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Happy Reformation Day!

I am firmly convinced that if you understand the history of the Reformation including an understanding of Medieval Roman Catholicism and Martin Luther’s torturous sojourn through it that you will have the ability to better spot the false theology that has crept into today’s church. To help you gain an understanding of that history I’m providing you with links to download FREE books and other resources that you can add to your digital library that will aid you in better understanding the historic Christian faith.

Enjoy and Be Edified by these Free Resources!

Chris Rosebrough

A Brief Reformation Day History and Some Reformation Resources

*This article largely is adapted from Steve Lawson’s book, Pillars of Grace, Chapter 20, “Fortress for Truth.”


By the sixteenth century, God had uniquely positioned and prepared the Western world for what would come to be known as the Protestant Reformation. Closing out the Middle Ages and ushering in the beginning of modernity, the Reformation has been called the greatest event in history, next to the introduction of Christianity.1 Not only was the church, which at this time was the Roman Catholic Church, in dire need of reform, but at this point in history, even the secular world sat poised for a new beginning.

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R.C. Sproul’s ‘Luther and the Reformation’

In celebration of Reformation Day, Ligonier is offering for free the downloadable edition of R.C. Sproul’s recently released ten-part series, “Luther and the Reformation.”

What is Reformation Day?

Today marks the 495th anniversary of Martin Luther’s bold stand to expose blasphemy: the selling of God’s grace and forgiveness in the form of indulgences. It was the spark that ignited the Reformation which also exposed many other heresies through the authority of Scripture. Many evangelicals today are not aware of the eternal truths that the Reformers laid down their lives defending. Others have forgotten the unspeakable torture, imprisonment and horrifying deaths the Reformers endured for the sake of the Gospel…

Christians and Halloween

It’s October 31, and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s Reformation Day. For many evangelicals, that’s not even on your radar. Instead, Halloween is the big topic of the day. You’ll see folks today abstain from the rituals, wishing to be set apart from this event and it’s occultic origins. Others will be dressing up, attending secular or church-based festivals and trick-or-treating.  No matter how you are observing or not observing Halloween today, we’re asking Christians to be patient with one another, understand where the other side is coming from, and yes, continue to stand for God’s Word.

Here is some food for thought, reprinted from John MacArthur’s Grace To You site today: