A Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine-10-The Offer of Salvation

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The Offer of Salvation


1. To whom does God offer the salvation in Jesus?

He has ordered it to be offered to every creature.

2. Upon what condition?

Upon that of repentance and faith.

3. Are not these terms easy?

They are so easy that all who refuse are without excuse.

4. Do all men accept them?

They do not; they universally reject them where left without Divine influence.

5. Has God thus left all mankind?

He has not; but effectually calls many to the knowledge and belief of His truth.

6. What agent accomplished this work?

The Holy Spirit.

7. Do those who accept the Gospel deserve any reward for so doing?

No, for their acceptance is entirely due to the grace of God.

8. How will God punish those who reject it?

Far more severely than He will those who have never heard it.

9. Upon what…

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