New Post: Strange Fire Conference: MacArthur’s Appeal to His Continuationist Friends

The Strange Fire conference closed with a final address from John MacArthur. In this address he responds to seven accusations brought against the conference, follows with eight appeals to his continuationist friends, and concludes by walking through 1 and 2 Timothy, highlighting the need to stand firm in guarding divine revelation against false doctrine.

Before addressing the accusations against the conference, MacArthur charged attendees to carefully read their copy of Strange Fire and to measure it against the Word of God. He is convinced that this book, with its well-documented research and extensive footnotes, will withstand careful scrutiny. He reminds us that this book and conference is intended for the Church. He has no expectation for either one to be helpful to non-believers, which he suspects makes up much of the charismatic movement.

MacArthur then shared from his heart responses to seven accusations against the conference. These accusations have arisen from the Internet. It is interesting to note that we live in a time where we are able to give more people access to information simultaneously like never before, which then puts us quickly under scrutiny as never before.

Seven Accusations

Here are the seven accusations, along with brief responses.

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3 thoughts on “New Post: Strange Fire Conference: MacArthur’s Appeal to His Continuationist Friends


    This was a very good note that Challies took…I want to really see this message later when they upload the Media. Very good since it answers some of the critics charge


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