Why I am Leaving the Church Growth Movement

Church growth is all the rage. For pastors, the focus is on leadership. For laymen, on “reaching people.” In the church world, church-growth is the standard of success. If a church “reaches people,” and the pastor is a “visionary leader,” then the church will be considered a success. If a church makes it into somebody’s bogus “Fastest Growing Church” list, then the growth frenzy continues with the sheep flocking to check out what innovation has been initiated to reach the masses for Christ. Personally, I think the Emperor has no clothes. For at least four reasons, I reject the church-growth and church-health principles taught at almost every pastor’s conference, and expressed in almost every church. Our church will be different, because I reject these principles. Although different will likely mean odd, behind-the-times, and shrinking in size, I go there anyway. – See more at: http://www.randywhiteministries.org/2014/01/02/leaving-church-growth-movement/

1 thought on “Why I am Leaving the Church Growth Movement


    Wow the first point about rejecting the assumption that a Christian community in of itself saves is good…that’s also relevant for the Emergent Crowds, who are big on “community” over the objective truth of God. An imagery of the Kingdom of God as merely community, however diverse and good it is, is nothing and unbiblical if there’s not regeneration and genuine saved members in it.


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