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Christians shouldn’t sit on the sidelines in the #SyriaCrisis. Here are 4 things we can do.

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Syria-mapWhen it comes to the crisis in Syria, Christians should not sit idly by on the sidelines and watch others make moves we agree or disagree with. The Scriptures indicate we can and should play an active role in times of trouble — our top priorities should be to learn, pray, give and go.

1. LEARN“A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel,”we read in Proverbs 1:5. It is important that we learn all we can about what is happening in Syria and throughout the Middle East through the lens of geopolitics and economics. But it’s also vital that we learn to see the region through what I call the “third lens,” the lens of Scripture. Only then can we truly begin to understand what the enemy is doing, what God is doing, and what we should be…

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Cold Case Christianity: Volitional Resistance to Christianity Often Masquerades as Rational Opposition

In a recent blog post I offered three reasons why people typically reject a truth claim. Sometimes folks simply have rational doubts based on the evidence, some people have doubts that are purely emotional, and others deny the truth for volitional reasons. Until the age of thirty-five, I rejected the claims of Christianity (and theism in general). As an atheist, I adamantly identified myself in the first category of skeptics: I was a rational objector. When asked about my resistance, I repeatedly told people it was based on the lack of convincing evidence for Christianity and an abundance of evidence supporting naturalistic processes (like evolution). After examining the evidence and changing my mind, I revisited my prior opposition and realized much of my resistance was simply a matter of volition. At some point I had to ask myself, “Am I rejecting this because there isn’t enough evidence, or because I don’t want there to be enough evidence?”

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Music Video: A New Hallelujah – Michael W. Smith

Can you hear there’s a new song?
Breaking out from the children of freedom
Every race and every nation
Sing it out, sing a new Hallelujah, yeah

Let us sing love to the nations
Bringing hope of the grace that has freed us
Make Him known and make Him famous
Sing it out, sing a new Hallelujah, yeah

Arise, arise, let the church arise
Let love reach to the other side
Alive, come alive, let the song arise

Africa sings a new song
Reaching out with the new Hallelujah
Every son and every daughter
Everyone sing a new Hallelujah, hey

Arise, let the song arise
Let love reach to the other side
Alive, come alive, let the song arise

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Let the song arise, let the song arise, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Let the song arise, let the song arise

Let the world sing a new Hallelujah
Can you get excited church?
From Africa to Australia, from Brazil to China
From New York down to Houston
Come on, give me arise

Arise, let the church arise
Let love reach to the other side
Alive, come alive, let the song arise

Let the song arise, everyone
Everyone sing a new Hallelujah
Everyone sing a new Hallelujah

Millennium Fading, Tribulation Rising: The Rising Tribulation (Pt. 2)

Miley Cyrus, with her raucous performance at the MTV awards show August 25,  may be a good poster child for the “post-millennial” age into which Western  Civilization has sunk.

Once, the teenage pop star declared herself a Christian, but Hollywood and  contemporary culture soon took care of that. The child, brushed by the old tints  of southern Bible Belt Christianity, came of age – if not maturity – in the era  of the fade of a consensus favoring the Bible and Christianity.

Miley Cyrus went from identifying with Jesus to posting a Tweet apparently  aligning her with a scientist, who, among other things, suggested that evolution  was the absolute truth and people could “forget Jesus.”

I confess I did not watch her MTV performance, but reading about it made me  think of theologian Karl Barth’s question to the German people as he watched the  slide of their civilization in the 1930s: “Was there and is there really no one  among you at all who can lead you back to the simplicity of the straight and  narrow way?” Sadly, only about a third of the church in Germany answered Barth’s  call in the Barmen Declaration, becoming the “Confessing Church” with its patron  saint and prophet Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Two thirds of the church sided with Hitler.

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Millennium Fading, Tribulation Rising: The Fading Millennium (Pt. 1)

A millennial season is fading for the church and western civilization, and a  period of tribulation is rising.

I’m not saying The Millennium has come and is now going,  or that The Tribulation is upon us. Rather, I use these terms in  their broader symbolic sense, in which a “millennial season” signifies a period  of favor for the church, and the advance of its message and ministries, while a  tribulation-time symbolizes the withdrawal of that favor and the ensuing  consequences.

The Christian Church in the West has enjoyed a millennial era for centuries,  but now that sun is setting. Darkness increasingly drapes the bright sky under  which the western church has flourished.

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