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FIRST-PERSON: Worship as a lifestyle – by David Jeremiah

EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) — Many of us live in cities where sunsets and mountain horizons have become distant memories. The majestic stars are blacked out. Just as our capabilities in cities have grown exponentially, our capacity for wonder seems to have withered.

Before we can say anything about worship, we must come to grips with this idea of wonder. For worship can never be the sole work of the rational mind. In the presence of Almighty God, as the Apostle John discovered, the sense of wonder comes naturally and leaves us changed. But without the capability of awe, where we stand at the edge of ourselves and gaze beyond, we will never come into His presence.

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U.S. Christians Rally Around Home-schooling Family Facing Deportation

From Religion News Service:

When Uwe and Hannelore Romeike’s asylum case is argued Tuesday (April 23) before a panel of federal judges, their lawyers won’t talk about poverty, war, or any of the reasons most immigrants cite in their bid to stay in the U.S.

Instead, they’ll focus on a parent’s right to teach their children at home, which isn’t allowed in the Romeikes’ native Germany. There, home-schooling families face fines, jail time and even loss of custody if their children are not enrolled in a traditional school.

The Romeikes’ lawyers will also talk about their right to teach the Bible during the school day.


Americans ‘snapping’ by the millions

David Kupelian reveals record fear, stress, suicide – and inspired way out

Terrorism. Chaos. Fear of the future. In the age of Obama, America is undergoing a “fundamental transformation” – that much everyone knows.

But what few seem to realize about this transformation is that the sheer stress of living in today’s America is driving tens of millions to the point of illness, depression and self-destruction. Consider the following trends:

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The Days of Noah

Even though the condition of the world as Jesus described there won’t be present in full for Christians, it is still helpful to take a look. Anyone over the age of 50 can see the change over the last 30 years in society. It is much more godless, more brutal, violent and rebellious. We are not in the Days of Noah but we can certainly see the days coming.

Genesis 6:5-8 describes the Days of Noah more specifically.

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10 Scriptural Principles on the Nature of Human Government

From J. Budziszewski, Evangelicals in the Public Square: Four Formative Voices on Political Thought and Action (Baker Academic, 2006): God is the true sovereign; he ordained all human government for the good of man, whom he made in his image (Ps. 22:28; Rom. 13:1, 3-4; Gen. 1:27). Although God originally chose only one nation, he desires ultimately to draw all …

April 20   Saturday –  http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor/2013/04/20/10-scriptural-principles-on-the-nature-of-human-government/

Bait & Switch, Or How People Go to Church for Jesus But Get Something Else

I read about these churches with satellite campuses, where people watch a pastor by closed-circuit TV. I hear about these churches where the worship teams operate from iPads. I know of these churches where people fret over the brand of stage lights used or the sound systems. And yet the cry of the human heart remains: “Show me Jesus.” And …

April 22   Monday –  http://ceruleansanctum.com/2013/04/bait-and-switch-or-how-people-go-to-church-for-jesus-but-get-something-else.html

Morning Roundup 04/22/13: Holy Spirit; The Bible; Obama on Abortion; Ministering to Boston

Trevin Wax post a great list of quotes on the Holy Spirit, all taken from the Gospel Project. You might enjoy the list. Quotes on the Holy Spirit — Trevin Wax “Without the Spirit we can neither love God nor keep His commandments.” – Augustine “It is the Spirit that sheds the love of God abroad in their hearts, and …

April 22   Monday –  http://www.edstetzer.com/2013/04/morning-roundup-042213-holy-spirit-is-the-bible-true-obama-on-abortion-ministering-to-boston.html

Are You Counseling a Saint, Sufferer, or Sinner?

In Cross Talk: Where Life and Scripture Meet, Michael Emlet encourages pastors and church leaders to approach people as “saints, sufferers, and sinners.” This categorization helps the counselor know whether to turn to Scriptural passages that remind a person of their identity in Christ, console them in the dark day of suffering, or confront them for their unrepentant sins. Emlet …

April 22   Monday –  http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/trevinwax/2013/04/22/are-you-counseling-a-saint-sufferer-or-sinner/

The Church and Social Justice

Poverty, homelessness, AIDS — how should the Christian help? How should the local church help? What is the “help” done by Christians to be called? (This matters to me; some don’t care what it is called.) David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw, in Prodigal Christianity, play off of two tendencies but here is where they will end …

April 21   Sunday –  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2013/04/22/the-church-and-social-justice/

Talking Points for the Pro-Life Movement

I am pro-life. I believe abortion is a painful and dark reality in the world. But I’m often reluctant to associate with the pro-life movement. And I don’t think I’m alone. I remember, years ago, when I was in high school, sitting at a picnic table at a park near my home reading Martin Luther King’s Letters From a Birmingham …

April 22   Monday –  http://storylineblog.com/2013/04/22/talking-points-for-the-pro-life-movement/

Prophesying a crisis: Teacher of the Year Acceptance Speech

Twenty-three years ago, a New York teacher gave a surprising speech lamenting the changes his profession has seen and the impact it has had on his students. The culture was at the cusp; just beginning it’s rapid descent. The following is the text of that speech by John Taylor Gatto accepting the New York City Teacher of the Year Award on January 31, 1990.


72 Members of Congress Demand Media Coverage of Gosnell Trial

Some 72 members of Congress have signed on to a letter demanding that the mainstream media provide coverage of the murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell. Reps. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Steve Scalise (R-LA) were joined by 70 of their House colleagues late Wednesday demanding national broadcast news channels ABC, NBC, and CBS stop blacking out coverage on high-profile …

April 18   Thursday –  http://www.lifenews.com/2013/04/18/72-members-of-congress-demand-media-coverage-of-gosnell-trial/

Middle School Girls Forced to Ask Classmates for ‘Lesbian Kiss’ During Anti-Bullying Presentation

Imagine 13 and 14-year-old girls being instructed to ask one another for a lesbian kiss in a class exercise. The girls had no choice. The parents were NOT informed. But hey, if it falls under “anti-bullying,” than who are you to question it, right?

Heather Clark over at Christiannews.net reports this alarming development:

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Beware of self reformation through personal convictions

Reformedontheweb's Blog

fullerConsider, and beware, I say again, as you regard your eternal salvation, that you take up your rest in nothing short of Christ! Particularly,

2. Beware of dwelling in a way of self complacency, on those reformations which may have been produced by the power of conviction This is another of those workings of unbelief, by which many have come short of believing, and so of entering into rest. There is no doubt but your convictions have driven you from the commission of grosser vices, and probably have frightened you into a compliance with various religious duties: but these are only the loppings off of the branched of sin; the root remains unmortified. It is not the breaking off of your sins that will turn to any account, unless they be broken off by righteousness; and this will not-be the case but by believing in Christ. The power of corruption…

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Gospel-Minded Churches Cooperating in Pastoring

A wee-little sheep breaks through a fence and runs away. But unlike most parables, his shepherd doesn’t find him (Luke 15:1-7). This little sheep wanders to and fro, far away from home, and eventually stumbles upon another flock. From that moment on, another shepherd is given charge over his life. Imagine the first shepherd picking up his cell phone and saying to the new overseer, “Hey, friend. There are a few things you should know about this wee-little sheep…”

I have no idea whether shepherds use cell phones while wandering across lush plains, but consider this point: shepherds should cooperate with other shepherds, churches with other churches, in order to wisely love the sheep entrusted to their care.  

In our very mobile society, where people rarely stay put for long, you shouldn’t be surprised when a Christian stumbles through your church’s front door carrying baggage full of junk from his past. In caring for the hurting sheep, a pastor can go it alone, with nothing but what the new member tells him, or he can informally cooperate with another pastor to better care for this sheep.


Let’s think about a couple of real-life examples.

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Letters to a Young Progressive

Some say the third time is a charm. So I’ve tried to be a little more charming in my third book than I was in my first two. Make no mistake about it, though: I’m glad to have written two hard-hitting books on life in the academy. The first was needed to expose the intellectual shallowness of the campus diversity movement. Another book was needed to chronicle the absurdity of campus feminism. But my latest book is written from the heart.

I see kids going off to college and losing their faith every year. I also see them adopting radical political positions soon after enrolling in college. I understand what they are going through because I went through the same thing thirty years ago. I abandoned my faith my very first semester in college. Later on, I embraced left wing politics that only made sense in conjunction with a secular worldview. But circumstances and, ultimately, Providence turned that all around.

In 1993, an unarmed fraternity brother of mine was shot and killed execution-style by the side of a highway near Starkville, Mississippi. I immediately abandoned my support for a full federal ban on handguns. In fact, I went out and bought my first revolver.

In 1994, I sat on my first university hiring committee and learned how race-based affirmative action really worked. I immediately abandoned my support of affirmative action.

In 1996, I abandoned atheism in a prison near Quito, Ecuador. I saw some human rights abuses in that prison but had no moral standard by which to judge them. I learned that day that there was a Moral Law that transcended cultural norms. I realized that it meant there must be a moral lawgiver.

I eventually made my way back into the church. It was largely an intellectual journey and it served me well when I got the call to enter the campus cultural wars shortly after 911. The details on how I got drawn into those wars are less important than the lessons I learned fighting them. First and foremost, I learned that the main problem in higher education is not that we don’t teach religion at the university. The problem is that we teach false religion.

We teach kids that they may define the unborn as property if it will facilitate their sexual lifestyle or their economic well-being.

We teach kids that both their conduct and idea of right and wrong are determine by society and culture respectively.

We teach kids that man has the capacity to construct a utopian society so long as he is freed from the constraining idea that he is broken by sin and separation from God.

All of this is dangerous because it amounts to self-worship. That is dangerous because it requires a rejection of God, not just a rejection of tradition. Somewhere in the process, the idea of inalienable rights gets lost. Rights suddenly come from man. And that means man can take them away. These ideas have consequences.

Because the secular progressive worldview is so pervasive and because I was once led astray by it, I decided to write Letters to a Young Progressive: How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don’t Understand. It all began when a young man had an angry outburst in one of my classes. He was angry over something he learned in college that simply wasn’t true. After I wrote to him asking him to consider a different point of view, I realized it was wrong to only write to him. So I started writing to an entire generation. I published the final collection of thirty five letters as a book. Today is the official release date. (You can pick it up in any major book store, or just order here.)

I could have called it Letters from a Former Progressive. Because that’s what my third book really is. I hope you read it and enjoy it. But I also hope you share it with a young progressive who is inclined to protest things he really doesn’t understand.


Christians and the Environment

I am rather a skeptic when it comes to many of the claims of global warming and environmentalism. However, this skepticism about the prognostications of doom and gloom does not indicate that I am unconcerned about the planet we live on. It is quite the opposite, really. I want my skepticism to allow me to find better solutions than those posited by the green movement. I want my diagnosis of the problem and my understanding of solutions to be grounded in the Bible. I have been helped here by Francis Schaeffer and his book Pollution and the Death of Man. It is, in my assessment, still one of the best treatments of a Christian understanding of creation care.

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The Greatest Evil for the Greatest Good


romans828Even in the greatest of evils, all things work together for good for those who are in Christ. Whether it is the Boston bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Jewish holocaust, or the American holocaust (abortion), God works all these things for our good. Romans 8:28 says,

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Yes, the aforementioned evils are great evils, but what is the greatest of all evil? That Christ was crucified by evil men. Yet, even and necessarily was this worked for the good of those who have been called by Him, for Him. Acts 4:24-28 tells us,

And when they heard it, they lifted their voices together to God and said, “Sovereign Lord, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and everything in them, who through the…

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