How Do I Know When it’s Time to Leave a Church?

You are not church hopping when you are seeking to find a new church home. It is obvious to me that when you find the “right” church, you will settle down and involve yourself in fellowship there. It may take a while to find the right church. Until you find one you are not hopping. You are searching. The difference between the two is significant.

How do you know when it is time to leave? Let me give you some things to consider:

1. You No Longer Respect The Pastor And His Leadership.

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1 thought on “How Do I Know When it’s Time to Leave a Church?


    Personally, I also think point number 4 should be number 1 (concerning the Pastor teaching Biblical truths well; and the first point about leaving a church because you no longer respect the pastor is something to be very careful with since I don’t see Scripture teaching this as necessary reason to leave though of course it’s practical wisdom; I imagine many would have left Paul’s fold then and more so in our day because I think people are often too critical


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