Narcissism Nation; Shameless Self Promotion Can Mask Lack of Talent, Skill

We have become a nation of relentless self-promoters. Every day I check my email  inbox and find it full of messages like “my media availability this week is…”,  “I will be on TV or radio…”, “I am available for interviews,” or “my new book is  available…” The onslaught of people promoting themselves makes it  extraordinarily difficult for editors, funders and media to sift through  potential talent, there is simply too much. Everyone wants to be a star, and the  advent of YouTube and social media has made it appear to be readily attainable.  The Internet’s democratization of access to publicity makes everyone feel like  they are on the level of a celebrity; able to tweet their favorite stars, put up  a website about themselves, and post photos of themselves on social media.

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