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Transform Student Ministries of Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries Turns to Steven Furtick for Inspiration

Kay Arthur’s well-respected Precept Ministries International (PMI) says that it “exists to establish people in God’s Word using Inductive Bible study.” This is an admirable objective, and one that is greatly needed in a time when the visible church is exhibiting a deplorable lack of biblical literacy and knowledge.

Being such a large organization, PMI naturally operates under various arms, one of these being Transform Student Ministries, which is described as,

the generational equipping arm of Precept Ministries International. Precept Ministries and Transform are dedicated to coming alongside teens, college students, and leaders to establish them in God’s Word. Challenging them to know God and walk obediently. Teaching them to study His Word inductively. Training them to lead others in the power of the Holy Spirit. And providing biblical discipleship through Bible study materials, conferences, seminars, and camps. Source

Knowing the nature and reputation of PMI, then, it may surprise some to discover that its student ministry arm, Transform, has in the past utilized the teaching of Steven Furtick and his book, Sun Stand Still, to encourage and teach followers of its blog.

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Elephant Room 2′s T.D. Jakes Shares His Ministry Philosophy

As a leading work in the still developing field of online apologetics and discernment ministry (OADM) a large part of the labor in the Lord here at Apprising Ministries is to assess trends in the visible church as they develop.

One of which I mentioned again the other day in T.D. Jake’s Spiritual Daughter Paula White’s Latest Lie To Fleece Her Flock; we’re right now witnessing Word Faith prosperity preachers gaining evangelical acceptance.

Even a couple of years ago who would have believed that James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll would actually open the door for WF mogul T.D. Jakes into mainstream evangelicalism via their Elephant Room 2.

Perhaps we now have reason to wonder if they also share Jakes’ ministry philosophy: