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Piers Morgan: Both the Bible and U.S. Constitution Are ‘Inherently Flawed’ and Need to Be Amended

While CNN’s Piers Morgan is a well known critic of America’s Second Amendment, he has now ventured into a new campaign to reform…the Bible. During a discussion on…Christmas Eve — with Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren, Morgan argued that there needs to be an “amendment to the Bible” for same-sex marriage, because like the Constitution, the Bible is “inherently flawed.”


Waiting for the Apocalypse, Part II: In the beginning, a fear of the end

Our modern notion of progress reflects this linear understanding of history. (You have to be heading somewhere to “progress” anywhere.) So, too, does apocalyptic thinking. As Kyle says, “this linear view of history does encourage end-time thinking.” Events in the world are thought to be moving toward some final judgment on humanity, some future Day of Judgment. Kyle argues that this linear way of thinking about history began in the ancient Near East with the Hebrews and their confrontations with their neighbours — from the Egyptians and the Persians (with the Philistines, Assyrians and Babylonians along the way) to the Greeks and Romans.


Hottest stories of 2012

Barack Obama and Islam – dominated the hottest reports of 2012, so it perhaps is no surprise that the single story most in demand by readers combined the two subjects: Jerome Corsi’s report about the wedding ring that Obama has been wearing for decades – even before his marriage.

The report on WND.com, one of the biggest independent news sites in the world, documented how Obama drew puzzled looks from colleagues even as a student at Harvard Law when, as a bachelor, he was wearing a gold wedding band on his wedding-ring finger.

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America and the Muslim Brotherhood: A Romance

One of the most consistent and depressing aspects of U.S.-Middle Eastern relations is the determination of our intellectuals and officials to defend Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. When Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made his recent power grab, for example, immunizing his decrees from judicial review, Yale law professor Noah Feldman, said that Morsi merely “overreached”—and did so “in the service of preserving electoral democracy.” State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland lamely characterized Morsi’s actions as a “far cry from an autocrat just saying my way or the highway.”

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Spiritual Abuse: Verses Pastors Twist and Misuse to Control

Apprising Ministries first adds some commentary before pointing you, as food for thought, to an article at BGBC Survivors blog.



Top 10 Theology Stories of 2012

The end of the year brings lists galore recounting the best books and top news stories. But I’ve never seen anyone else attempt to count down the top theology stories from the last calendar year. After doing this several years now, I know why. It’s subjective, presumptuous, and guaranteed to infuriate almost all of you. So why do I continue this dubious tradition?

Before we flip the calendar to the new year, it’s sometimes encouraging and always instructive to take stock of the last 12 months. We can see God at work. We can see our sins on full display. And when we look back in the archives of human history (see my lists from 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011), we’re sobered to realize that our priorities and concerns often diverge from God’s. The internet tempts us to live in the moment, but “with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day” (2 Peter 3:8).

So consider my list an admittedly foolhardy attempt—written from the vantage point of an American who subscribes to The Gospel Coalition’s confessional statement—to discern the most important theology stories 0f 2012. Consider it a challenge to generate your own list and pray that God might bless his church with the faith and vision to see the world as he does. Credit goes to fellow TGC editors John Starke and Joe Carter for their help in debating this list. Of course, all anger should be directed solely at me.

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