30 Pieces of Silver: An indictment of American Churches

WARNING!: This article is intended for a specific audience (Christians). If you are not a Christian and topics of a religious nature offend you, please read no further and return to the main page. I am posting it to the DP, because there are a number of Christians who frequent this site and I believe it is a topic of vital importance that has played a pivotal role in the loss of liberty in this country. I think it is one that all Christians should be aware of and should respectfully and prayerfully speak with their pastors about.


I want to start this essay by giving all Glory, Honor, Thanks & Praise to my Heavenly Father, who by His might created all the Heavens and the Earth and who sent His only begotten Son, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to bear the sins of the world upon His shoulders that we who believe in Him may have everlasting life in eternity with Him.

I write this essay with much fear and trembling. Indicting God’s church is not something that should be done on a whim, or without much prayer and direction of the Holy Spirit. I would not publish this essay without a firm conviction that what I am about to say is truth, in accordance with His Word. I pray for God’s mercy and that my words will be heeded:

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