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LAPD charging jaywalkers $191 in new crackdown

Pedestrians should think twice before jaywalking in downtown L.A. — or they could walk away with a $191 fine. During the busy holiday shopping season, the Los Angeles Police Department is ramping up a zero-tolerance policy for jaywalkers downtown

Top 10 revelations from WikiLeaks cables

The disclosure of the cables, most of them from the past 3 years, offers a rare unfiltered view of the secretive world of high-level diplomacy. As such, it could complicate relations with a host of friendly and unfriendly nations.

ID (Social Security #) will be needed to mail a package

Janet Napolitano, set up new Department of Homeland Security shipping restrictions on November 17, 2010 that blocks the shipping of any NON COMMERCIAL parcel into the United States that weighs more than 0.9 pounds (under 16 ounces) without first…

Paul Craig Roberts: Stench Of Growing Economic Decay Grows Stronger

On Thanksgiving Eve, the English language China Daily and People’s Daily Online reported that Russia and China have concluded an agreement to abandon the use of the US dollar in their bilateral trade and to use their own currencies in its place. The Russians and Chinese said that they had taken this step in order to insulate their economies from the risks that have undermined their confidence in the US dollar as world reserve currency. This is big news, especially for the news dead Thanksgiving holiday period, but I did not see it reported on Bloomberg, CNN,New York Times or anywhere in the US media. The ostrich’s head remains in the sand. Previously, China concluded the same agreement with Brazil. As China has a large and growing supply of dollars from trade surpluses with which to conduct trade, China is signaling that she prefers Russian rubles and Brazilian reals to more US dollars. The American financial press finds solace in the episodes when sovereign debt scares in the EU send the dollar up against the euro and UK pound. But these currency movements are just measures of financial players shorting troubled EU-denominated debt. They are not a measure of dollar strength. The dollar’s role as world reserve currency is one of the main instruments of American financial hegemony. We haven’t been told how much damage Wall Street fraud has inflicted on EU financial institutions, but the EU countries no longer need the US dollar for trade between themselves as they share a common currency. Once the OPEC countries cease to hold the dollars that they are paid for oil, dollar hegemony will have faded away.

Monetary Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Do you think our Congress is listening? Europe is falling apart, capitalistic socialism is failing, their bailouts are getting worse and yet we have a Speaker of the House of the lame-duck session of our Congress to is unwilling to do what historically proved to be the best medicine for a failing economy: cut government spending and cut taxes.

Dr. Blaylock: Body Scanners More Dangerous Than Feds Admit

Dr. Russell Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, lecturer, and editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report.

What the TSA is NOT Telling You about Full Body Scans…

LAWSUIT – According to the group, the imaging machines constitute a suspicionless search of all airport travelers in an extremely invasive way — so invasive that it violates the reasonable standard contained in the Fourth Amendment.