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11 Economic Crashes That Are Happening RIGHT NOW

The stock market is not crashing yet, but there are lots of other market crashes happening in the financial world right now. Just like we saw back in 2008, it is taking stocks a little bit of extra time to catch up with economic reality. But almost everywhere else you look, there are signs that a financial avalanche has begun. Bitcoins are crashing, gold and silver are plunging, the price of oil and the overall demand for energy continue to decline, markets all over Europe are collapsing and consumer confidence in the United States just had the biggest miss relative to expectations that has ever been recorded. In many ways, all of this is extremely reminiscent of 2008. Other than the Bitcoin collapse, almost everything else that is happening now also happened back then. So does that mean that a horrible stock market crash is coming as well? Without a doubt, one is coming at some point. The only question is whether it will be sooner or later. Meanwhile, there are a whole lot of other economic crashes that deserve out attention at the moment. (Read More….)

The monstrous abortion trial the media don’t want you to know about

When the Newtown shooting took the lives of 20 children, the nation was justifiably horrified. Journalists reported round the clock on ways to change public policy to prevent another shooting. But when seven children and a mother died in a Philadelphia abortion clinic dubbed a “house of horrors,” the major media couldn’t have cared less.

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Paula White Ministries Responds to Rapper’s Claim that White Is a ‘False Teacher’

Christian rapper Shai Linne recently released his newest album, Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology. It wasn’t long before one track on that album, “Fal$e Teacher$,” began drawing the attention of many due to Linne’s bold willingness to “name names.” Linne called out twelve prominent preachers, each known for his or her aberrant teaching. The ministry of at least one of those ‘false teachers,’ Paula White, has responded to Shai Linne’s claims. Read more of this post