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10 Top Biblical Counseling Coalition Resources of 2013

It’s that time of year—the time when blog sites around the world share their Top Lists. Today we share direct links to the 10 top BCC resources that you visited at our site in 2013.

  1. Paul Tautges and Resources for Suicide Prevention and Grieving a Suicide
  1. Deepak Reju and A Do-It-Yourself Marriage Retreat
  1. Sam Williams and A Christian Psychology of and Response to Homosexuality 
  1. Kyle Johnston and A Biblical Meditation Worksheet 
  1. Bob Kellemen and A Biblical Model of Grieving: Hope in the Midst of Your Grief 
  1. Sam Williams and Secular Psychology, Christian Psychology, and Christian Counseling 
  1. Sherry Allchin and Biblical Counseling Worksheets by Topic 
  1. Rick Thomas and A Case Study in Marriage: An Insecure Husband and Critical Wife 
  1. Brad Hambrick and Is Pornography a Biblical Grounds for Divorce? 
  1. Pam Gannon and Worry, Fear, and Anxiety 


Top 10 Cripplegate posts from 2013

Thank you all for reading our blog. Everyone who posts is humbled that so many people come here to be encouraged spiritually. We are grateful that you read what his here–we don’t get paid for this, and we don’t sell ads. Really, the only reason we do this is to encourage you, so thanks for reading.

Top TenHere is the list of our top ten posts of 2013, as measured by WordPress’ stats for views. A quick note for other bloggers: WordPress, Google, and SiteMeter all measure views somewhat differently. I’m going with the WordPress stats for total views, and the Google stats for unique views. In other words, the first number is how many times the post was viewed, and the second number is how many unique IP addresses viewed it.

010Shoowing away the legalism boogeyman. Eric Davis exposes five ways that a fear of legalism actually hinders Christian growth (11k/6k).

009Why we sing “I have Decided to Follow Jesus.” A look at the amazing international story behind this hymn. The words are from an Indian man martyred for following the teaching of a Welsh missionary. They were set to music by an Indian evangelist and the song was then taken by a Canadian and made popular in the US (12k/8k).

008Five signs of spiritual maturity. Clint gives five symptoms of being spiritually mature. Not only is this list helpful in examining yourself, but it goes beyond the basics of “likes reading the Bible” and gets into the motives that mark maturity (13k/8k).

007Five differences between Catholic theology and the gospel. Here is a short summary of the five most significant areas where the teaching of Roman Catholicism is at odds with the gospel of grace (15k/9k).

006Is it true that Jesus never addressed homosexuality? In this year of same-sex “marriage,” Mike answers one of the most common misconceptions about this issue by showing how it is rooted in a really poor understanding of the Bible (16k/13k).

005Seven reasons for the death of Sunday night worship services. Jesse did a survey of dozens of churches who used to have Sunday evening worship services, and found out why they dropped them. The answers may surprise you (18k/12k).

004Three must have Bible apps. A brief description of the three most popular Bible apps for smart phones or tablets (18k/10k).


003An open letter to my daughter. Byron Yawn wrote this letter to his daughter explaining what kind of love he has for her, and what kind of woman he wants her to become. Written in 2011, this has remained one of our blog’s most popular posts through the last few years (18k views this year, and in the last three years 49k unique views) .

002A friendly reminder: the Pope is (probably) the anti-Christ. An historical look at how Protestant denominations have long held that whoever is the Pope at the moment, that person should be identified as the anti-Christ. While this was posted before Francis was named to the seat ostensibly of Peter, in the wake of his increased popularity is bears reading again (this year 27k/16k).

01Farewell, NIV. A FAQ page to explain why so many churches and ministries dropped the NIV this year (37k/23k).


If you are curious, here is our list from 2012 and again from 2011.


Evangelizing Prosperity Gospel Adherents

Sharing the gospel with people who have bought into the unbiblical message that Jesus died to make us healthy, wealthy, and successful is challenging for many reasons, but I believe two are primary.

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5 Evangelical Trends for 2014

I don’t know if these will actually become the “trends” of 2014 but I do hope and pray that they will become the “goals” for 2014 for the Church/Christianity.


In keeping with end of the year predictions, here are mine. Of course, several years ago I predicted $5 per gallon gas. Thankfully, we never got to that point. But in light of my obvious fallibility I’m framing my prognostications in the familiar “what’s in and what’s out” categories. Here’s what I think (and hope) are in and out for 2014:

1. Out: Celebrity Christians. In: Communities that model love for God and others.

More articles and blog posts appeared in 2013 lamenting the culture of “celebrity” that has infected the evangelical world. Celebrity Christians include people who are already celebrities, like Paula Deen and the Duck Commander, but celebrity Christians also include regular guys and gals who are clawing their way to the top of the bestseller list and the next big conference. Christian book publishers love the celebrity culture, but the rest of us are beginning to feel…

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Israel, under pressure from Obama, releases “Palestinian” jihad murderers from prisons; “Palestinians” greet jihad killers as heroes

Here in microcosm is the “peace process”: the U.S. presses the Israelis to make self-defeating concessions as a gesture of good will to the “Palestinians,” who respond with an open bloodlust that they know will never be noticed in the mainstream press in the West, and will never cause American officials to rethink their approach and reconsider the constant pressure they put on Israel.

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