Do Not Be Surprised… This ‘n’ That (22 November 2013)

  • Carl Trueman doesn’t have people.
  • The pope does have people, though.
  • Speaking of the pope, he says he’s a sinner, too. There is so much horrendous theology in this article that it actually makes me want to cry thinking about the millions of people who are deceived by Roman Catholicism.
  • Grace to You has run a series of articles about the New Apostolic Reformation’s ‘apostles who don’t do anything.’ Written by Jeremiah Johnson and my friend Cameron Buettel, these posts expose some of the atrocities being perpetuated by the modern charismatic movement. Start with that first link, then go here and here.
  • This holiday season, why not “talk to your loved ones about health insurance“? Oh, brother.
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • Mark Dever shares five things often mistaken for evangelism.
  • I like this picture. Too bad Lake Shore Drive no longer looks anything like this.
  • Stop asking Jesus into your heart.
  • Lots of folks got pretty twitchy this week when a pastor tweeted out a picture of a Bible in Costco labeled as fiction. Personally, I was wondering what was worse: the label on the Bible, or the fact that the pastor was at Costco to buy a present for his wife. But I digress. Costco apologized and explained.
  • Selfie‘ is the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2013. Is anyone else really, really ashamed to have English as their first language? (By the way, other than this instance, I don’t think I’ve ever used the word ‘selfie.’ By God’s grace I’ll be able to maintain that record until He calls me home.)
  • Here’s the audio from the Q&A between Phil Johnson and John MacArthur regarding the Strange Fire conference.
  • Do you agree with MacArthur on this point? (I do.)
  • Five signs you need to stop blogging.
  • Good thoughts from the housewife theologian.
  • I’d like these for breakfast tomorrow. So if someone wants to go ahead and make them, just let me know what time I should be there.
  • Providence is remarkable:


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