Professor Identifies Christophobic Strategies for Oppressing Christians


By John Carpenter at I POST

Li-Ann Thio sounds like the kind of person who would write a book Christians might be afraid of. She’s a Law Professor, specializing in human rights, with degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge universities. But her recent book is a vigorous defense of Christians, especially from those facing the merciless barrage of criticism of bigotry for not endorsing the homosexual agenda. She neatly sums up the alphabet soup of sexual identities often summed up as BGLTQ, etc., as “pansexual” and identifies the ever increasing militancy of advocates of pansexuality as “homofacists” and ‘Christophobic’ activists. In her book, Prophecy, Pansexuality and Pandemonium, Thio identifies three key strategies of the Christophobic activists to target Christians:

1) Discredit those whose public values are shaped by their religious convictions, including Christians, by accusing them of instigating a ‘creeping theocracy’. Never mind the historical fact, she points out…

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