The Briefing: Monday, December 10th, 2012

Today on The Briefing:

Story 1 – The Supreme Court takes on same-sex marriage nationwide – a culture-shaping story

Same-Sex Issue Pushes Justices Into Overdrive, New York Times (Adam Liptak)

Justices to Hear Two Challenges on Gay Marriage, New York Times (Adam Liptak)

George Will: ‘Quite Literally, The Opposition to Gay Marriage Is Dying’ ABC News (George Stephanopoulous)

High Court Will Rule on Gay Marriage, Wall Street Journal (Jess Bravin)

Next Civil Rights Landmark, New York Times (Editorial)

Worry Tempers Joy Over Gay Marriage’s Moment in Court, New York Times (Adam Nagourney)

Story 2 – Morsi’s cold political calculation

Backing Off Added Powers, Egypt’s Leader Presses Vote, New York Times (David Kirkpatrick)

Opponents of Egypt’s Leader Call for Boycott of Charter Vote, New York Times (David Kirkpatrick)

Story 3 – The Israeli experience – how should we expect Israel to act?

Chemical Weapons Risk: Syrian Missiles and Shells, Associated Press (Kimberly Dozier and Robert Burns)

The West Must Intervene to Remove Assad, Financial Times (James Dobbins)

The Full Israeli Experience, New York Times (Thomas Friedman)

Story 4 – Is Hamas’s desire to wipe out Israel just a ‘long standing principle’?

Leader Celebrates Founding of Hamas With Defiant Speech, New York Times (Steven Erlanger)

In other news…

Science vs. God: Does Progress Trump Faith? (Wynne Parry)

Why I Don’t Want to Be a West Point Graduate, Huffington Post (Blake Page)

Let’s Call a Truce in the War on Men, (Suzanne Venker)

Former Minister: ‘We atheists love this time of year like everyone else’ Washington Post (Dan Barker)

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