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Persecution and Suffering for Righteousness Sake: Not Just Burning at the Stake

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A nominal Christian friend is impressed by the stories of the martyrs who were burned at the stake (past and present situations), and objects to hearing fellow believers talk about the persecution we experience in America:  “that’s not really persecution.”  He was okay with the description found in verses in 1 Peter (ESV), which describe the less dramatic and non-bloody “suffering for righteousness,” but insisted that “suffering for righteousness” is not the same as persecution and thus we shouldn’t say we are experiencing persecution.

I see his point, but would say that the difference is one of degree, not of different words such that only martyrs are persecuted and the rest of us do not experience persecution. Also, if only those who die for their faith experience persecution (and only them), what does one do with 2 Timothy 3:12?  Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ…

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All men know that God exists

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calvin.jpg_7MA21605611-0015Confirmed also by the vain endeavors of the wicked to banish all fear of God from their minds. Conclusion, that the knowledge of God is naturally implanted in the human mind.

3. All men of sound judgment will therefore hold, that a sense of Deity is indelibly engraven on the human heart. And that this belief is naturally engendered in all, and thoroughly fixed as it were in our very bones, is strikingly attested by the contumacy of the wicked, who, though they struggle furiously, are unable to extricate themselves from the fear of God. Though Diagoras, and others of like stamps make themselves merry with whatever has been believed in all ages concerning religion, and Dionysus scoffs at the judgment of heaven, it is but a Sardonian grin; for the worm of conscience, keener than burning steel, is gnawing them within.I do not say with Cicero, that errors wear…

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