Obama Turns on Israel – Daniel Pipes

I wrote before the last presidential election that “Israel’s troubles will really begin” should Obama win second term. At Obama’s second inauguration, I predicted that he, “freed from re-election constraints, can finally express his early anti-Zionist views after a decade of political positioning. Watch for a markedly worse tone from the second Obama administration toward the third Netanyahu government.”

That moment is now upon us.

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1 thought on “Obama Turns on Israel – Daniel Pipes


    I’m already losing count of reasons why Obama should not be president. I think under Obama the US is losing more allies than it did than any other time; at this rate after his presidency is over, I wonder about our country’s reputation among nations. I don’t know why OBama does not see being pro-Islamic, Arabic doesn’t help with his own popularity in the Middle East, who’s popularlity ironically is lower than Bush’s…


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