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Paul David Tripp: Never Stop Being a Student

Do you think that you’ve arrived? Do you tend to think that you’ve learned what you need to learn and now know what you need to know? Or do you want to understand more deeply and more fully? Do you have a humble, open, and seeking heart?

There was once a time in the early years of our faith when we couldn’t get enough. We had a voracious hunger for truth. We lived with the humbling realization that there was so much we didn’t know. We loved to study the Word of God. We loved listening to peers and mentors who were further along. We were students.

But something happened along the way. Perhaps we got distracted by the world and began to live more like tourists than students. Perhaps we got discouraged and felt our study wasn’t helping. Or perhaps our hunger was blunted by a feeling of arrival.

Whatever your story, I say to you – never stop being a student. There are two reasons. First – the depth of God’s wisdom. It has no boundary. It has no bottom. It has no ceiling. If for ten million years you sat for 24 hours a day at His feet to listen, you would scratch only the surface of His wisdom.

Here’s the second reason – the danger of the world. Falsehood echoes more loudly and repeatedly than the sounds of wisdom. Every day a thousand voices speak into your life, and the majority of those voices have not gotten the flowers of their insight from the wisdom garden of the Lord.

You see, we live in the middle of a raging wisdom war. It’s so easy to be taken captive. It’s so easy to have divine wisdom corrupted by human wisdom. It’s so easy to breathe in the polluted air of a culture that no longer actually thinks that God is, let alone that He is wise.

I’ll say it again, never stop being a student. Morning after morning, bow your head and humbly pray – “Lord, please teach me your way.”

In what ways have you stopped living as a student?
To become more of a student, what changes would you need to make in your approach to daily life?
What, in your knowledge of God’s truth, do you need to investigate further and understand more fully?

God bless

Paul David Tripp


Progressive Christians Use the Bible to Promote Abortion

Amy Spreeman, co-host of Stand Up For The Truth, reprinted an article from The Christian Left blog entitled, “The Bible Tells Us When A Fetus Becomes A Living Being.” The article, says Amy, is an “unfortunate portrayal of how progressive Christianity is using the Bible as a weapon to argue FOR the pro-abortion worldview.” It begins:

Many people think that a human being is created at the time of conception but this belief is not supported by the bible. The fact that a living sperm penetrates a living ovum resulting in the formation of a living fetus does not mean that the fetus is a living human being. According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until after drawing its first breath.


On Merely Appearing To Follow Jesus

The Church Growth Movement a la Donald McGavran and C. Peter Wagner, which would slither out of Fuller Theological Seminary has led to pragmatism replacing Biblical teaching in scores of mainstream evangelical churches.

It’s led to untold numbers of false converts who think they’re Christians but have never been regenerated. Apprising Ministries now brings you a short teaching that concerns too many who call themselves “Christ-followers.”


Atheist Activists Targeting Children With ‘Good Without God’ Campaign

Christian News Network reports on the latest attack on the minds—and souls—of children:

An atheist activist organization is targeting children in a new advertising campaign and website called Kids Without God.

The American Humanist Association (AHA), whose motto is “Good Without a God,” announced the launch of its campaign on Tuesday, which it states was “created to strengthen and support kids and teenagers who don’t happen to believe in a God.” The main focus of the effort is to drive children to its new Kids Without God website.