Debatable: Is Christian Hip Hop Ungodly?

The Issue: In a discussion at a recent conference sponsored by the National Center for Family Integrated Churches, a group of panelists laid out their arguments for why they believe Christian hip hop is detrimental to the kind of life God is pleased with. Numerous Christian pastors and thought leaders responded to the panel and defended the legitimacy of Reformed hip hop and the artists within the genre.

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3 thoughts on “Debatable: Is Christian Hip Hop Ungodly?


    Scott Aniol’s comment was in my opinion the most inflammatory of the comments here.
    I am no fan of rap, don’t feel it myself, but I have to say Aniol goes to far when he describes Reformed rappers as cowards: “They’re serving their own flesh. They’re caving into the world. They are disobedient cowards. They’re not really willing to engage in the fight that needs to be engaged.”
    I think he should meet some of these guys, they are about Jesus and the Gospel. Unashamedly.


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