GodLife: Living and Teaching

Living and Teaching

A modern proverb states, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” However, for followers of Jesus, a lot of the “doing” is teaching. The Lord has directed His people to share His message of love with the world.

Just for You

Do you remember to call upon the Lord when you share His Word? Click the link to hear more about the power of the Gospel when evangelizing in The Evangelism Toolkit with Malcolm Riley.

Personal Help

Do you need help figuring out how God wants you to share His message? We have trained followers of Jesus who can help you figure it out! Click here to share your story with us. You will hear from someone shortly.

Prayer Points

Will you pray this week:
• The Lord will help you keep and teach His commands
• God will raise up Godly mentors to teach new believers to share the gospel
• You will teach Bible-based truths
• God will be glorified all over the earth as the gospel is shared.
• The Holy Spirit will lift the veil of darkness which prevents the lost from seeing the light of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:3-4)

GodLife Family

Where can you go online to get daily encouragement and inspiration, and to discuss ways to grow God’s Kingdom? Visit the GodLife Facebook Page where we can gather daily to share our stories, to express ourselves, and to pray for one another!

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