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Rocking with Rick Warren at his Halloween Blocktober

Apprising Ministries was among the first to break the story that Dr. John Piper made the unfortunate mistake of asking Rick Warren to be a keynote speaker for the Desiring God Conference 2010.

I’m afraid that when he opened the door for Warren into such a respected area of the Reformed circle as the DG conference, and then came to Warren’s defense, he opened the door for a renewed burst of Rick Warrenism.

Another thing Piper’s declaring Rick Warren “doctrinal and sound” helped expand is a new emerging ecumenical evangelical magisterium that’s been growing up around the Elephant Room conferences of James MacDonald.

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16,000 Halloween revelers rock Rick Warren’s ‘Blocktober’

“Saddleback Church event drew families from throughout Orange County for an evening of fun,” proclaims the Orange County Register: Here is Erika Ritchie’s story:


Stuffed Shirts & Their Sycophants – The Cult of Evangelical Leadership, Part 3

Stuffed Shirt: Someone viewed as exceedingly competent, a notch above others, extraordinary, superior, elite, a surpassing expert, a change agent, above average, higher up, unrivaled, first-class, a higher degree, hardly ever wrong, and wealthier than average. Stuffed Shirts are perceived as formal, pompous, narcissistic, arrogant, excessively elite, stiff, controlled, perfectionistic, smug or conceited; and many are considered to be inflexible, condescending, controlling or reactionary.

Sycophant: a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning sidekick; naïve or blind follower; a favor-seeking underling.

The evangelical universe has an over-abundance of Stuffed Shirt Types these days. Parachurch organizations are overflowing with them. Seminaries breed them. Conferences are booked to capacity with them.

Stuffed Shirts exist solely because they are continuously surrounded by vast armies of Sycophants, their own True Believers.

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