GodLife: The Power of a Friend

The Power of a Friend

“I also tell you this: if two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, My Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matthew 18:19 (NLT)

Just for You

What kind of witness to God’s Salvation do you want to be: one who goes on your own, or one equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit? Click the link to learn start learning through the Apostle Paul in our Preach Like Paul with Malcolm Riley series

Personal Help

Do you need help in finding a ministry partner or in learning how to work as a team? We have trained followers of Jesus who can help you figure it out! Click here to share your story with us. You will hear from someone shortly.

Prayer Points

Will you pray this week:
• That God will enable and empower you to boldly do His work
• That God will connect you with a ministry partner
• God will help us to actively walk with the Holy Spirit.
• God will use the Prayer, Care and Share Jesus guide to help others get better at sharing their Jesus with others.

GodLife Family

Where can you go online to get daily encouragement and inspiration, and to discuss support from other Christians? Visit the GodLife Facebook Page where we can gather daily to share our stories, to express ourselves, and to pray for one another!

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