Do Not Be Surprised… This ‘n’ That 5/31/2013

  • This is good news. If Jesus used to be an IT guy, maybe he can help me with my increasingly slow-moving computer. But, really, it would be nice if, just once, ‘Jesus’ would show up in the Midwest. I mean, who has the money to pick up and move to Australia?
  • So, essentially the ACLU is saying that they support sex-selection and race-based abortions. Good to know.
  • I had no idea that Christ bled and died to redeem my potential. I’m so thankful Steven Furtick is around to teach me such things.
  • Speaking of Furtick, could these be leaked excerpts from his Audaciously Revised Translation of the Bible?
  • The Huffington Post says without gay people, there’d be no gospel music.
  • Michael Horton offers a helpful overview of the life and dangerous theology of Charles Finney. He says that Finney “is the tallest marker in the shift from Reformation orthodoxy, evident in the Great Awakening (under Edwards and Whitefield) to Arminian (indeed, even Pelagian) revivalism, evident from the Second Great Awakening to the present.”
  • As mentioned last week, one of the breakout sessions at the recent Moody Pastor’s Conference taught the Roman Catholic mystical practice of Lectio Divina. Voddie Baucham responds to questions regarding his involvement as a speaker at this conference. (Spoiler: He didn’t know about the LD and denounces it).
  • Can you imagine your child coming home from school and announcing that tomorrow will be Cross-Dressing Day?
  • Speaking of drugs, ever hear of “meth mouth”? Well, if you’re a lover of diet soda, your chompers could be in for the same fate.
  • Ah, the elementary school pageant. The off-key singing. The tin-foil helmets. The cardboard swords. The praise of Allah.
  • Speaking of super heroes, a children’s television network is launching a new cartoon about a transsexual super hero.
  • Tim Challies reviews The Circle Maker. His conclusion? “The Circle Maker is a mess.” I agree. Maybe now that Challies has said it, more people will start to take heed.
  • Praying for sinning Christians:

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