First the Jews were gassed, now it’s the Muslims. I am a Christian. I say the world must act.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Under Hitler, it was the Jews who were gassed. Now under Assad it is the Muslims.

I am a Christian. My conscience cannot bear the thought of any human being, regardless of their race, or religion, or nationality, suffer such evil. I say the world must act now.

The lesson of Auschwitz: A regime that uses poison gas to murder must suffer the swift sword of justice by a unified world.

If such a regime can be stopped before it uses weapons of mass destruction, the world has a moral obligation to act boldly and decisively. If a regime uses WMD before the world can or does act, the world must move quickly to stop such evil before more can be killed.

If the evidence is conclusive that the government of Syria used chemical weapons, then I now support military action against the Assad regime. Before last week’s chemical weapons…

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