Sound Biblical Doctrine vs. Man-Made Doctrine: Part 1 (the “S” word)

LOVE-HOPE-PEACE In Our Changing World

Before we begin this study, doctrine is a principle or body of principles presented for acceptance or belief;  that is taught or advocated.  We are studying Biblical vs man-made doctrines strictly within the confines of 21st century (post-modern) Christianity.  The purpose of this study is to aid Christians in awareness of what they’re being taught.  In this age, we need spiritual discernment more than ever.  As I wrote initially 1 John 4 to “test the spirits”  Acts 17:11 tells us “… they examined the Scriptures daily…”  I suggest you put everything you’re learning or being taught through the “tester of God’s Word”.  Even in my study here, I suggest you look at them in their context.  This portion of the study will look at points 1-3 from my post “the TRUTH be known:introduction  

1.  Sinfulness of man  (total depravity of man)

2.  What does sin to our relationship…

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