Daily Archives: October 18, 2012

New Mobile Site for BiblicalTraining

We now have an optimized version of BiblicalTraining for your mobile device. Just point your mobile browser to m.biblicaltraining.org, and see how easy it is to access our classes on the go. In fact, you can just use our shortened url: bt4.us. You can also check out our general information on mobile.

The world is changing. I always thought of the website as the face and primary access point for people using BiblicalTraining, but it is clear that the vast majority of people want to use mobile and want to access the materials whenever and wherever they are. We are committed to developing mobile to be as feature rich as the website.

Texas Church Sign Calls Obama ‘Muslim, ‘Communist’

A message put on the sign of an interdenominational church in Texas referring to President Barack Obama as a “Muslim” and a “Communist” has garnered controversy.


Tehran Declares Intent to Enrich Uranium to 90% for Military Purposes

By Joel C. Rosenberg

The clock is ticking on Israel’s decision to go to war with Iran. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Security Cabinet weigh the timing for a preemptive military strike on Iran, they are assessing many pieces of data. Among them: Are international negotiations, economic sanctions, and covert attacks slowing down Iran’s efforts to…


Franklin Graham: Obama’s Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage a ‘Big Problem’

The Rev. Franklin Graham has stated that President Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage is a “big problem” for him regarding Christian voters.


The Burpo-Malarkey Doctrine

It’s odd and troubling that the best-selling evangelical book of the past decade is a fanciful account of heaven spun from the imagination of a four-year-old boy. (Believe it or not, The Purpose-Driven Life and The Prayer of Jabez are both now more than a decade old.) Peddling fiction about the afterlife as non-fiction is the current Next Big Thing in the world of evangelical publishing.

Those books are part of a burgeoning genre, currently one of the hottest trends in publishing: imaginative tales purporting to be eyewitness accounts of heaven and the afterlife. (Blogger Tim Challies has labeled the genre “Heaven Tourism,” candidly dismissing one bestseller in the category as “pure junk, fiction in the guise of biography, paganism in the guise of Christianity.”)

What’s different about the current crop of afterlife testimonies is that they are being eagerly sought and relentlessly cranked out by evangelical publishers. They are bought and devoured by millions who would describe themselves as born-again Bible-believing Christians. Every book I have named in the above list comes from an ostensibly evangelical source. Many of them are old-guard mainstream ECPA publishers, not vanity presses or dilettantes from the charismatic fringe.

But the larger issue is one no authentic believer should miss: the whole premise behind every one of these books is contrary to everything Scripture teaches about heaven.

In an upcoming book dealing with this subject, John MacArthur says…