Review: Visit the Sick by Brian Croft

The Domain for Truth

Visit the Sick Shepherding the Afflicted and Dying

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So why is it important for a Christian apologist to read a book on ministering to those who are ill?  As a Christian apologist, our end goal is not just to give a defense of the faith but to glorify God.  And part of glorifying God is to situate apologetics in the context of evangelism.  To see the good news gets shared in an winsome, intelligent and godly fashion.  We want to see people hear the gospel, to know it and to know it’s true so that they can experience the realities of eternal life and forgiveness of sin.  With that note, I like this book’s quotation of Richard Baxter, that “Even the stoutest sinner will hear us on their death-bed, though they scorned us before” (41).  Thus an apologist should not only  merely be ready to give the hope that is within him or her…

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