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“Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium”: former IAEA senior official.

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“Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build an atomic weapon within two weeks and has, “in a certain way,” already reached the point of no return in its nuclear program, a former senior International Atomic Energy Association official said Monday,” reports the Times of Israel.

“I believe that if certain arrangements are done, it could even go down to two weeks. So there are a lot of concerns out there that Iran can hopefully now address, in this new phase, both at the P5+1 [talks between Tehran and six world powers] and with the IAEA,” former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen said, confirming a report released last week by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, which stated Iran could muster enough uranium for a bomb by converting all of its 20-percent enriched stockpile within 1 to 1.6 months.

Excerpts from the Times story:

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@AskDrBrown Refuses to #Answer on Rick Joyner


In case you missed it, @DrMichaelLBrown. I hope to hear your response to my questions by Saturday: http://t.co/POVd9kyW30#strangefire

— Justin Edwards (@airo_cross) October 28, 2013

Dear Dr. Brown,

As you know, I sent you the above tweet Monday morning as I had not heard from you previously. I understand you are very busy, and wanted to give you the benefit of doubt that my second effort to appeal to you might have been overlooked. I don’t know whether you read the 2nd open letter, but it does seem at this point you do not intend in answering my initial questions on your relationship with Rick Joyner. This is disappointing, and unfortunately, your avoidance is revealing and speaks for itself:

mbtwitter 9

mbtwitter 10

Dr. Brown, I did not ask my questions as one of your disciples, seeking to understand a question on theology or Christian worldview. I came to you as a…

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Our 30 Days Of Thankfulness Series Links…

Settled In Heaven Blog


Thank you so much for those who are interested in going through last year’s devotional series!  It is a great encouragement to me.  Thank you for your kind words.

For those of us who missed our daily devotional series from last year (or if you would like to repeat the series again this year)… here are the links for each day in November…

Day (1)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1rR
Day (2)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1sI
Day (3)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1tC
Day (4)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1ua
Day (5)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1uA
Day (6)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1uL
Day (7)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1v2
Day (8)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1vj
Day (9)                  http://wp.me/pU88A-1vy
Day (10)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1vT
Day (11)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1wi
Day (12)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1wA
Day (13)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1wV
Day (14)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1xb
Day (15)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1xr
Day (16)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1xN
Day (17)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1y6
Day (18)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1yk
Day (19)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1yE
Day (20)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1yU
Day (21)               http://wp.me/pU88A-1zn

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A Sack of Maggots

Zwinglius Redivivus

luthers-works-upgradeIn his Sermon at the Baptism of a certain soul, Luther said

To repent means that a person knows and confesses from the heart that, as the Scripture says, he was conceived and born in sin [Ps. 51:5] and is, therefore, by nature a child of wrath [Eph. 2:3], condemned to everlasting death and damnation, and that here all works are of no avail. They only make things go from bad to worse so long as people think they can accomplish by them what belongs to Christ alone, the sole mediator between God and men, who sacrificed Himself for us all that we might have forgiveness of sins through Him.

If you believe the former, then you have the latter. If not, you will never ever be free [of sin], even if you torture yourself to death. For it is called forgiveness of sins, not a payment for sins; a…

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New Post: 9 Things You Should Know About Persecution of Christians in 2013

Christians are the single most widely persecuted religious group in the world today. As we pray for the persecuted church, here are nine things you should know about the plight of believers around the globe:

Read More Here: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2013/10/29/9-things-you-should-know-about-persecution-of-christians-in-2013/

New Post: Can a Christian Commit Suicide?

This controversial topic has unfortunately often been addressed in emotional ways, not through biblical analysis. Those of us who grew up Roman Catholic have always heard suicide is a mortal sin that irretrievably sends people to hell. Influenced by the arguments of Augustine and Aquinas, this belief dominated through the Reformation. However, for Luther, the Devil is capable of oppressing (not possessing) a believer to the point of pushing him to commit the sin of suicide (Table Talk, Vol 54:29). As the salvation became better understood, many Reformation thinkers and theologians distanced their views from the Church of Rome.

Besides this traditional position of the Catholic Church, we encounter three others:

a) A true Christian would never commit suicide, since God wouldn’t allow it.

b) A Christian may commit suicide, but would lose his salvation.

c) A Christian may commit suicide without losing his salvation.

So what does the Bible say?

Read More Here: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2013/10/29/can-a-christian-commit-suicide/

New Article: Is there Extra-Biblical Proof of Jesus

Historical evidence is derived from historical examination of archeological artifacts, which include primary and secondary source manuscripts. It is an absurd to hold that the New Testament writings that are by far the most reliable ancient writings in existence today[1] do not lend enough credibility to the existence of Jesus. But this being the case there is also more than enough reliable extra-Biblical ancient texts to prove that Jesus of Nazareth was a historical person.

Read More Here: http://pleaseconvinceme.com/2013/is-there-extra-biblical-proof-of-jesus/

New Post: How to Pray When You Feel Like Giving Up

#3/5: With Christ in the School of Prayer Psalm 11


By Pastor Colin S. Smith October 26th / 27th 2013

How can you say to my soul, “flee like a bird to the mountain…?”  Psalm 11:1

Read More Here: https://www.unlockingthebible.org/how-to-pray-when-you-feel-like-giving-up/

KJV Only Ignorant Lunatics

Zwinglius Redivivus

Do these people not realize that the KJV is merely a translation- and a sometimes not very good one – and certainly for most people almost utterly incomprehensible?  Are they really, certainly, and truly as ignorant and maliciously stupid as they appear to be?  No, worse than that, they are idolaters.  They have an idol and they worship it and they are no better than the ancient worshipers of Baal and Asherah.

MARC-KNEELING2-751701Marc Grizzard, the pastor of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that he and his congregation plan to burn Bibles on Halloween. Marc Grizzard, of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina, says that the first King James translation of the Bible is the only true declaration of God’s word, and that all others are “satanic”. Pastor Grizzard and 14 other members of the church plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of…

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The New Prosperity Gospel Hymnal

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

A Twitter exchange today led me into a strange daydream, which follows (I thought that it was about time to inject a little more humor into the current StrangeFire tensions):

Seeing that the prosperity gospel movement is one giant untapped market in the area of specifically targeted worship music, Zondervan is releasing a new hymnal to capitalize on that market.

The hymnal will naturally have gold leaf pages covered in gold leaf collected from various Holy Spirit golden dental manifestation , Holy Spirit miracle gold dust manifestations and Holy Spirit anointed dandruff outpourings, will be leather bound in leather made from the ashes of a red heifer, and will smell of smoke since each copy will be taken to the grave of 7 dead prosperity preachers for acquiring an anointing that will be tested by a trip to Hell itself; only hymnals that result in conversion of at least…

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New Post: The Accuser of the Brethren – Overcome and Cast Down

A selected excerpt from J.C. Philpot’s sermon “THE ACCUSER OF THE  BRETHREN OVERCOME AND CAST DOWN,” preached on Lord’s Day morning, August 15, 1852, at Eden Street Chapel, Hamstead Road, England.

“And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven. Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ; for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
(Rev 12:10,11)

Fleecing the Sheep: Another Greedy Wolf Ravishes the More than Willing to be Ravished Flock of God

Zwinglius Redivivus

Pastor Steven Furtick of the Elevation megachurch in North Carolina has built a $1.7 million home
-He told his congregation on Sunday that the home is a gift from God
-Elevation Church and Furtick will not disclose what he is paid by the church or the church’s earnings
-Furtick’s salary and benefits are not decided by an elected board of elders or his congregation
-A panel of five ‘appointed’ members who are all pastors of megachurches decide Furtick’s pay

Each of those points is rife with theological and ecclesiastical error. The fact that the ‘church’ has bowed the knee to this Baal is the clearest indication of the ignorance of that flock.

– No Pastor needs such a home, and no true Pastor would have such a home.
– It isn’t a gift from God. That’s a lie.
– Something to hide? Then something is wrong. Liars hide things…

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New Post: Undervaluing Pentecost

Earlier this month, Dr. R.C. Sproul spoke at the Strange Fire conference and specifically addressed the redemptive historical significance of Pentecost. Dr. Sproul’s encounters in the 1960’s with some involved in the charismatic movement and his study of Scripture have convinced him that the Pentecostal view of the Day of Pentecost is in fact a distortion that presents a low view of Pentecost, not a high one.

We pray this video and transcript will help you as you search the Scriptures and consider this important moment in redemptive history.

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Mark Driscoll invites John MacArthur over to his conference…kinda…

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

It’s been a little over a week since the StrangeFire conference, and the internet has already doubled in size.  There’s been rumors accusations, gossip, threats of writing books, open letters to everyone and their dog, radio show quote-mine sessions, t-shirts, and everything else under the sun in response to, or support of, the conference.

Now it seems like pretty much all Charismatics have been offended at the conference because some of the main figures in the movement got the rumor going that MacArthur & Co. had made the accusation that every Charismatic commits the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit; the unforgivable sin.


Well, that’s simply untrue and shows a shallow misunderstanding of the distinctions (i.e. the movement, as a movement, is separate from individuals within the movement, and “blaspheming the Spirit” [namely, sinning or teaching error in the name of the Spirit] is different than “the…

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New Post: The Perils Facing the Evangelical Church – R.C. Sproul

When we consider the predicament that the evangelical church of the twenty-first century faces in America, the first thing we need to understand is the very designation “evangelical church” is itself a redundancy. If a church is not evangelical, it is not an authentic church. The redundancy is similar to the language that we hear by which people are described as “born-again Christians.” If a person is born again of the Spirit of God, that person is, to be sure, a Christian. If a person is not regenerated by the Holy Spirit, he may profess to be a Christian, but he is not an authentic Christian. There are many groups that claim to be churches that long ago repudiated the evangel, that is, the gospel. Without the gospel, a gathering of people, though they claim otherwise, cannot be an authentic church.

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New Article: Counseling People with Same-Sex Attraction

In the current landscape of the church, there is probably no other issue which is being discussed more so than the issue of human sexuality and orientation.[1] In particular as biblical counselors, how do we wisely understand, love, engage, and counsel those struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA) or who find themselves in a same-sex relationship?

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