Students Love Answers More Than the Church Loves Answers – J. Warner Wallace

I get the chance now to travel all over the country sharing the case for Christianity. I recognize the difference between student and adult congregations. While the Church seems to be satisfied with undemanding Sunday experiences, young people want so much more: They want answers. They are willing and ready to roll up their sleeves and prepare themselves. They want their own doubts answered and they want to respond to the skeptics in their lives. Sadly, the Church doesn’t seem to recognize this yet, and it definitely seems ill-equipped to meet the challenge. That’s why I love Summit Ministries. They provide a much needed solution to the apathy I sometimes see in the Church. If you’re a parent who understands the simple value of answers, I highly recommend Summit. It’s time for the Church to raise up a generation of young people who are equipped with a Biblical worldview and can articulate this worldview with strength and conviction. Students love answers; it’s time to woo the Church into a similar love affair with the truth.

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1 thought on “Students Love Answers More Than the Church Loves Answers – J. Warner Wallace


    As a Christian college student who is in love with the Lord, my pursuit is for understanding truth. And that means asking lots of really difficult questions, which I do on a regular basis. I wish other Christians did the same, because if I’m asking these questions about my faith it’s a sure bet that people who do not share my faith are asking the same questions. If they ask a Christian such questions and the Christian cannot answer them because the church has prevented him from asking questions, then the unbeliever goes away believing himself justified for doubting. No, the church should encourage inquisitiveness and using prayer and study of scripture to find answers to difficult questions. God wants us to seek after truth, not turn a blind eye to things we do not understand. Because the answers are there, and understanding is there. We have to ask, and have it given to us.


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