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Our Criminal Evangelical Silence

Conrad Mbewe pastors Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia, Africa. At his blog, Mbewe laments the stunning—and seemingly criminal—silence of self-professing evangelicals in the face of the many assaults on the Gospel today. Though he speaks largely of the state of the visible church in Africa, the stark reality is that such attacks are occurring in every nation.

The result of all this is that we have “Protestant” churches on literally every street but the evangelical faith is totally absent. In fact these churches have become dens of iniquity.


The Latest Pew Survey: Christianity Losing, Secularism Winning

This is clearly the implication of the media reports following the latest Pew Research, “Nones on the Rise,” which shows a “steep decline” in the number of Protestants. Trying to spin this in such a way that the Christian faith appears culturally vital is a little like putting lipstick on a pig; but concluding that Christianity is losing and secularism is winning isn’t quite accurate either.


Meet the Nones

Now that the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has documented the “nones” are the fastest-growing and now second-largest religious constituency in the United States, constituting one of every five Americans, who are they?


If You Still Think You’ve Arrived

Editors’ note: Last week Paul Tripp offered four warning signs that pastors think they’ve arrived:

  • Think you don’t need what you preach.
  • Not be open to the ministry of the body of Christ.
  • Expect of others the perfection that you think you’ve achieved.
  • Feel qualified for more control.

He concludes this week with five additional signs of trouble and news of one great Deliverer.

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Latest As James MacDonald Addresses Detractors At Harvest Bible Church

Apprising Ministries now brings you up to speed on this developing issue.

Apprising Ministries has been covering what seems to be a developing story concerning Elephant Room curator James MacDonald and a website called The Elephant’s Debt put up a two former members of his HBC.

Today I was pointed to the following update at TED entitled Recent Developments:

James MacDonald addresses the issue of detractors with HBC congregation.  Commenter makes startling claim related to salary.