Do Not Be Surprised… This ‘n’ That (12 July 2013)

  • Let’s start with what’s really important: Twinkies are back.
  • Wow, Charles Wesley really had to hate Calvinism to write 15 stanzas about it.
  • I admit, I’m kind of shocked that the book Jesus Calling is still going so strong. But then, I guess people never tire of looking for “more” outside of the Bible. I wrote about this book two years ago (here and here), but Julia over at Steak and a Bible has good article addressing it.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • This was a close contender for this week’s dose of adorable.
  • Please pray for this family.
  • Okay, tell me how this is news: A woman gets dumped. She orders carry-out, asks the restaurant to write something nice on the container because she was dumped, and then gets all self-esteem-y  and misty-eyed when some restaurant employee—who has never even met her—writes with a Sharpie on Styrofoam, “You’re worth it!” Really? I can’t comment any further because I’m bound to say something mean.
  • Can we “lift up” God’s name?
  • Here it comes, folks. A baker in Colorado could face up to a year in jail for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.
  • Evolutionists are mad because Ball State University hired another professor who believes in Creationism (bringing it to a grand total of two?).
  • “The trouble with all false evangelism is that it does not start with doctrine . . .”
  • Phil Johnson on what true, biblical manliness looks like.
  • The Cripplegate concludes its ‘Why Seminary?’ series.
  • Don’t miss this Kindle deal!
  • The devotional impact of limited atonement.
  • “The Bible’s teaching is that sin is indeed a breaking of relationship with God, but that broken relationship consists in a rejection of his kingly majesty.”
  • Dr. Daniel Wong is a professor at The Master’s College. He and his family experienced firsthand persecution at the hands of the Communist party. Listen to his story and ponder what will happen when (not if) such persecution comes to America:

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