Woe be unto those who assert their constitutional rights

Arrogant. Incompetent. Ineffective. Deceitful. Bullying. And very, very expensive. TSA epitomizes the federal government under Barack Obama.

TSA is the acronym for the Transportation Security Administration. But for those air travelers who it forces to make an ugly choice, TSA also has come to stand for Touch Sensitive Areas.

Most air travelers go through metal detectors before they’re allowed into the boarding area. But some are selected at random for more rigorous scrutiny. This consists either of going through a full body scanner or, if the passenger declines that, of a rigorous pat down. . .

. . . Because those chosen to undergo these procedures are selected not because they are thought to pose a threat, but because they are 12th or 14th in line, the body scans and invasive pat-downs do next to nothing to enhance security.

And because the victims are chosen at random, the scans and pat downs may violate the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches.


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