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Christian Apologist ‘Eastwooding’ After Richard Dawkins Refuses Debate

The Christian Post reports:

A video of a Christian apologist who “Eastwooded” atheist author Richard Dawkins in response to Dawkins’ refusal to debate him over the existence of God will soon be posted to YouTube.

The video features Dr. William Lane Craig, a research professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, delivering remarks at Contending with Christianity’s Critics Conference held at Watermark Community Church in Dallas on Sept. 29.


The Culture’s the Thing – Someone Isn’t Necessarily Orthodox Just Because They Preach The Gospel

Looking back on the creepy cults of the 70s and the self-indulgent excesses of the televangelists of the 80s can be a little like watching an episode of some ghastly ‘reality TV show’: as the freaks and frauds parade on the television screen, that subtle sentiment of “I thank thee Lord that I am not like other men” is never far from the surface…


Mormonism First Attacked The Christian Faith

Apprising Ministries brings you the proper perspective concerning the increasing number of evangelicals soft-peddling the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).


Multi-Site Churches: Paving the Road to a “Cult of Personality”

This well researched post looks at this critical issue and asks some important questions:

the one unifying element that is present at every multi-site church every Sunday morning is the presence of the Senior (or Teaching) Pastor.  This, of course, raises the question as to why his (or her) presence is considered to be the essential ingredient.

If a congregation truly desired to worship as “one church on many campuses,” would it not stand to reason that there should be one worship band, “beamed” to all the sites, so that the church could worship together as a corporate whole?  And what about one reading of Scripture common to all?  Or one breaking of the bread lead by the pastor standing before the entire body?

When it comes right down to it, if we are going to make an argument for “one church on many campuses,” why is there only one element – the charismatic preacher – that is common to all the sites, while everything else involved in the practice of communal worship is passed off to be handled at the local level?  What is so vital about his (or her) contribution?

While the answer may not be pleasing to the ears of those that lead these churches, an argument could be made that as opposed to centering the practice of the church on the life, death and resurrection of the Christ and the proclamation of His Word, many of these churches have made a subtle shift towards centering the church on “the proclamation.”

That is to say, an argument could be made that many of these churches are leaning more upon the rhetorical giftings of their Senior Pastors than they are upon the content of their message.  And when they begin to slide in this direction, they begin the slow, inevitable descent into what is commonly referred to as the “cult of personality.” (source)

Apparently James MacDonald Has Acknowledged The Elephant’s Debt

At Apprising Ministries I’ve talked a lot about how a growing syncretism with Word Faith prosperity preaching is receiving a real assist from the emerging ecumenical magisterium springing up around the Elephant Room.

In ER 2, along with his cohost New Calvinist Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald opened the door into the mainstream of evangelicalism for T.D. Jakes; without question one of WF’s most notorious prosperity preachers.

Now there are those who are quite disappointed with the drift of James MacDonald and as I told you in Elephant Room Curator James MacDonald And The Elephant’s trouble has been brewing within his organizations.

I also mentioned that over the past few days a number of sources had sent me the link to The Elephant’s Debt: From Exodus To Jubilee of Scott Bryant and Ryan Mahoney, both former members of MacDonald’s church.

Some lament criticism like this be done privately, but any necessary correction in this case would need to be public because of an important inherent flaw in the cult of celebrity megachurch vision-casting prophet-leaders.

These quasi-prosperity megachurch leaders believe they’ve received direct revelation from God, which they share with their followers via occulitc “vision-casting.” So, to disagree with them is essentially to oppose God Himself.

Well, it now appears that James MacDonald has discovered The Elephant’s Debt, as on their Your Story page we see the following comment…