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Amish Population Booming

Amish families are dispersed across 29 states —
stretching from Montana to Florida — within 456 autonomous settlements, a sharp
increase from the 179 settlements listed in the 1990 census. Analysts see no
reason for this trend to slow and project the number of believers to approach 1
million by the late 2050s.

“Rapid Progress”: Controlling the Imperial Military With Drugs

With suicide rapidly becoming the leading cause of death
among those assigned to carry out the Empire’s global mission of redemptive
bloodshed, officially sanctioned drug use is reaching unprecedented levels.
Notes the Los Angeles Times:

Feds Are Cutting Social Security Benefits From Retirees Who Can’t Pay Back Student Loans

While most attention in the ongoing student debt crisis
narrative has focused on new graduates, it turns out the federal government has
been quietly targeting a different group of debtors: retirees.

Study Finds US Troop Morale Plummeting

The latest version of an annual survey of senior
enlisted men in the US military find troop morale plummeting and only about 1 in
4 believing that the military is actually heading in the right direction.

Americans Increasingly Super-Sizing Their Churches

More and more Americans are spending their Sundays at
megachurches, enormous churches with congregations numbering in the thousands.
Despite the size of these churches, members don’t get lost in the crowd, new
research finds.

Jacob Rothschild, John Paulson And George Soros All Betting That Financial Disaster Is Coming

Are you willing to bet against three of the wealthiest men in
the entire world? Jacob Rothschild recently bet approximately 200 million
dollars that the euro will go down …

The Dangers Of Big Brother Recording Your Every Move

Recent doomsday reports alluding to an extensive government
spying network and a fictional scenario in which domestic insurrection was
crushed by the military have created a wealth of media hype and speculation, but
they also raise valid questions of how to address these civil liberties issues
before they become a reality

What Is Hate Speech?

What is hate speech? Does it fall into the category of “I can’t
define it but I know when I hear it?” Most thinking Americans can tell the
difference between speech that is simply expressing a positive point of view and
speech that is poisoned with the venom of hatred .

‘The Harbinger’: Fact, Fiction, Confusion, Reality

“The Harbinger” has become a phenomenon in the Christian world and, more and more, in the secular realm as well. The first week of its release, the book hit the New York Times bestsellers list and has been a national bestseller ever since. Its companion DVD documentary, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” has been the No. 1 Christian or faith video for 22 weeks.

When a message of this nature attains such success, it’s guaranteed to become a lightning rod of controversy. While the book and movie have received praise and adulation, they have also been the targets of criticism and attack.

Kristol to Obama: Repudiate Anti-Israel Figures Among ‘Rabbis for Obama’

Bill Kristol, in his capacity as chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, has written the following letter to President Barack Obama to ask him to repudiate anti-Israel figures among the “Rabbis for Obama” group:

Dear Mr. President:

This week, your campaign launched a group called “Rabbis for Obama.” The “Rabbis for Obama,” your campaign says, are “committed to re-electing” you due to your “policy agenda that represents the values of the overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community” and your “deep commitment to the security of the state of Israel.”

Has Our Culture Extinguished the Reality of Hell?

Twelve dead. Fifty-eight injured. Countless people reeling from grief. The July 20 shooting in Aurora, Colo., has scarred the American psyche and generated debates on everything from gun control to the effects of movie violence to the reality of hell.

That’s right. The debate on hell is back on the front burner.

When Jerry Newcombe, the host of Truth that Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy, suggested the tragedy in Colorado happened because America has lost its fear of hell, media reaction was swift and ugly.

Michelle Malkin: “Clean Energy” Is Obama-Speak for Crony Government

Breaking news: The Fishwrap of Record has finally discovered that the Obama administration gives its Chicago corporate pals special access to power and regulatory favoritism. On Thursday, The Not-So-New York Times published an A1 story titled “Ties to Obama Aided in Access for Big Utility.”

Everyone, put on your shocked faces!

Why an Israeli Strike on Iran Will Happen Before the Election

If Israel jets show up in Iranian airspace, it will most likely happen while Obama is too busy  accusing Mitt Romney of secretly storing all his money in a giant cave in the Rocky Mountains to do more than dispatch a flunky to chew out Netanyahu over the phone. The election is the perfect window for a strike on Iran’s nuclear program, because Team Obama will be too tied down on the Romney Front to do much damage to Israel.

Headlines of the times – WND

These are just a few headlines gleaned from various news outlets last weekend. At first blush, one might say that they are completely unrelated. On the contrary, I believe they are very well-related. They all reflect the degree to which America has fallen, culturally speaking, morally and in stature.

‘2016 – Obama’s America’ Succeeds at Box Office; Reports of Missing Listings?

The film’s marketing company reported that someone in the Orange County area of Southern California complained in an email that they “saw nothing on ‘2016’ in the papers despite the fact it was playing at a dozen locations.

According to the email, the Orange County Register’s Sunday edition listed this correction: “Due to a wire service error, the film 2016 Obama’s America was omitted from this weekend’s movie listings for 8 theatres (all over OC and Long Beach).”

Exposing the Real Barack Obama

Years, and sometimes decades, pass between my visits to movie theaters. But I drove 30 miles to see the movie “2016,” based on Dinesh D’Souza’s best-selling book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” Where I live is so politically correct that such a movie would not even be mentioned, much less shown.

Every seat in the theater was filled, even though there had been an earlier showing that day, and more showings were scheduled for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I had to sit on a staircase in the balcony, but it was worth it.

Survey: 90 million unhappy Americans won’t vote

Experts are questioning the results of a new poll that show nearly 40 percent of adult U.S. citizens will stay away from the polls this November. But according to the study, if those Americans were to cast a ballot, President Barack Obama would coast to a second term victory.

Obama’s Nuclear Strike on American Workers

On August 15th, last week, the Obama administration began the implementation of the first mass amnesty for illegal aliens in 25 years. While the 1986 amnesty was at least a lawful act, the 2012 amnesty is an illegal and destructive piece of unilateral legislation from the executive branch.