New Post: When Sexuality Goes Feral

The sexual revolution is in full flight, and has been so for some decades now. Voices of sanity back in the 60s warned that this would not be good – and they sure were right. The disastrous consequences of the sexual revolution continue to unfold and be fully displayed to a world losing the ability to even be shocked anymore.

Every day we learn of more cases of sexual moonbattery, sexual perversion, and sexual idiocy. Everyone is harmed by this massive social experiment, but it is often our children who are the biggest losers. The destruction of this sexual tsunami shows no signs of abating, and it will only likely get much worse in days ahead.

Of course much of this is driven by the militant homosexual lobby and their efforts to destroy marriage and family and even the very idea of biological sexuality. For them one’s sex is purely a matter of social construction, and biology has nothing to do with who we are as sexual beings.

Thus the whole push for all things transgender is all the rage at the moment. And it is costing us all big time. Let me look at a few recent examples of this. In the US transgender students are making life hellish for other students. California recently passed a law allowing transgender folks to do their thing, and everyone else must simply acquiesce to this.

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