Better to Die a Young Sinner


oldmanConsider that man’s condemnation is grounded in original sin, and for the sin of Adam, we are already condemned under the wrath of God (Romans 5:12). To make our estate worse, we transgress God’s law, and further store up wrath for ourselves for the day of wrath when the sinner will face the terrible justice of a holy and righteous God (Romans 2:5). Original sin and a single transgression of God’s law award us an eternity of the oppressive, suffocating, and unbearable bottomless cup of God’s wrath. Yet, how much more oppressive, more suffocating, and more unbearable are the torments of God’s wrath for the sinner who transgresses God’s law not one time, but multiple times each and every day, for the duration of one’s life. Consider a sinner who dies at age 20, who sinned on average ten times per day for the duration of their life – that…

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