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Addressing the Charismatic Question

The following is adapted from seminars given at The Shepherds’ Conference with help from Voice magazine. Used by permission.

Historically speaking, evangelical Christians (from Martin Luther to Jonathan Edwards to Charles Spurgeon) have held to a cessationist position. They believed the miraculous spiritual gifts of the New Testament era ceased shortly after the first century. Contemporary cessationists include names like John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, Sam Waldron, and Richard Gaffin.

It is important to note, at the outset, that cessationists do not deny the possibility of miracles in the general sense of special acts of divine providence. Rather, cessationism limits its focus to the miraculous and revelatory gifts of the Holy Spirit, contending that those specific gifts did not continue after the apostolic era came to an end.


The Gospel according to Christmas Carols

At The Cripplegate, Nathan Busenitz examines the theological truths contained in some of this season’s most well-known and well-loved Christmas carols. As he concludes, Busenitz poses some all-important questions:

So what will you do with Jesus Christ this Christmas season? Will you ignore Him? Will you dismiss Him? Will you sing the songs of Christmas without thinking about the very words you are singing? Or will you embrace Him for who He truly is — no longer a little baby born in a stable in Bethlehem — but the risen and exalted Son of God who died for sin and rose again and now sits at the right hand of His Father in heaven. He Himself said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


Signs In The Heavens – Brightest Comet In Modern Times Coming In 2013

As it flares out of the distant Oort Cloud, the newly discovered comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) appears to be heading on a trajectory that could make for one of the most spectacular night-sky events in living memory … Click here for full story

NSA Agent: Everyone Under Virtual Surveillance

In an interview with RT, William Binney, a former mathematician and code breaker at the NSA, says the FBI records the emails of nearly all Americans, including members of Congress, and warns that the government can use this information against anyone …. Click here for full story

America At The End – Where Does America Fit Into Bible Prophecy?

When New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg tells audiences that America isn’t mentioned in Bible prophecy, many are stunned and ask how the wealthiest, most powerful nation in history isn’t a specifically defined player in the last days …. Click here for full story

Feed My Lambs: The Tender Courage of the Christian Ministry

In his commencement address and charge to graduates of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on 7 December 2012, Dr. Albert Mohler emphasized the importance of the calling of a man to be an under-shepherd of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ:

They are called to the tenderest of callings — to feed lambs. They are called to the most pastoral of vocations — to tend a flock. But they are also called to the most courageous of assignments — to protect the flock from its enemies and to wage spiritual warfare in the name of the Good Shepherd, who “shepherds his flock in the strength of the Lord.”