight for? Who will stand with freedom-minded Americans who sent this majority to Washington to fight for them? I hope my former colleagues will ask themselves: ‘If not us, who? If not now, when?'”

Columnist Ben Shapiro: “On Monday, The New York Times reported that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never — not once — used her official State Department email address for her official communications. … Welcome to the most transparent administration in American history, where the Federal Communications Commission can regulate the Internet and keep those regulations secret before a vote, where top government officials can deliberately hide their emails from the public, but where your health records, income and emails are all government business. … What possible violations of the Constitutional system will Americans actually fight? The list of possibilities grows short. Reports emerged this week suggesting that President Obama will consider banning bullets by executive order, effectively castrating the Second Amendment by fiat. Shrug. The Obama White House announced this week that Obama was ‘very interested’ in unilaterally raising taxes. Shrug. Democracies die not with a whimper or a bang but with a shrug. When we don’t care enough about the system to stop its breakdown … the constitutional order collapses. But so what? By electing Hillary Clinton the presidency, we’ll strike a blow against non-existent generalized sexism in American society. And that’s far more important than having an answerable, accountable government.”

Comedian Argus Hamilton: “Washington, D.C., officially legalized the possession and home growing of marijuana at midnight on Thursday. The city is now the only national capital in the world where pot is legal. The next day the president confronted Michelle and claimed half of her White House garden as community property.”

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families.

“The Patriot Post ( )”

‘The Fosters’ breaks ground with Youngest Ever same-sex kiss between characters

Posted: 04 Mar 2015 08:08 AM PST

‘The Fosters’ breaks ground with Youngest Ever same-sex kiss between charactersWell the U.S pushes the boundaries once again and the “Days of Lot” are accelerating as two teen actors have made history this week by sharing what is believed to be the youngest same-sex kiss ever on U.S. television. The Historical moment took pace on Monday’s episode of The Fosters, Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) kissed after weeks of struggling with their feelings for each other. The characters are 13 years old but in real life, Byerly is 14 and MacIntosh is about to turn 16. MacIntosh told Just Jared the storyline is important because many young people can relate” FULL STORY

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6 NATO ships to stage war games in Black SeaPosted: 04 Mar 2015 07:54 AM PST

6 NATO ships to stage war games in Black SeaMore “War Games” are taking place as reports indicate Six NATO warships arrived in the Black Sea on Wednesday to take part in exercises with the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish navies, the Alliance’s Maritime Command (MARCOM) said in a statement. The assignment of the vessels is Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2), which is headed by US Rear Admiral Brad Williamson. SNMG2 currently consists of flagship US cruiser guided missile, the USS Vicksburg, as well as Canada’s HMCS Fredericton, Turkey’s TCG Turgutreis, FGS Spessart of Germany, Italian frigate ITS Aliseo and ROS Regina Maria of the US. FULL REPORT

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100,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Fuzesgyarmat, HungaryPosted: 04 Mar 2015 07:39 AM PST

100,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Fuzesgyarmat, HungaryReports out of Hungary indicate that at least 100,000 ducks were killed at a poultry farm in Fuzesgyarmat, a town in southeastern Hungary, after bird flu was discovered there, wire service MTI reported on Monday. Reports indicate that This flu, type H5N8, is not known to have infected humans. National chief veterinarian Lajos Bognar told MTI that the bird flu was found on only a single farm in Bekes County, albeit at all four of its sites. All birds on the farm, more than 100,000 ducks, were culled over the weekend and disinfection would take most of the week, Bognar said. A 3 km-deep protected area and a 10 sq km area of observation have been set up around the farm. Animals on all farms within 3 km are undergoing thorough and repeated testing, and all poultry shipments from a 10 km area have been restricted. FULL REPORT

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Thousands of TONS of shellfish have died off during past few years in Whangarei Harbour, New ZealandPosted: 04 Mar 2015 07:24 AM PST

Thousands of TONS of shellfish have died off during past few years in Whangarei Harbour, New Zealand

The volume of pipis on Mair Bank has slumped from 10,000 tonnes to less than 100 tonnes. Photo / Thinkstock

An alarming report is coming out of New Zealand indicating a massive pipi bed in Whangarei harbour is dying generating fears that the change could destabilise the harbour – and Marsden Point itself, Radio NZ reports. The volume of pipis on Mair Bank has slumped from 10,000 tonnes to less than 100 tonnes, sparking fears the massive sandbank, which protects the harbour entrance, will disappear. The sandbank, shaped similar to a shark’s tooth, lies just off Marsden Point. Locals previously waded out at low tide to scoop up the daily limit of 150 of the shellfish in a couple of minutes. But no more. FULL REPORT

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Hillary Clinton Evaded Benghazi Coverup Scrutiny By Illegally Using Private Email AccountPosted: 04 Mar 2015 07:15 AM PST

Hillary Clinton Evaded Benghazi Coverup Scrutiny By Illegally Using Private Email Account

“With all due respect, the fact is, we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decide to kill some Americans, what difference at this point does it make?”


In 2012, congressional investigators asked the State Department for a wide range of documents related to the attack on the United States diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. The department eventually responded, furnishing House committees with thousands of documents.

But it turns out that that was not everything.

The State Department had not searched the email account of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton because she had maintained a private account, which shielded it from such searches, department officials acknowledged on Tuesday.

It was only last month that the House committee appointed to investigate Benghazi was provided with about 300 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails related to the attacks. That was shortly after Mrs. Clinton turned over, at the State Department’s request, some 50,000 pages of government-related emails that she had kept on her private account. Mrs. Clinton’s aides on Tuesday sought to play down the significance of her exclusive use of a personal email account for State Department business. But an examination of records requests sent to the department reveals how the practice protected a significant amount of her correspondence from the eyes of investigators and the public. FULL REPORT

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Prophetic Pioneer Bill Hamon Calls Out Sin in the ChurchPosted: 04 Mar 2015 07:08 AM PST

Prophetic Pioneer Bill Hamon Calls Out Sin in the ChurchDr. Bill Hamon’s latest book answers a question that lingers in the hearts of many, particularly with regard to ministers committing major sin in their personal lives. Yet these leaders pastor major churches, healing the sick and ministering to the congregation. Dr. Hamon reminds us of Matthew 7:21-23, “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name, and done many wonders in your name? And then I will declare to them, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” He notes that when a sinful preacher prospers, “God is not confirming their ministries at all.” Instead, “He is confirming His word.” God allows the ministry to be successful because He cares about the people who are listening and wants them to be saved and healed. Dr. Hamon also answers other important questions like, “Are these ministers still guaranteed Heaven since they were saved once? Dr. Hamon says, “No.” Can their names be erased from the book of life? Dr. Hamon says, “Yes.” FULL MESSAGE

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BBQ Pitmasters Told to Take Down American FlagsPosted: 04 Mar 2015 07:04 AM PST

BBQ Pitmasters Told to Take Down American FlagsWhen will the madness stop in America? Another attack on U.S patriotism is coming out of Alabama. That’s because in the name of “Political Correctness” Jeff Petkevicius the founder of “Give it to God” competition barbecue — a professional barbecue team that smokes meat and shares the love of Jesus was told by organizers of an Alabama barbecue competition along with other competitors to take down the American flags hanging from their barbecue trailers.  “The sport of professional barbecue is extremely American and family oriented,” said pitmaster Jeff Petkevicius. The incident took place on Feb. 27th at the Sam’s Club National BBQ Competition in Daphne, Ala., sponsored by the Kansas City Barbecue Society.  SOURCE


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Study finds nearly one million U.S. children may be misdiagnosed with ADHDPosted: 04 Mar 2015 06:50 AM PST

Study finds nearly one million U.S. children may be misdiagnosed with ADHD  A shocking report is coming out from a research study conducted by a Michigan State University economist that has found that nearly one million children in the United States may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD.  According to reports diagnoses were often triggered by the child being the youngest (and therefore most immature) student in their kindergarten class. According to the study published in the Journal of Health Economics, these students are more likely to be prescribed medication to modify their behavior than their older classmates. According to lead researcher Todd Elder, this can waste between $320 million and $500 million per year on unnecessary medication. Between $80-$90 million of that is paid by Medicaid. FULL REPORT

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Top U.S. general says it is time to consider arming Ukrainian forcesPosted: 04 Mar 2015 06:40 AM PST

Top U.S. general says it is time to consider arming Ukrainian forcesAccording to reports from the Washington Post a top U.S. military officer expressed openness Tuesday to providing U.S. weapons to Ukrainian forces, joining a growing number of senior American officials who say greater U.S. involvement may be needed in Kiev’s fight against Russian-backed separatists. This comes on the heels of Russia threatening Military action if the US begins to arm Ukraine!  The General went on to say “I think we should absolutely consider providing lethal aid,” said Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “And it ought to be in the context of our NATO allies because [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s ultimate objective is to fracture NATO.” If this happens it will be interesting to see how Russia will respond. FULL REPORT

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U.S. will hit debt limit in October or NovemberPosted: 04 Mar 2015 06:27 AM PST

U.S. will hit debt limit in October or November This Fall will be time to “Pay the Piper” for the United States! That’s because the US Treasury Department will exhaust its capacity to borrow in October or November if the debt limit isn’t raised, which i’m pretty sure will be raised, after all what’s the limit right?  The non-partisan CBO had previously estimated that “extraordinary measures” Treasury could use to continue borrowing would last until September or October.Read CBO’s latest estimate. The debt limit is suspended until March 15. After that date, so-called extraordinary measures available to the Treasury to keep borrowing include deferring new investments in federal retirement and disability funds. FULL REPORT

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 On today’s Episode of The Briefing

1) Netanyahu’s Congress address exposes wide differences in view of challenge of Iran

Netanyahu, in Speech to Congress, Criticizes ‘Bad Deal’ on Iran Nuclear Program, New York Times (Peter Baker)

Obama lays out Iran nuclear deal conditions as Netanyahu visit begins, Los Angeles Times (David Lauter and Evan Halper)

2) Gay marriage plaintiffs claim the ‘right side of history’ before Supreme Court 

Gay marriage proponents claim ‘right side of history’, USA Today (Richard Wolf)

3) California GOP recognition of gay group too little, too late to get on ‘right side of history’

State GOP formally welcomes gays to the party, Los Angeles Times (Seema Mehta and Melanie Mason)

It was long past time for state GOP to recognize gay fundraising group, Los Angeles Times (Editorial Board)
In other news…

Queering the GOP, American Conservative (Rod Dreher)

WVW-TV Presents: Why The Heaven Tourist Reports Contradict Scripture (Part One)

by Worldview Weekend News Team
March 3, 2015

Why The Heaven Tourist Reports Contradict Scripture (Part One). Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room for members only.

Click here to watch now

Israel: Gods Timepiece
U.N. Special Envoy: Netanyahu Recognizes Signs Of TimesA U.N. special envoy says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday made clear he is thinking in “scriptural terms” and believes himself to be called to protect his people at this critical time ………….  Click here for full story
Israel: Gods Timepiece
The Breakdown Of U.S.-Israeli Relations Brings Us Several Steps Closer To World War IIIIn the past 40 years, we have never been closer to World War III than we are today. If you ask Americans to name what area of the globe they believe World War III will begin, the number one choice by a landslide would probably be the Middle East ……….  Click here for full story
Increase in Knowledge/New Technologies 
The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The InternetCan you imagine a world where your home, your vehicles, your appliances and every single electronic device that you own is constantly connected to the Internet? This is not some grand vision that is being planned for some day in the future. This is something that is being systematically implemented right now………..  Click here for full story
Where Is The US In Bible Prophecy?
Report: Obama Threatened To Shoot Down IAF Iran StrikeThe Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran………..  Click here for full story
Other Events To Watch
A Europe Without Jews?In Europe, evoking the memory of Auschwitz has become difficult; tomorrow, it may be impossible. The ceremony marking the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp was held on January 27 — and will likely be the last commemoration of its kind. ………  Click here for full story

Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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March 4, 2015 Truth2Freedom Daily Blogroll Collection

The Daily Discovery (March 4, 2015)

(Click title to go to full article)

The Juvenilization of American Christianity – “mericans of all ages are not sure they want to grow up. It is common to hear thirty-, forty-, or even fifty-year-olds say things like, ‘I guess I have to start thinking of myself as an adult now.’ Many emerging adults ages eighteen to twenty-three want to get married and have children eventually, but they think of settling down as the end of the good part of their lives. As one young woman put it, having children would be nice someday because they are ‘what makes your life, like, full, after like, you are done with your life, I guess.’ Try this experiment. Ask a group of college students to raise their hands if they think they are adults. They won’t know what to do. I can guarantee they won’t all raise their hands.”

Shepherds’ Conference 2015 – “Today marks the beginning of the 2015 Shepherds’ Conference, hosted by Grace Community Church. This year’s conference serves as a summit on the inerrancy of the Word of God.  I encourage you to pray for the speakers and attendees. I also encourage you to take advantage of the free live stream that is being offered. May God and His Word be highly exalted.”

Big Bang Blunder: Scientists Retract Alleged Proof of Universe’s Beginnings – “A team of astronomers who jubilantly announced last year that they had found proof of the Big Bang have now retracted their statements, admitting that their evidence was faulty.”

Articulating unbelief – “You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to write a letter, but this one has a very specific purpose, because it’s also my term paper for my apologetics and outreach course. I am to write a letter to a friend, a family member—someone I am close to—bridge the gap between their beliefs and my own, and encourage them to pursue Christ.”

Complementarianism & the Single Man – “Complementarianism affects more than marriages. As a single man, that’s an obvious statement, but I’ve been tempted to think that being a man was on hold until I ‘grew up’ and got married. Wrong.”


John MacArthur – Traits of a True Believer [Part 1]


God’s Promise

Jesus Culture’s romantic songs about Jesus are not new.

“If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism but deception.” – John Piper


2015 Summit on Inerrancy

Inerrancy SummitThis year’s Shepherds’ Conference is no ordinary conference. As Mike explained last week, this is a historic event, with more than 4,000 pastors and church leaders gathering at Grace Community Church to celebrate and affirm their commitment to the doctrine of inerrancy.

For those of you not able to be at the conference, here are several ways you can access the content:

You can livestream the conference through either Shepherds’ Conference or TMS.

Or, if you’ve missed the sessions, you can read the liveblog overviews at the following links:

Session 1: John MacArthur

Session 2: Alistair Begg

Session 3: R. C. Sproul

Session 4: Stephen Nichols

Session 5: Ligon Duncan


Do Calvinists Put God in a Box? Of Course We Do, But So Do You!

We may not like what Scripture says about God or us for that matter. But we must trust in the God who reveals Himself through Scripture and reject our own inclinations. To trust our feelings, desires and wants when it is contrary to Scripture is utter foolishness. By that I mean there is no greater fool than the one who rests in his own inclinations especially when Scripture contradicts those inclinations.

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Can I Call It “My” Church?

This week, I had two different conversations which thoughtfully challenged the use of my in front of church. Our language expresses our theology, and this tiny pronoun is worth some reflection. When I meet people at the next conference or denominational meeting who ask me “How’s your church?” what can I say? Can I—should I—call it my church?

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No Creeds! (Except What Celebrity Preacher Says)

In other words, the [celebrity] leaders of this “populist hermeneutic” told common Americans to read the Bible as if they were the first ones reading it and forget about the creeds and Christian scholars before them. On the other hand, the leaders were ultimately dominating the movement and many of the people were following them. Rather than follow in the footsteps of those Christians in history who went before them, these people were forgetting those who had gone before them and following the current popular [celebrity] leader.

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The Dangers of Pet Sins

We all desire to be wise, but the keeping of pet sins is dangerous and foolish. Sin is an untamable beast and must not be underestimated. We are not strong enough to keep it as a pet or kill it in our own strength. But Jesus has overcome them all and has given us the power to overcome them as well.

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What Good Is Faith?

Please notice which verb the catechism used in Q.59. “Believe.” Please notice which verbs are absent: doing, obeying, growing, cooperating, keeping. These are the verbs of the moralists. That some of them are now conceding justification sola gratia, sola fidebut falling back to “salvation” as the place to man the barricades in defense of works tells us that their concession is merely rhetorical, strategic. They can still make works do more than serve as the logically, morally necessary fruit and evidence of justification and salvation.

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Why You Should Never Be “Done” With Church

These are just a few reasons God’s word says we should be part of a local church. You may need to leave the particular church you are in now. But Jesus wants you to be in some church somewhere. A church with pastors, preaching, instruction, shepherding. It won’t be perfect. It will probably be messy, hopefully not as messy as Corinth. But you need to be in a church. And some local church needs you.

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Why is Denying Justification Such a Serious Error?

In spite of all the passages cited above, some believe that justification by faith alone is a secondary or tertiary doctrine. They say, “We may be justified by faith alone, but we’re not justified by believing justification by faith alone.” Using that rationale, they go on to say a person may be saved without believing this crucial doctrine. But consider three points in response to that assertion.

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Should I Attend the Wedding of a Gay Friend or Family Member?

Can we invite our gay neighbors to dinner? Can we welcome them as guests in our home? Can we work alongside them as colleagues at our places of business? Can we offer real friendship and love? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. But we may not attend their wedding. We should vigorously pursue other ways to love our gay friends and neighbors that don’t include compromise on issues of truth. No one relishes the conflict that comes with declining such an invitation. It’s a tough call, but it is the right call.

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Until fairly recently, every educated person would have known this

There are many factors that have contributed to problems in worship today, but I believe one of the most significant is the fact that very few people today have any knowledge of how poetry and music work.

The fact is that until fairly recently every educated person–especially pastors–would have had a basic understanding of poetry and music such that they appreciated the power of aesthetic form to shape content and were equipped to make informed decisions about what kinds of poetic and musical forms were best suited for corporate worship. Today, poetry and music are considered “extra-curricular.” Traditionally, the arts were part of the core liberal arts curriculum.

I recently addressed a group of current and future church leaders, and I used the opportunity to give them a brief crash course in poetic and musical form, the content of which in the past would have been common knowledge with educated people.

The corporate ministry of song is important to God only because how we express our affections to God is important to him. Some kinds of affections are inordinate—they are inappropriate for expression to God. And because a Christian song, through poetic and music devices, can shape doctrinal content to express various kinds of affections, some song are appropriate for expression to God, and some are not.

Thus as Christians committed to expressing to the Lord affections that are worthy of him, it is our responsibility to parse the meaning of our songs to discern whether they are best for use in Christian worship. And this is particularly important for ministers in Christ’s churches.

Read more

Three Christian Misconceptions About Muslims

by Pastor J.D.

When the average Westerner hears “Muslim,” a number of images come to mind—mostly negative. But most Muslims would be just as horrified as we are at the assumptions entertained about them. Here are some of the most common misconceptions that Westerners have about Muslims:

Read more

The Appalling GayFL Social Engineers

by Bill Muehlenberg

Once upon a time people got together to play sport and have a bit of fun. Love of the game was the main thing. Not too long ago it was not professional, it was not dominated by big bucks, and it certainly was not about political correctness and ramming radical activist agendas down the throats of the fans.

Well, things have changed – big time. Now our major sports codes are as much about radical social engineering, and forcing activist agendas on everyone as they are about actual sport. And the AFL is up to their ears in this rubbish.

Read more


On this day of the Jewish festival of Purim, we’re going to talk about Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to congress yesterday, and reaction. Why should America support and stand with Israel? Many reasons: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, which is reason alone to stand with her. She has been […]

Read more of this post

Netanyahu at the US Congress

by Bill Muehlenberg

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just delivered his historical address to the US Congress. This has been amazing for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is all the opposition of Barack Obama. The fact that Netanyahu came in response to Speaker Boehner’s invitation had Obama throwing a hissy fit.

But more importantly, as one Italian journalists wrote, “The Obama Administrations fomented a war on Jerusalem and treated Israel like a banana republic. Obama now wants to force Israel to submissively offer its throat to Iran’s knife.” And even more incredibly, consider the reports saying that last year Obama authorised Israeli planes to be shot down if they targeted nuclear facilities in Iran.

As one commentator said, “Obama exceeds Chamberlain by switching allegiance from ally to enemy”.

Read more

Stand Up For the Truth on Israel and Prime Minister Benjamen Natanyahu: Can we please get our act together?

Link to video of PM Natanyahu’s talk to US Congress: From Stand Up for the Truth Radio and News Today could go down in history as the day America gets its act together, repents of its political folly and stand once again with Israel.

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?


Featured Blogs


Why Your Church Needs a New Members Class – Rainer on Leadership #103

Podcast Episode #103

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A new members class is critical to informing prospective new members of information and expectations related to your church. In fact, I would suggest every church have a new members class. And today, we explain why its needed and how your church can benefit from it.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Typically, the more you expect from someone, the more you will get from them.
  • The backdoor of our churches is as big as it is today because we’ve set low expectations in the past.
  • New members who connect with a small group are nearly five times more likely to stay at a church than those who don’t.
  • The more people know about a church and the more they are involved in a church, the more they feel a sense of belonging.
  • Church vision statements should be simple, short, and memorable.
  • You should offer ministry service opportunities to new members as soon as they join a church.
  • Being a part of a church means being a good steward financially.
  • The most effective new members classes are offered in one sitting.
  • One of the greatest evangelistic tools you have is your new members class.

The 10 reasons churches need a new members class are because this class…

  1. Informs the member
  2. Sets expectations
  3. Moves members to small groups
  4. Defines doctrine and polity
  5. Closes the back door
  6. Introduces staff
  7. Clarifies vision or mission
  8. Defines ministry opportunities
  9. Establishes stewardship expectations
  10. Provides guidance in the facilities

Episode Sponsor

Vanderbloemen Search GroupVanderbloemen Search Group is the premier pastor search firm dedicated to helping churches and ministries build great teams. They’ve helped hundreds of churches just like yours find their church staff and are uniquely geared to help you discern who God is calling to lead your church. Find out more about Vanderbloemen Search Group by visiting


If you have a question you would like answered on the show, fill out the form on the podcast page here at If we use your question, you’ll receive a free copy of Autopsy of a Deceased Church.


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Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

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Iran’s leaders reject Obama deal, calling it “unacceptable.” It’s been a bizarre few days. Here’s the latest.

Originally posted on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog:

US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, for a new round of nuclear negotiations on Monday, March 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, for a new round of nuclear negotiations on Monday, March 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

(Washington, D.C.) — Consider the odd developments of the past few days:

* The leader of our most faithful and trusted ally comes to Washington to warn of a mortal and rising threat from a dangerous and deceiving enemy.

* The President of the United States refuses to meet with him.

* The President sends his VP out of the country to avoid our ally.

* The President sends the Secretary of State out of the country to avoid our ally, and instead to meet with our enemy.

* The President refuses to allow any of his Cabinet Members attend the speech by our ally.

* The White House pressures Members of Congress to boycott the speech of our ally.

* The President’s…

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58 Democrats boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress on Iran

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, and below you can find a round-up of reactions.

Here’s The Daily Signal summarizing why Netanyahi opposes the deal:

Netanyahu made the case before Congress that the White House’s efforts to negotiate a deal with Iran have about as much in common with the Camp David Accords as an SNL skit has with a State of the Union Address. The administration’s proposal is anything but a realistic plan for peace.

A real peace plan would demonstrate that all sides were committed to not adding more nuclear weapons powers to the Middle East. The deal as it stands does the opposite—it preserves the nuclear option for Iran—and as result will prompt other regional powers to hedge their bets and prepare to go nuclear as well rather than live in Tehran’s nuclear shadow.

The proposed multi-year moratorium doesn’t end concerns that Iran…

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