What Do Cheerios and 21st Century Christianity Have In Common?

HOPE and PEACE In An Uncertain World

Cheerios Flavors

What do Cheerios and today’s Christianity have in common? 

You can choose whichever gospel suits your taste.

 When my children where young (many decades ago)… Cheerios was one of approximately five brands of cold cereal.  Almost every Sunday I filled two small Tupperware containers with Cheerios.  They served as a perfect snack to keep my young ones (toddlers) quiet during morning church service.

Today, when I went shopping for Multi-grain Cheerios (I’m an old fogie who has to lower my cholesterol).  I was literally amazed at how many different flavors Cheerios now has.  I counted thirteen, including caramel flavored, peanut butter, chocolate, banana nut, fruity, frosted and more.  My amazement with the 13 plus varieties of Cheerios led to me thinking of the times we are in.

When I stated above “You can choose whichever gospel suits your taste.” I was not in any way making reference to…

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