Do Not Be Surprised…This ‘n’ That (29 November 2013)

  • The Hunger Games‘ Bible study. For those times when God’s Word just isn’t enough.
  • I’m all signed up for the 2014 Walk in the Word Caribbean cruise. I just hope James MacDonald isn’t bringing along his catapult. I have a feeling I’d be the first one overboard.
  • In what sense was creation ‘perfect‘?
  • Now this is beautiful.
  • This, not so much.
  • Yum. I think I’ll be trying this recipe.
  • I know I’m going to get some flak for including an article from Psychology Today, but I think it raises some valid points as to ‘why French kids don’t have ADHD‘ while diagnoses of such conditions are overly abundant here in America.
  • No more tax-free housing allowance for clergy?
  • Carl Trueman asks, ‘Why is so much preaching so poor?’
  • Here’s your weekly dose of adorable.
  • If you’ve not kept up with the controversy surrounding Mark Driscoll and the charges of plagiarism that have been raised, it’s time to catch up. Listen to this episode of Janet Mefferd’s show. Then listen to this one. Then look at the evidence here and here.
  • Now you can read Carl Trueman’s two cents.
  • The publisher for Driscoll’s newest book, A Call to Resurgence, which initially sparked these plagiarism findings, is standing behind the megachurch pastor.
  • You should also read Elizabeth Prata’s comprehensive article on the matter.
  • We’re still smelling some of the smoke from Strange Fire. One of the accusations from charismatics has been that it is only the ‘fringe’ personalities who commit such theological atrocities as were discussed at the conference and that mainstream continuationists are far more balanced. The Cripplegate shares an article by Lyndon Unger that examines just who exactly is the mainstream of the charismatic movement.
  • “The world’s most valuable book” is a copy of the psalms. I have a copy of The Message that I’d be willing to sell for a fraction of this price.
  • Mike Gendron answers the question, ‘Should born-again Christians remain in Roman Catholicism?’
  • Nine lessons from God concerning sickness.
  • New Testament apostles were chosen by God.
  • The Holy Spirit as Illuminator:


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