Do Not Be Surprised… This ‘n’ That 16 August 2013

  • In Illinois, a teen can get an abortion without parental consent. But a tan? Well, now that should just be illegal!
  • You can’t blame a zoo for trying.
  • Do you think Alistair Begg is annoyed with some contemporary “worship” music?
  • Got GMail? Hope you enjoy sharing your messages.
  • I’m not in seminary (obviously), but as a Bible student, I appreciated some of these thoughts.
  • Ladies, make sure you bring your ID if you’re going to buy nail polish remover at CVS.
  • That’s it. I guess you just have to be involved in one of the kookiest forms of “Christianity” to get a reality show. Talk about “spirit of python.”
  • Um, I think this guy forgot to mention that the Holy Spirit points to Christ.
  • The ELCA has elected its first female presiding bishop.
  • I’d never heard of the Andy Griffith movie, “Angel in My Pocket” till I read this review. Sounds simple and safe. I think I’ll put it on my (extremely short) list of movies to watch.
  • Have an old (or new) Bible you’d like to get rebound? Here’s a review by Bible Design Blog’s Mark Bertrand of his newly-rebound Cambridge Clarion (hardbound leather is an interesting choice, but it sure did turn out beautiful!)
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • I don’t normally link to Ed Stetzer, but he’s right on this one. While he calls the third picture in his post the worst church sign of the year, I think it could quite possibly be the worst church sign ever.
  • Ten distinguishing marks of John Calvin’s preaching.
  • This episode of Worldview Weekend will only be available for another week or so. Don’t miss Brannon Howse’s interview with Dr. Daniel Wong of The Master’s College. Dr. Wong shares about what it was like to grow up amid the persecution of Communist China.
  • John MacArthur explains what it means to do greater works than Jesus.
  • Um, can I get an LOL?
  • You have to see it to believe it.
  • If you like rain (or at least the sound of it).
  • Hm. I wonder what these numbers would look like if Piper’s now-former church were to run this survey again? (And is anyone else disturbed by the fact that it ever was conducted at all?)
  • Teaching from Titus 1:10–14, Pastor Don Green of Truth Community Fellowship explains how a church should deal with a wolf in its midst. Feel free to pass this along to the fellas of the Elephant Room. Maybe they could learn a thing or two.



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