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Rick Warren Says Annual Campaign Is the “Single-Most Important Ingredient” in Saddleback’s Growth

In a new video at PurposeDriven.com, Rick Warren of Saddleback Church invites pastors and churches to embark with him on a new 40-day campaign. Behind this latest endeavor is the re-release of Warren’s bestselling book, The Purpose Driven Life (PDL).

“If you want to help your church,” says Warren, “become stronger, healthier, more stable and experience exponential growth,” then joining this campaign is the way to achieve such goals. The implication seems to be that, in participating in such a campaign, a church may experience similar growth as Saddleback Church. Most pastors would claim to give God the glory for such explosive church growth as Warren has seen, even if such declarations were merely lip service. In this video, however, Rick Warren unequivocally states that the “single-most important ingredient in the growth of Saddleback Church” has been “the power of the annual campaign.” Read more of this post

CA$H COW$ & FAT CAT$ – The Cult of Evangelical Leadership, Part 2

Cash Cow: “A cash cow is a product or a business unit that generates unusually high profit margins…. A customer or organization that has no control over its spending.”[2]

Fat Cat: “A rich, greedy person who, due to ownership of large amounts of capital, is able to ‘live easy’ off the work of others.”[3]

The widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4). It is one of the most durable myths in Evangelicaldom. Leaders perpetuate the myth with their endless fundraising. “Your dollar will help my project to … fill in the blank.” These leaders say they are doing “the Lord’s work” and every mite you send to them will “bless you” in return.

But is Evangelicaldom fueled by widows’ mites alone? No! The whole Mega-Ministry Empire operates like a giant Cash Cow, and its Reigning
Monarchs act like Fat Cats. Since most Fat Cats are treated like Sacred Cows, their people rarely question them about money matters. But where does all their money come from? Surely not just from tiny widows’ mites!


Mormonism ‘Cult’ Claim Vanishes from Billy Graham Site

Apprising Ministries recently reported that, even as prominent evangelical leader Billy Graham was endorsing Mormon Mitt Romney for president, previous warnings on the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association which labeled Mormonism a cult mysteriously disappeared. The Citizen-Times now shares additional information:

A Billy Graham Evangelistic Association article labeling Mormonism a cult has been removed from the group’s website following the 93-year-old televangelist’s meeting with the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney last week.


The Great Clarification: Fuzzy Fidelity and the Rise of the Nones

Dr. Albert Mohler responds to the study recently released by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life:

The most significant finding in this research may well [be] the documentation of the fact that the rise of the unaffiliated means that the “nones” are moving out of a loose religious affiliation into none at all.

In other words, those Americans who had previously reported a loose or tenuous identification with a religious body now feel free to identity with no faith at all. A casual faith is one that points to an individual moving out of any faith at all, rather than moving in. This strongly suggests that cultural Christianity, for example, is simply disappearing.