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What on Earth Am I Here For?: Rick Warren Reinvents The Purpose Driven Life Machine

Apprising Ministries brings you further evidence of the resurgence of Rick Warrenism.

Rick Warren has announced the new church growth marketing campaign “What on earth am I here for?” in honor of the 10th year anniversary of his record selling book, The Purpose Driven Life.


FABER: 44 Charts That Show Why The World Is Doomed

In a new presentation given in Hong Kong to the London Bullion Market Association, Faber offers a thick stack of 44 charts that makes him very bearish on the global economy (via ZeroHedge). They include overviews of the emerging and evolving trends on debt, trade, stocks and commodities.

Faber points to the explosion of public and private debt and how they have been far outpacing GDP growth for the last 50 years. In this backdrop, the wealth gap between younger and older Americans have been widening.

Overseas, China has seen its economy boom on expansionary monetary policy, which has turned the world’s second largest economy into a giant credit bubble.


Cameras Inside Mannequins Spying on Shoppers

Just when you thought it was impossible for surveillance to get any creepier, a company has announced it has created mannequins with cameras installed inside that can be used to spy on shoppers and record their conversations – and that they’ve already been rolled out at numerous fashion stores across the world.


Two Monster Solar Eruptions Are Just A Taste Of More Damaging Explosions To Come

Solar eruptions send a massive cloud of high speed particles, called a coronal mass ejection, either into space or toward Earth.

When this wave of charged particles collides with our planet, it can set up a beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis, and at the same time, when they are strong enough, can cause damage by disrupting satellite networks and knocking out power grids.

Although the most recent blast of super-hot plasma was not headed toward Earth, it’s part of an increase in solar activity, which has to do with the Sun nearing its next Solar maximum in 2013.

When the solar maximum arrives, marking the peak of the 11-year solar cycle, we can expect “more coronal mass ejections, more geomagnetic storms and more auroras than we have experienced in quite some time,” says NASA.

The 10 Media Companies That Control America’s News

Ten major media companies control most of the news content in America.

Each of these companies reaches millions of people. The five largest reach more than 50 million people each.

Discussions about news media in America often focus on two main issues. The first is whether the news is influenced by one person or family who owns a controlling interest in the media company.

Sumner Redstone owns voting control of Viacom Inc. and CBS Corp. The Sulzberger family has controlled The New York Times Company for over a century.

The second is whether the personalities who deliver the news also influence it. People like Brian Williams, Rush Limbaugh and Oprah Winfrey are believed to be able to express their opinions on facts and events. While this may be true, their influence is also fleeting. Keith Obermann, the central personality at MSNBC for years, quit the network and can no longer be found on air.


Ron Paul on Stossel: ‘Hard to divvy up loot when there’s none left’ – Nov 15

Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the current state of the economy and whether the administration can make corrections in the next four years.


13 Reasons Why America Is Doomed

Today we face a dependency on government largesse for almost every need. Our liberties are restricted and government operates outside the rule of law, protecting and rewarding those who buy or coerce government into satisfying their demands.


WA Farmers Block Federal Drones And Agenda 21

This year’s convention was especially exciting due to the passage of new policy, set to put a barrier against the overreach of the federal government and even foreign ones.

“This year we indeed adopted a policy opposing all aspects of UN Agenda 21 as well as a policy opposing the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) to spy on farms without express permission from the landowner,” said John Stuhlmiller, Director of Government Relations.