What God Says About His Word

On the heels of the discussion contained within the post “Adam and Eve and Andy Stanley,” it seems appropriate to take a few moments to consider exactly what God, the Creator of all and the Author of Scripture, says about His own Word. Far too many professing evangelicals today are willing to undermine and compromise the inerrant, infallible, authoritative Word of God. It simply is not popular for a man to state unabashedly that the Bible is true, that it means what it says, and that men are subject to the truths contained within it.

Today’s postmodern culture would rather that men stand in a pulpit (or more likely, on a stage) and perform a skilled tap dance around the truths of Scripture. The “all truth is relative” mentality has invaded the visible church and as a result many who call themselves pastors are nothing more than weak, wobbly-kneed men (or worse, women) who are more concerned about the world’s opinions than the Lord’s.

This simply will not do. These men may call themselves pastors, but they are not true under-shepherds of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are a myriad of terms for them: hirelings, wolves, blind guides, but they are not shepherds. They are not true pastors. Those who do not boldly preach under the authority of God’s Word are not serving the Lord, no matter what they may claim. Those who would dare to diminish the authority of Scripture in any way find themselves standing in direct opposition to the God they claim to serve.

What, then, does God say about His own Word? Is the Bible actually something that was breathed out by God (2 Tim. 3:16), or is it instead just a mere “collection of ancient documents” as Andy Stanley has stated?


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