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Rick Warren Exploits Son’s Death to Attack Critics?

David Cousar is concerned about the way in which popular Bible teacher and author Beth Moore has used the tragic death of Rick Warren’s son to attack Warren’s theological critics, or, as Moore calls them, “bullies in the body of Christ.” Cousar begins:

I had promised myself not to write anything critical of Rick Warren in the wake of his son’s tragic and untimely death. My heart goes out to him and his family during this incredibly sad time.

So, what could possibly prompt me to write anything about him in less than a week after his horrific personal tragedy? It was his weekly email newsletter that he sends out to Pastors.com members. In it was featured an article by Beth Moore titled “Beth Moore: Sadness and Madness”.


Christian Indifference to Christian Suffering

Christians are being persecuted all over the world. Churches are being burned and destroyed, girls are being raped and ancient Christian communities reaching back 2,000 years are being obliterated. And the world yawns. Most shockingly, many Christians in the West, worse than yawning, look away and in some cases embrace the perpetrators and blame our allies.

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Leadership as Stewardship, Part Two

Friday, April 12, 2013
In today’s blog article Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., continues his series on “Leadership as Stewardship.” In Part 1 Dr. Mohler discussed how leaders can be effective stewards by being servants. In Part 2 Dr. Mohler explores the responsibilities that leaders are tasked with as they steward the resources that they have been entrusted with. He encourages leaders to lead in such a way that they will be found faithful off all that God has given to them.

What has God entrusted you with? Are you leading well and properly stewarding the resources that God has given you? As you think about those questions you can read Dr. Mohler’s entire article here.