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U.S. Congresswoman Rebukes Americans for Lack of Outrage Over Abortion: ‘May God Forgive Us’

Christian News Network reports:

A United States Congresswoman rebuked Barack Obama, state government officials and the American public at large on Wednesday for their lack of outrage over the ongoing practice of abortion, especially in light of the trial of “House of Horrors” abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

“My heart breaks that our country has reached a point where we are all not outraged by a practice that ends a beating heart and takes the lives of the most vulnerable in our society,” Representative Diane Black of Tennessee declared on the House floor as the speaker’s gavel pounded to tell her that time was up. “May God forgive us.”


Time To Cash in Your Chips?

All up and down Wall Street… in central banks and in Washington… the stuff that goeth before the fall is thick, sticky and stinky.

The economy is recovering, they say. The Fed has the situation in hand, they add. Don’t worry… we know what we’re doing, they assure us.

Barron’s magazine says the Dow is going to 16,000, illustrated with a picture of a bull on a pogo stick.

Prime Minister Abe says he’ll revive the Japanese economy by printing yen to buy Japanese bonds. And speculators take each hint from the Fed as though it were a whisper from God Himself.

And all around them, the real economy struggles to stay even. Here’s David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff with 12 signs that the economy is weaker than we think:


ALBERT EDWARDS: Stocks Will Crash, Hyperinflation Will Come, And Gold Will Go Above $10,000

In his new note he writes:

We still forecast 450 S&P, sub-1% US 10y yields, and gold above $10,000

My working experience of the last 30 years has convinced me that policymakers’ efforts to manage the economic cycle have actually made things far more volatile. Their repeated interventions have, much to their surprise, blown up in their faces a few years later. The current round of QE will be no different. We have written previously, quoting Marc Faber, that “The Fed Will Destroy the World” through their money printing. Rapid inflation surely beckons.


Burma: Christian Converts Lose Jobs and Homes

Persecution is increasing in Burma for Buddhists who convert to Christianity, Voice of the Martyrs reports. As people turn to Jesus Christ, they have difficulty keeping jobs and are often driven from their hopes, according to a VOM worker.


Can a Dying Church Find Life? Six Radical Steps to ‘Yes’

In a blogpost earlier this week, I presented the findings of  my “autopsy” on a church that just closed its doors and died. I knew the church  well because I had been their consultant ten years earlier. The only surprise I  found was that the church kept its door open five years longer than I had  anticipated.

The post generated much interest. Indeed it is still buzzing today. Many  church leaders and laypersons saw early warning signs in the post that related  to their own churches. Many are concerned. Many want to know if there is any  hope.

The title of this post has a bit of irony. If a church is dying, it cannot  then by definition find life.

I must say from a pure statistical perspective, most churches with the  symptoms I noted will die within a matter of a few years. Though I don’t have  hard data, I would be comfortable suggesting that the percentage exceeds 99  percent.

But among the American churches on a death march, there is that rare  exception, that one in 1,000, that extraordinary situation where a church defies  all the man-made odds and moves from near death to health. Those churches are  rare, but they do exist.

In the midst of the gloomy news of terminal churches, I took a look at a few  churches that had all the signs of impending death and then turned around to  life. All of them of which I have knowledge were located in dramatically  shifting demographics.

They weren’t merely churches that were unhealthy; they were dying. Even the  most casual observer would have predicted the imminent demise of these  congregations. They were truly sick unto death. So how did these churches do  it?

Though each of the stories I examined has its own nuances, I did find some  common themes. Please take careful note. My brief blogpost is not a quick-fix  solution to dying churches. To the contrary, it’s the story of six radical steps  taken by key members in each of the churches.

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/can-a-dying-church-find-life-six-radical-steps-to-yes-94845/