“I’m Better Than You”: The Sin of Pride


Tim Challies writes with extreme personal candor when he acknowledges his sin of pride—specifically the pride of thinking, “I’m better than you.” Now, before we all gasp, and think, “We’re better than that prideful Challies,” perhaps we should read his post and read God’s Word and reflect on how we struggle with self-centered arrogance.

As counselors, we must address this issue. Tim insightfully shares why dealing with pride matters:

“It matters because while God calls us toward Christlikeness, we prefer to call others toward us-likeness. God calls us to hold all things up to the light of his Word, while we prefer to hold all things up to the light of our own judgments and our own determinations. Ultimately, we all long for conformity to us rather than to Christ.

This makes us useless counselors. We are useless counselors unless we can counsel from Scripture and toward holiness rather than from our own arrogance and toward conformity to us. This makes us miserable because we are always convinced life would be easier and better if only others were more like us.”

Read the rest of Tim’s arresting post at I’m Better Than You.

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