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The NEPHILIM – According to Plain Scripture

The Hebrew word Nephilim is translated “giants” in the Old Testament. It only appears twice in Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33. A whole series of doctrines have been built around this word, in spite of the fact that the word only appears rarely. These doctrines on the Nephilim are based on Genesis 6:1-4. (It must be noted that most speculators lean very heavily on extra-biblical writings for most of their information.) The theories can basically be summed up as follows:

Demons/ angels (sons of God) had illicit relationships with women (the daughters of men) and these perverted relations produced genetically mutated beings known as nephilim (giants). God then imprisoned some of the angles who did this and in order to purify the bloodline of man God brought on the Flood. Through genetic engineering these Nephilim will be resurrected, one of which will be the Antichrist[1]. To these people, the Nephilim are also tied up with so-called extra-terrestrial forms of life.

Since these theories are gaining ground and a number of books have been published based on this hypothesis, it is necessary to examine Genesis 6 again and see what exactly it teaches. We will discover that the proponents of these theories break every principle of hermeneutics. Here is the text:

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What Southern Baptists Can Expect From Russell Moore and the ERLC

In this piece, Southern Baptist pastor Randy White lays out what he believes Southern Baptists can expect from the recent appointment of Dr. Russell D. Moore, who will replace the controversial Richard Land as the President of Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. “Whether or not you are Southern Baptists,” says White, “Moore will have huge influence on the Christian worldview and expression of Christianity for many years to come. It is not hard to discern where Moore will lead, what he will emphasize, and what his values are, and this Southern Baptist is concerned.”


Rejecting the Papacy

When Pope Francis I was elected last month as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church, the response was staggering. The world loves this new pope, and his demeanor and social justice endeavors have earned him the praise and adoration even of professing Christians. Perhaps it is easier to compromise the truth in favor of unity so long as the poor are being kissed and prisoners’ feet are being washed.
The call of the Christian, however, is to uphold the truth and authority of God and His Word in spite of, and even in opposition to, ecumenical interfaith efforts, no matter how socially wonderful they appear. The first concern of the Christian must be the proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ. If that must be compromised in order to achieve a goal, then that goal must be abandoned.
This necessarily means that the Christian simply cannot offer any praise or laud to the benefit of the Roman Catholic Church, and especially to the human leader of its deception, the pope. The very idea and office of pope stands in direct contradiction to God’s Word. Further, the scriptural arguments offered in support of the papal office are based upon lies, misinterpretations and misapplications of the biblical text.
Not long after Francis I was named as pope, two faithful expositors of Scripture boldly took the opportunity to expose the dangers and lies of the papacy. These two sermons are provided below. The first is preached by Pastor Don Green of Truth Community Fellowship and the second by Dr. John MacArthur of Grace Community Church. Both of these messages will be well worth one’s time, especially as professing Christians appear more and more willing to compromise in regard to the Roman Catholic Church.

http://vimeo.com/62695090 – Pastor Green’s sermon notes can be found here.

http://youtu.be/m0N09hR_m9I – The transcript for Dr. MacArthur’s message is available here.
The true Christian who has been saved by grace and who trusts in God’s infallible Word as found in the Bible must reject and even condemn the Roman Catholic Church’s office of pope and the teachings regarding this office. Let us not shy away from defending and upholding the sovereign authority of the only true God and His perfect Word.


Effects of the knowledge of God illustrated

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calvin.jpg_7MA21605611-0015Effects of the knowledge of God illustrated by the examples,

1. of holy patriarchs;

2. of holy angels;

3. of the sun and moon.

Hence that dread and amazement with which as Scripture uniformly relates, holy men were struck and overwhelmed whenever they beheld the presence of God. When we see those who previously stood firm and secure so quaking with terror, that the fear of death takes hold of them, nay, they are, in a manner, swallowed up and annihilated, the inference to be drawn is that men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God. Frequent examples of this consternation occur both in the Book of Judges and the Prophetical Writings; so much so, that it was a common expression among the people of God, “We shall die, for we have seen the Lord.”…

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Paul David Tripp: Insanity

The following is an excerpt from my latest book “Sex and Money.” To learn more or to pre-order your copy, visit http://www.paultripp.com/sex-and-money.

People ask me all the time what I’m working on or what I intend to write next. They always follow the first question with a second: “Why that now?” They’ve surely been intrigued when I’ve told them that I’m working on a book about sex and money, and so I want to answer the second question for you over the next three weeks – why did I choose to write about sex and money now? There are three words that have come to mind again and again, and they’re my best answer to the question: INSANITY, ADDICTION, GLORY.


No, not mine, but the culture’s. I’m deeply persuaded that when it comes to sex and money, we’ve gone culturally insane. The level of functional delusion, of self-deception and self-destruction that accompanies the way we approach these areas is simply crazy. You don’t have to look very far:

We have few female pop singers who are able to resist the powerful demands around them to disrobe and do dance routines that are little more than well-orchestrated simulations of sex;
Terms like penis and vagina and tits and ass are in the accepted vocabulary of primetime TV;
Young girls and young women attach their identity to how full their lips are, how thin their nose is, and how large their breasts are;
Pornography isn’t restricted to the bad neighbors and dark hallways of rundown buildings, but exists on Internet sites that are a Google click away from anyone with a computer;
The size of personal, corporate, and governmental debt is itself a testament to a culture that, when it comes to money, has simply lost its mind;
Our unsuspecting kids are sent countless unsolicited credit cards, encouraged to incur debt before they ever had a decent job, let alone anything you could call a career;
Our children are taught the joys of materialism before they can calculate enough to make sense of their pocket change;
We now accept that it’s sane to regularly spend money that we haven’t yet acquired, as long as we can continue to pay the service fees on the card.
We’re in trouble because, in two profoundly important places in life, what the human community tends to look at as normal isn’t normal at all. It’s a web of descending degrees of madness. But in the midst of the madness, there’s only one window through which we can look at the worlds of sex and money and see with candor, clarity, and wisdom. This window is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But here’s the humbling truth about the Gospel – when it comes to sex and money, we don’t have a thing problem; sex and money aren’t actually evil in themselves. And we don’t have an environment problem, as if our surroundings cause the difficulty. No, we are the problem.

The counter intuitive reality is that it’s only ever the evil inside of us that magnetizes us toward and connects us to the evil that’s outside of us. Since we are the problem, we really have a problem. We can run from a thing, we can change a relationship, and we can move to a different location, but we can’t escape ourselves.

We need rescue, and because we need rescue, we need a Rescuer who is wise, powerful, willing, and faithful. That Rescuer is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is willing, he is able, and he will not forsake us in our time of need. So this week (and it’ll probably even happen today), when you’re confronted with the sexual and financial insanity of our culture, and the sin inside you makes it look attractive and appealing, you only have one place to turn.

So this week – and it’ll probably even happen today – when you’re confronted with the sexual and financial insanity of our culture, and when the sin inside of you makes it look attractive and appealing, you only have one hope. Your hope is a person, and His name is Jesus.

God bless

Paul David Tripp

Reflection Questions

How does the sexual and financial insanity of our culture intrude upon you and your family?
Why is it difficult to admit that the sin inside of you is ultimately your biggest problem?
Is there any evidence that might point to your own insanity in these areas?
Are you living in honest relationships where fellow believers can see and reveal your insanity?